The hearts of the people united as one voice once again and they worshipped and praised the Worthy Lamb who honoured the attendees with His presence and everyone experienced biblical moments! God’s servants moved among the crowd and as the Spirit of God came upon them, they prophesied to the believers and revealed the secrets of their hearts and God’s future plans for their lives.

Before this, their hearts were prepared by the Holy Word they heard from the man of God Stavros in the message entitled: “THE MYSTERY OF GOD’S GRACE”.

He began by saying that unfortunately, today, Christianity has become a religion, while Jesus Christ came to restore the relationship and friendship between God and people. But because of ignorance in the things of the spirit and spiritual immaturity, we still come to God simply as religious people, through religion. As a result, we lack the grace of God in our lives.

He then gave God’s people the secret by which believers will come out of religiosity and into a relationship with God and attract God’s grace into their lives. Reading his biblical passage from Luke 15:11 –  32, he particularly emphasised the story of the prodigal son. Through this story, Prophet Stavros identified three categories of Christians.

The first category is Mr. Self-justified. He is the kind of believer who is always the best, always the most spiritual, the most hard working, he knows everything, he is righteous and holy before God. The second category is the Mr. Self-condemned. He is the kind of believer who, whenever he sees how sinful he is, how worthless he may feel, how many mistakes he has made in his life, condemns himself and says there is no hope…

The first and second category have the religious syndrome. A religious man is one who strives to resist sin, to say no to sin, but with natural, intellectual and physical strength, the man of God stressed. However, the Word of God teaches us that no one can say no to sin without the help of the Holy Spirit. Our physical, mental and emotional strength are not enough to stop the devil and sin. Sin is a spiritual enemy and requires spiritual power. That means, it requires the grace of God in our lives.

The prodigal son, after an epiphany from the Holy Spirit, was taken out of the category of the self-condemned and put into the category of the unworthy. He then realised something wonderful! He realised that God Almighty is always ready to readmit His people, who come to Him in humility and repentance, to the right position in His glory. This is the mystery of God’s grace! The mystery of God’s grace is that He takes undeserving people and clothes them with His glory and puts them in His kingdom for His glory!

Coming to the end of his message, the Prophet encouraged the congregation to ask themselves which category of Christians they belong to, while at the same time he pointed out that that every believer can change category!


Ms. Elpida, a resident of Kavala, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify how the power of Jesus Christ acted in her life, bringing back all that the devil had taken from her!

One prophetic word was enough to turn Ms. Elpida’s life 180 degrees. Thus, on the day she entered the prayer line, the man of God Harry, said to her: “You have eaten in a dream and it affected you! This is an attack! You have eaten poison spiritually, and the reason you were given this in the dream is because you were going from one place to another, looking for help! Who is going to help you? Only Christ can help you! Because in the process of finding a solution, the other person may be an agent of darkness, and they are giving you things that are not according to the Word of God. So, how can God act when you are looking for a solution from somewhere else? Jesus Christ loves you, after today, your life will change, you don’t need to look for who will help you… In Christ and in His Word, open the Holy Bible and there you will see what you need to do”.

She began by saying that she had indeed been all over Greece and abroad to find a solution to the problems she was facing. Many people involved in astrology informed her that something was wrong with her. However, when she asked them if they could help her, they said that they did not have the power to set her free and that she should look for someone with such a power!

Deeply moved, Ms. Elpida recounted what she experienced during the period when satan wanted to kill her. The money she spent to be able to find a solution was countless. Nothing in her life was going well. In her personal life, she divorced when she was only five months pregnant because her husband cheated on her. After 15 years, she wanted to remarry, but after some years her husband died and her relationship with her family was always strained.

Lately, however, things had gotten worse in her life! It was impossible for her to do anything, as she was deeply immersed in her grief and the problems she was facing.

After her divine encounter with Jesus Christ, her life changed radically! Nothing in her life remained the same! Joy, peace and a zest for life are some of the things that now characterise her life! Due to the depression she was facing, she had gone through a period of eating all the time and as a result, she had to go for a gastric band surgery so that she could balance her weight. After the prayer, however, she decided to go on a diet, listen to music and make plans for her future, things she previously couldn’t envision!

Jesus Christ not only intervened in her life, but also in the lives of the people she loves. As she found herself back in the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia had a word for her! “Even though your son is not here, God will heal him where he is! Every day He will make him better and he will begin to hear. God has set him free and you will see him becoming better every day!”

Ms. Elpida confirmed the words of the Prophetess, as her son had hemorrhoids for many years. From the moment the Prophetess prayed over her son’s picture, his hemorrhoids disappeared!

Finally, Ms. Elpida advised the people of God to seek Jesus Christ with all their hearts and promised to worship and wait for Him!

