God is Faithful and Mighty to those who are faithful to Him! So, as His children gathered to glorify Him at the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica, He honoured them with His presence. The Holy Spirit moved mightily among the believers, bringing healing, freedom, and every kind of blessing!

In an atmosphere of faith, the sermon entitled “BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM” was preached by the man of God Kastriot, encouraging listeners to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives. He began by saying that we all have dreams in life, but we should ask ourselves if what we are doing, or trying to do, is our dream or someone else’s. Many people today are fulfilling other people’s dreams and not their own.  However God, he stressed, has shown everyone at least once, what He wants them to become in their lives.

“When you believe in your dream you become a man of vision, because you are now complete within yourself,” he continued. Most of us are doing something different than what God has shown us,  as a result,  we feel empty inside. He then took his biblical passage from the book of Genesis 37:5-11, referring to Joseph’s dreams for which his brothers envied him and sold him as a slave. In doing so, however, they contributed to the fulfillment of those same dreams, that is, God’s plan: “Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more. […] his father rebuked him and said, “What is this dream you had? Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow down to the ground before you?’ His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the matter in mind.” Therefore, the man of God emphasised, when God is executing His plan in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which will continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed!

The problem with God’s children is that the Lord gives us dreams to be accomplished in our lives, but we don’t believe in them. In fact, many times, God speaks to us through His prophets, but we still don’t believe. On the other hand, Joseph had two dreams, yet he knew God’s purpose for him. The Prophet pointed out that we should not take messages from God lightly.

In addition, if we discover our dream and start working towards it, we should know that anything that comes close to God receives attack. While many people succumb, using dishonest means to advance in their field, Joseph handled his trial well, saying no to adultery with Potiphar’s wife, despite the upcoming consequences. Thus, he did not sin before the Lord. Therefore, it is not enough to know our dream, the man of God explained, but we must also know God’s point of view of our situation. Successful people do not reach the top by accident. It takes purposeful actions, personal discipline, and lots of activities to make it!

Moreover, when God reveals His plan to us, we should not sit idly by and worry! Jesus Christ was a carpenter, and that didn’t stop Him from fulfilling His purpose! So, we should pay attention to our dreams instead of passing them by. There are three kinds of dreams, he explained; dreams of something we think about ourselves, demonic attacks, and dreams from God, which come as we read and study God’s Word daily, slowly, and steadily. In closing, he once again encouraged believers to believe and fulfill their dreams!


When darkness dominates one’s life, the only thing that can bring permanent and radical change is the light of the Heavenly Father. So Ms. Barbara, along with her sister Ms. Keren, came to the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica, to give all the glory and honour to the One and Only God who brought light into their lives!

Ms. Barbara began her wonderful testimony by rewinding the past when she first came to church and took part in the prayer line. She said she felt shocked and angry when the man of God Harry prayed for her, causing her to start losing control and wanting to find a way to escape! So, as soon as Prophet Harry prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her saying: “Leave me alone! This is not of your business! I destroyed this girl! She belongs to me! I am her man! I don’t allow her to do anything, to prosper! She has a crown! God loves her so much! Why? Let me go!”. After her deliverance, the man of God Harry said to her: “All what you were passing through was as a result of attack, because satan wanted to destroy you! Today you are free! God loves you! Mark today’s date, your life will change!”.

Wanting to shed more light on everything the unclean spirit mentioned, she began by saying that she was facing a serious delay in graduating from medical school. In fact, she tried hard to pass her 2nd year of studies, yet she failed, resulting in her having to repeat it.

Regarding her emotional state, she could not concentrate, she was aggressive, irritable, and at the same time, she could not have stable relationships with her friends and family. She was disobedient and would do everything that was contrary to God’s Word. When she tried to invest in her relationships, she became repulsive, and were a lot of misunderstandings.

She was so affected by her situation that she was depressed, she hated herself and everyone around her. Everything led to suicide by now as she started embracing suicidal thoughts! One of the examples she shared with the congregation is that one day when she woke up, she felt intensely sad. Looking out her bedroom window, she thought that if she didn’t make it, she would jump out that window. Due to her depression and sadness, she started having bad friends, smoking cannabis, and drinking alcohol, being affected by them.

