Всяка седмица в CCOAN – Thessalonica, Бог използва Божия човек Хари, за да изцели болните, да освободи обладаните от демони и да говори на сърцата на хората. Гледайте как Божият Дух се движи със сила и мощ! Молете се заедно с Божия човек Хари и се пригответе да получите своето чудо! Помнете, че разстоянието не е пречка за Святия Дух!

Напомняне: Можете да изберете езика,който искате.Щракнете върху изображението на зъбно колело в долния десен ъгъл,за да се покажат настройките за възпроизвеждане на видео.Щракнете върху субтитрите/CC и след това изберете желания език,за да стартирате показването на субтитрите.Бог да ви благослови!


Some of us might not be proud of our past, but Jesus Christ came to save the lost!

Indeed, He paved the road that leads from despair to redemption, and this ...
song speaks directly to the challenges we face on our journey through life. Whether you're wrestling with past mistakes or seeking solace in His embrace, these inspiring lyrics are for you! Thanks to Him, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow, no matter how heavy your burdens may feel.

Do not hesitate to comment below and tell us how Jesus Christ changed your life!


I was lost
I was tormented
Chained for years
Sold to sin

I grew up, I experienced arrogance
I gained pride, I gained ego
I became a zero, I wandered every road
Anger and rage flooded me
I spoke useless words

I turned to the world, asking for a solution as I was bleeding
Hungry for truth, thirsty for love
In weakness, He took the reins
And now I live close to Him
He changed my life
Filled my soul
And now I follow Him

Christ has called me and He has forgiven all
He changed my character, He lifted me off my knees
He vanquished sin and gave me the Holy Spirit
Now I have peace, wisdom and serenity
I serve Him, the Triune God
As I worship Him, I now invite you
Have Him as the only guide in your life
And never forget to thank Him

Now I am saved and blessed
I am blessed
I am forgiven of all my mistakes
At peace and redeemed
Freed from my shackles

In weakness, He took the reins
And now I live close to Him
He changed my life, filled my soul
And now I follow Him

In weakness, He took the reins
And now I live close to Him
He changed my life
He filled my soul
And now I follow Him

Now in Him I hope, to the world I will not return
He's all I talk about now and I forget everything else
He wore a crown, He died for me
He is Risen, seated on the throne
Seated on the throne

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