Jesus Christ is the solution to every problem we face! Therefore, never doubt that Jesus Christ cannot deliver, save or heal you!


Ms. Glykeria, a resident of Thessaloniki, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share the immediate changes she has experienced!

She began by saying that at the age of 20, she went to Australia for a better future. She studied pharmacy and found a very good job in her field at a large hospital in Sydney. She stressed that not everyone had the privilege of getting these positions as they were quite competitive. More specifically, out of 200 applications, only three people were selected. She worked there for two and a half years and got to a point where she could not imagine herself doing this job for years to come. She was very satisfied with her salary and her job, however, she reached a point where she lost her joy. Every day that passed, she felt like her routine was the same: work – home – work.

All this lack of satisfaction affected her mood, as she had depressive tendencies. At that time, the pandemic had plagued humanity and many places, such as churches, were closed. She tried to visit some churches, but unfortunately they were closed. So, she drifted away from them and her relationship with God was affected as she was not playing her role as a child of God. That is, she did not study and pray anymore.

Also, regarding the opinions of her friends, she mentioned that she often discussed with them what their purpose in life was. Her friends told her that her life’s purpose was to have a good job and get a house, but in her heart, she knew there was much more to life than that.

Ms. Glykeria went so far as to quit her job, and return to Greece without any direction for her life. She sent out applications and since she was not getting any answers, she was prepared to settle for low wages. She had uncertainty and fear for the future. Hence, she made the decision to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive a divine touch.

When she entered the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia, through the Holy Spirit, prayed for her and gave her the following prophetic word: “Your life is not going as it should. Your life is not going according to the Word of God. You have to become warmer with God. That’s why you’re like a depressive person. There is no joy in your heart. So, if there is no Jesus Christ in your life, those around you will disappoint you. They will tell you things that are not according to the Word of God, and you will sit there and listen to them, but it’s not like that. God has destined you for something much greater! Greater than what others tell you. So, this will be broken today, in the name of Jesus Christ; every depression, every disappointment you’ve had in your life. Read the Word of God daily and God will send you a very good partner. He’s coming, he’s on his way. So, don’t be sad!”.

Everything changed in her life after the prophetic word she received, as a hunger to seek God more entered her. Her relationship with Him was been revived. Now, she has hope and a purpose! She feels joyful and that God has her life in His hands and she now has direction for her life. She added that in the back of her mind she was also thinking that she should find a partner.

After the prophecy, Ms. Glykeria was surprised because she had found a very good job with a very good salary for the greek standards! This job is in a pharmaceutical company in Greece.

Her advice to the congregation is to put God first in their lives, and by doing so, they will gain hope, direction and purpose. Her promise to God Almighty is to stay close to Him and follow Him for the rest of her life!

True joy comes from our love for Jesus Christ, not from our love for the things we accumulate. Satisfaction in life has nothing to do with having material possessions! It has to do with experiencing God! Only then will you feel true contentment and only then will you have true joy within you!


Mr. Frank, a permanent resident of Italy, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive the package of blessings he was seeking in life! As he was receiving prayer from the man of God Stavros, during the prayer line, an unclean spirit manifested through him, saying, “He will not get married! He is mine! I am the queen of the coast! I entered him through sexual intercourse in the dream! He can’t live a normal life. He has no job, he will not keep a job. He becomes mad!”.

After the man of God Stavros declared him free, Mr. Frank wanted to confirm everything the demon said. He began by recalling the past, more specifically, the year 2000 he had a dream. He had seen himself entering a toilet and having sexual relations with women. A year later, as he testified, he suddenly felt himself losing his mind, and, as he was walking, he heard voices! In fact, he had reached such a point that when he came home, he couldn’t even take a bath…

These voices in his head were telling him that he wasn’t capable enough, that he couldn’t do anything, and they were constantly condemning him. As a result, he had no social relationships, as he felt he wasn’t good enough for anyone. Even when he was out with friends, he would hear these voices condemning him! When the thought of marriage came to his mind, he considered himself unworthy to have a relationship with a woman, despite the fact that he wanted it very much!

When the voices would not subside, Mr. Frank had to start medication in order to survive, as he could not sleep at night due to all these attacks. However, the medication did not help him, as the only thing it did was make him lethargic and forget about his problems for a while. When he woke up the next day, the voices, the depression, and the vivid presence of beings continued to plague him!

In the professional area of hi life, it was very difficult for him to keep any kind of work as, in his mind, there were always these voices. So, Mr. Frank remained unemployed!

All these problems led Mr. Frank to pornography and masturbation, as the social exclusion he was experiencing was quite painful.

During the prayer, Mr. Frank did not understand what exactly was happening, except from the fact that he felt relieved. In closing, he promised to walk with Jesus Christ and serve Him all the days of his life!