As to her dreams, they were sexually immoral, because spiritual husbands and various creatures would come to have intercourse with her. She would see them killing her, she would see snakes and pythons. She was affected by all this, as day by day she grew worse, and everything made her angry. She was even using people to do immoral things in reality.

Her mother saw that her daughter’s condition was beyond normal, so she decided to bring her to the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica. After the prayer she received from the man of God Harry, her life changed radically!

As for her studies, she enjoyed them a lot and she had very good grades. She completed her 3rd year of her studies and by the grace of God she got her degree! Now, she is calm and obedient. Depression is now a thing of the past because Jesus Christ has given her joy, and she knows that God is with her!

Praise God for changing lives radically! Ms. Keren, Ms. Barbara’s sister, was also privileged to take part in the prayer line on that blessed day. The Holy Spirit, through the man of God Harry, located her by giving her the following prophetic word: “A man used to come to you in your dream to have affair with you! Sometimes you remember, sometimes you forget when you wake up, but you will feel your body strange as if something was inserted in you. Today you are free from this! This is affliction! What you are complaining of, the doctor cannot help you with, because the root is demonic, it is an attack! They don’t want you to have children, they want to make you barren, but this is a lie!”.

Indeed, Ms. Keren mentioned that she was confronted with immoral things in her dreams. These attacks became more intense when she reached the age of 18. In her dreams she would see an older man who often took the form of other creatures. She often saw that she was being choked in her dream. When she had those attacks in her sleep, her whole day would go wrong and she would feel her body actually different as if she was having sexual intercourse with someone. In fact, many times she was paralysed in her sleep.

Moreover, she was dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome. The doctor told her that it was very difficult to have children because her menstruation was not normal. Her periods were occasional, and not regular. Also, when she did have her period, she was taking painkillers due to extreme pain, as the man of God rightly mentioned!

Also, she was having trouble with her eyes, as she had severe sensitivity to light since 2018. She could not face artificial lights because she was losing her vision. Ms. Keren went on to say that at the time she was in her 2nd year of university, she was spending countless hours in the library just to finish her schoolwork. She had panic attacks and anxiety because she was finding it difficult to complete her studies as she had to transfer her school’s electronic syllabus into hard copy due to the problem she was experiencing with her eyes.

Moreover, her relationships with people were strained! She did not have a good relationship with the people she socialised with, since most of them were afraid of her.

In the midst of setback, however, hope came into her life! Jesus Christ visited her, giving her the prophetic word that changed her life!

With indescribable enthusiasm, she mentioned that her period is now normal! She doesn’t take pills because she no longer feels pain! Regarding her sleep, she does not feel paralysed and most importantly, she no longer experiences nightmares and panic attacks! She also stressed that people are no longer afraid of her!

Full of joy and peace, they both advised the congregation to find a living church, because God knows who we are before Him, and as children of God, we should always draw closer to Him! Their promise to God Almighty is to cling to Him, and do their best to honour Him, worship Him, glorify Him, and above all, serve Him with their lives!

When Jesus Christ delivers you, He delivers you effectively, and He does it for the salvation of your soul! May His name be glorified!


What is it like to live in fear of arrest when you have done nothing wrong? How would you feel if you weren’t welcome ? The answer to these questions could be provided by Mr. Uchenna, a German resident of Nigerian origin who lived in fear of deportation for years.

Taking his story from the beginning, Mr. Uchenna moved to Germany in 2014 for a better life. Although he had been working regularly for years, he had been unable to obtain a permanent residence permit in the country. All he possessed was a work permit and a visa that simply showed he was living there. However, these documents were in no way sufficient, as the risk of being caught by the police and being deported was imminent at any moment.

Because of this, he was unable to travel across the border, and even within the country he was likely to be caught. Moreover, he could not even proceed with getting married or starting a family, as he did not have the necessary permanent residence permit in the country.

