¡Descubra los ricos tesoros escondidos dentro de la Palabra de Dios en estos sermones prácticos y poderosos del hombre de Dios Harry! “Cuando tomas en serio la Palabra de Dios y realmente la haces parte de ti, ¡por su misma naturaleza te cambiará y te verás llamado a actuar con Dios!”

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Living in such a hasty world, we don’t have time to process what we think and consequently, how we feel. Therefore, things pop in and out of our minds and ...hearts sometimes without even realising it.

So much of what happens in our lives begins with our thoughts, which affect our emotions, and all of a sudden we find ourselves in a place where our faith is shaken! This is a trap from satan though, and once we realise it, our lives will get on a different level.

It is high time your faith stopped being affected by the satanic devices and started being more affected by the Word of God!

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