Whenever you face uncommon challenges, do not despair! It may be to prepare you for the uncommon blessings that are waiting ahead of you because uncommon blessings always attract uncommon challenges!


Mrs. Victoria came from Ukraine to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to experience the power of God that heals, delivers, blesses and saves!

During the prayer line, as Prophetess Evgenia was praying over her, the Spirit of God located her, giving her the following prophetic word: “There is a family curse of sickness. Many people in the family are sick because of this reason. Even if they want to succeed in their lives, they cannot because of this curse. But from today on, it will break, in the name of Jesus Christ! Also, a financial breakthrough is coming into your life. You’re smart, you have to deal with important things like business. You’d be very good at management. So, if you do that and follow it, you’ll see great success in your life!”.

Wanting to confirm that her family was indeed facing a variety of medical issues, she pointed out that she lost her mother at the tender age of 12. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and at the age of 39, she died. Even her sister had cancer that was treated, but she has not fully recovered so far. Mrs. Victoria’s father is 74 years old and was experiencing heart issues, while her aunt is tormented by migraines. Moreover, her cousin has a thyroid issue and the doctors are not able to do anything about that problem.

As to the professional area of her life, she and her sister have had several failures in business. More specifically, Mrs. Victoria had a business in Cambodia. Everything was going well, the business was profitable, but suddenly the downfall began, resulting in her becoming bankrupt, facing financial difficulties and several loans. This was something inexplicable to her, since whenever she was asked to run some business as an assistant, she brought a lot of money into the business, but when she had to run a business on her own, being the boss of the business, she couldn’t move forward professionally.

Her dreams were very bad! More specifically, when she made the decision to come to the church, she saw a snake trying to attack her in her dream. Also, she dreamt of people trying to feed her. She realised that these were demonic attacks and she began to wake up at midnight so that the demons wouldn’t feed her. All this made her feel very bad and helpless!

Glory be to God that all these belong to the past now, as Jesus Christ has come into her life, erased her past and gave her a new life with Him!

Having love and peace in her heart, she mentioned that she would do the best she can to fulfill her calling, and promised God Almighty that she would make Him a priority in her life and follow Him forever because there is nothing impossible for Him!

When your problem goes beyond the natural, it becomes a curse that only Jesus Christ can break! Run to Him, for only He has the solution to every problem! Blessed be His name!


It was a wonderful service for Mrs. Mara who travelled from England with her family to receive a word from heaven! With an attitude of faith and the belief that God Almighty would answer her prayer, she entered the prayer line where she received a prophetic message from Prophetess Evgenia. The prophetic message was as follows: “Too much stress and negative thoughts in your mind. This is not from you, it is an attack from the devil, because you were not like this in the past. But the devil wants to kill your child. So, it’s a miracle you came here today! You should know that the devil can no longer do anything. Everything you are experiencing will stop! What you have to do is read the Word of God so that you can maintain your blessing.”

Immediately after the service, Mrs. Mara wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received from Prophetess Evgenia and even shared her experience about the service. As she said, the service was very powerful, and she was feeling the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit constantly. Indeed, she received the blessings that our Lord had prepared for her, despite the efforts of the enemy to prevent her and her family from attending the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica!

Regarding the prophecy, she said it was true and that it all began a few years ago when she became pregnant with her now eight-year-old son. Indeed, she was struggling with negative thoughts and in particular, thoughts of fear and death. Furthermore, she said that there was a history of cancer in her bloodline and she began to fear that she would get cancer herself. She kept thinking about herself and her children dying. She had also been struggling with anxiety for the last 8 years, which was indeed an attack from the devil, as it was not in her character to be anxious and fearful.

As for the part where the Prophetess told her that the devil wants to kill her child, she confirmed that she had experienced some difficulties during her current pregnancy, and she was afraid that her baby would not be able to survive. When she was 20 weeks pregnant, during a check-up they did on her baby’s heart, she was told that there was a problem and that it had an extra vein in the heart, which only increased the fear even more. In addition, she was thinking of terminating the pregnancy and she felt like she was going crazy.

But while the devil was busy stealing Mrs. Mara’s blessings, God was busy preparing her total restoration! After the prayer, she felt 100% free and that she had been healed of everything that was tormenting her and her family!

Finally, she promised to dedicate her life to the Lord, study His Word and share her testimony with everyone!

Remember, as His children, God allows everything we go through for a purpose, and that purpose is the salvation of our souls. So when God heals you, Ηe heals you effectively and Ηe does so for the salvation of your soul!

Below are some photos of the breathtaking moments that took place during the prayer line as well as the laying of hands, when the men and the woman of God prayed for the people of God!

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