He tried to initiate the necessary procedures to issue this permit many times, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t get help from anyone. Consequently, he felt rejected and depressed, full of anxiety…

Knowing that the man of God Harry had his own ministry in Greece, he took a document showing him as a resident of France – while living in Germany – so that he could travel by plane to Thessaloniki. This involved a huge risk, as in the event of a police check, the risk of being arrested was almost certain! At the time of purchasing the ticket, the airport employee asked him only for his passport and not for any other document, which is not usual! Unaware of this, however, Mr. Uchenna considered it normal, until shortly before boarding the plane, two policemen asked him for all the necessary documents. He showed all the papers he had and he answered their questions, trusting comlpetely in the Lord . To the glory of God, they found nothing wrong with him and allowed him to travel to Greece!

After taking part in the prayer line, he spoke privately with the Prophet Harry, who prayed over his documents to receive the breakthrough he desired.

While still at the airport in Greece, he was asked to show every document he had in order to get his return ticket. Also, as he appeared to be a resident of France, the police asked him to buy a ticket from Frankfurt (his destination in Germany) to France, to prove that his final destination was indeed France. Having no other choice, Mr. Uchenna bought a ticket. Fortunately for him, when he landed in Germany, the police asked him to show his ticket to France; if he had not had it, he would have been arrested, as he said!

Having thus miraculously passed the travel control, some time later the German government issued a new law, according to which those who stay for more than 5 years in the country and work can apply for a permanent residence permit! So, by taking the necessary steps, after a short time Mr. Ucena obtained a permanent residence permit!

Now, he can travel freely in and out of Germany without fear of arrest, and he is now free to start his own family!

The beautiful experience that Mr. Uchenna had at the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica did not end here, as when he participated in the prayer line, Prophet Kastriot gave him the following prophecy: “You almost died! God saved you, so that you could come here today! I see you dead, you are already gone, but because you have life to live yet, God saved you to come here today, to break every chain and every curse! Second, you are attacked in your dream! You get up in the morning and say. ‘What should I do?’ They do many things to you in your sleep! It is a demonic attack, and it will be broken today, you will be free!”.

After the service was over, Mr. Uchenna gave more details about the prophetic word. First, he spoke about some accidents he had in the past that could have indeed cost him his life.

The first one happened when he was going to school. One day, as he was crossing the road, a car suddenly hit him and knocked him into the bushes. When he went to the hospital, it was found that he did not bear a single injury or scratch on his body, although he could very easily have been injured by the branches that were there.

Another accident happened in 2008. While returning from a business trip to his then-residence in Lagos, Nigeria, his vehicle fell into a pothole, and it started to move uncontrollably and dangerously. He then felt a force pulling him out of the vehicle window and leaving him safely on the side of the road! It is worth noting that the window glass was up, not broken as he exited! Being in this deserted place, no passing drivers were interested in helping him, as there could have been various dangerous people in this place. However, a man was passing by and volunteered to take him to the hospital where he was treated by doctors.

As for the bad dreams he had, there were so many that he didn’t remember all of them. Although he did bring as an example a dream during which some policemen shot him five times in the stomach.

Holding the words of the man of God that these bonds will be broken deep in his heart, Mr. Uchenna believes that freedom has come into his life! Rejoicing, he promised to always remain close to God!

It was only a short time after this man’s testimony, and God blessed him one more time! Likewise, show your gratitude and appreciate God for what He has done in your life, and He will do it again and again and again!


The testimony of Mrs. Ellen and her husband originally from Ghana, residents of Canada is a testimony of the faithfulness of Father God, a story of victory and a reminder that difficulties, challenges, and seemingly impossible situations can prove to be our best friends and an opportunity to run closer to God!

Mrs. Ellen previously attended the Christian Church Of All Nations and received deliverance from the unclean spirit that was causing her infertility, unhappiness, fibroids, and anger. Talking more about these issues, Mrs. Ellen confirmed that all of these were indeed true in her life. She had been barren for five years, she was going in and out of hospitals having fibroids,  yet her tests were clean, as the fibroids she had were external and were not affecting her fertility. As a result of her difficulty in conceiving she felt irritable with every little thing in her life. She was experiencing depression and isolation, she did not want to be in social contact with those around her, and she was unhappy on a daily basis. Being childless for over a year of married life and due to her African culture that was to expect children immediately after marriage as well as because of the demands of those around her, she felt angry and helpless, unable to find a solution to her problem. So, she and her husband attempted some artificial insemination, and she was taking relevant medication, but without the desired result… So, she and her husband attempted some artificial insemination and she was taking related medication, but without the desired result…

As a nurse going to the hospital every day, either because of her work or because of her problem at that time, she was having very disturbing dreams. In them, she would see that while she was pregnant, the baby she was giving birth to was dead. This filled her with fear and discouragement… Mrs. Ellen’s husband, Mr. Alex, also confirmed both his wife’s and the unclean spirit’s words. Having been married for five years, without children, and while trying to conceive unsuccessfully, he watched his wife sink into depression. This made him unhappy as well. His thoughts regarding his marriage were contradictory, as while he knew he had married a good woman, all that she was experiencing was altering her behaviour and temperament, which was a source of great concern to him.

Spending all her time exclusively either at work or at home and having spent over $10,000 to $15,000 to achieve the much-desired conception and having no results, Mrs. Ellen decided to seek the face of God. During the prayer she received from the man of God Harry, the unclean spirit that was causing the problems in Mrs. Ellen’s life was exposed and said: “I caused bareness, I don’t want her to be happy. I caused fibroids and anger!”

Immediately after her deliverance, she realised how unfair she had been to her husband and she felt bad about her previous behaviour towards him. Since then, the nightmares stopped, her relationship with her husband was restored and their communication became better than ever before! Mr. Alex confirmed his wife’s words by saying that he felt as if their marriage had just begun, with his wife treating him better than ever and enjoying every moment with her!

For the ending, the couple wanted to share the greatest miracle that God has given them after their divine appointment with God, the Provider of every blessing! Shortly after their return to their country and much to their surprise, they found out they had conceived a child! Mrs. Ellen had not even realised that she was already pregnant, as her menstruation flow was appearing normally! The couple’s blessing didn’t stop there though, as God Almighty gave the couple not only one child, but three! The loving couple full of happiness declared joyous and grateful to Father God for their multiple blessings and the fulfilment of His promises in their lives!

Mrs. Ellen wanted to advise the congregation that patience and waiting for God’s perfect time is the key to any prayer request, while Mr. Alex reminded them that nothing is impossible to God and that God has His own appointed time, so from a human perspective all that remains is to wait in faith and trust in God. In conclusion, they both promised to serve Him forever – both themselves and their children – while Mr. Alex added that he will remain under His feet and he and his family will worship Him forever!

In God’s time everything is wonderful! As difficult and impossible as your situation may seem, with the Lord of Hosts there is always hope!


Everything changed in Mr. Mboyo’s life when he visited the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica in a remarkable service. Determined to put an end to his setbacks and failure, he had only to surrender himself into God’s hands and learn His opinion of him. Therefore, His divine appointment was sealed by the prophetic word he received from the man of God Kastriot, which was as follows: “Your life has remained stagnant, nothing is going well, also things are not going well with your family either! I see you fighting and this is not only happening to you, but also to your parents. Today you will be delivered from anything satan may have used.”

Mr. Mboyo later wanted to confirm these words, saying they are 100% true as he is a professional footballer and things have not been going well for a long time in his life. While he is one of the best in his team and was giving his best in every game, he did not feel that he had made it and that he had reached the point he would have wished for, which was to play with the best and against the best. He added that every time he was in a very good first league team, with the potential to succeed and excel, he would get injured, thus he needed to sit out for up to 4 months.

He went on to say that his brothers and sisters were facing the same difficulties, as they were also involved in sports. He continued by saying that his situation affected his finances as well, as although a footballer nowadays is paid quite well, he was paid much less than all his teammates, even though he tried hard in every match. Finally, he pointed out that he felt angry and tired with the whole situation he was going through and there were times when he wondered why all this was happening to him. He knew he had a gift from God, but he could not understand what was holding him back because the hard work he was constantly putting in was producing the opposite results.

Through all the difficult circumstances he was going through at that time, he never stopped believing and praying to God Almighty. So after this prophecy, Mr. Mboyo believes that God has delivered him and his family once and for all! His promise is that he will serve God daily and that he will walk with Him for the rest of his life.

Those who bless God in their trials, will be blessed by God through their trials.

Below we see people receiving healing, breakthrough, and deliverance as the Spirit of God changes their lives, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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