You can’t help but feel elation, awe and overwhelming joy in the presence of Jesus Christ, and when you feel that way, worship from the heart seems to be the only response! All the glory belongs to Him who blesses, saves and heals like no other.

Then, the message of the man of God Stavros shed light on the causes of a problem that many people face, that of mediocrity. The solution to this problem is found in the title of the message, which is, “THERE IS NEED FOR A MENTOR”!

However, he started with a realisation he came to while observing various athletes. All of them, he explained, regardless of sport, have a coach before them. The coach is the one who corrects their athletes, encourages them through tough times and pushes them to succeed. More broadly, every successful person today has a coach behind them; a mentor who succeeded before them. Therefore, we all need a mentor if we want to succeed in life.

The Prophet went on to say that once upon a time many people set out with the desire and delight to do something, for example to go into business, have a remarkable career or even get married. “How high did you reach with what you started? Did you achieve your goals?” was the question the servant of God asked the congregation. Why does success elude us even though we toil?

The answer, of course, was given by the everlasting Word of God, specifically John 1:35-43 and 6:66-68: “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. ‘You do not want to leave too, do you?’ Jesus asked the Twelve. Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” of the same book. In essence, the disciples of Christ had realised that they needed a teacher… We understand, therefore, that if one is to be saved, someone else must show him the way to salvation. Further examples are found in the story of Joshua, who had Moses as his mentor before he began leading the people of Israel from victory to victory, and even the Prophet Elisha who was under the guidance of the Prophet Elijah before he received the anointing.

Unfortunately, today, the reason many of us don’t have a mentor in our lives is because we think we know everything and we can succeed on our own, but when you think you know something when you don’t, you will never learn it!

Therefore, success starts somewhere and with someone, concluded Prophet Stavros. In closing, he warmly urged the crowd to find that mentor. If you too realise that you are stagnant and in need of a mentor, then the piece of advice of God’s servant is to humble yourself, accept that you don’t know everything and pray to the Lord with sincerity, and He will show you the mentor you need to follow!


Counting down for the year to change brings about a sweet anticipation. Counting down the time to have a beautiful experience is a sweet thing, too. But counting down to die is unthinkable! And yet, Mrs. Rosemary from Thessaloniki has done it, and her experience resembles a horror film…

It all started 7 years ago when she and her family were living in Iceland, where her husband ran a business. She gradually began to suffer demonic attacks. For example, in a nightmare, she saw an old woman making a circle and telling her to go to the centre of it and vow to leave her family. Out of fear, she made this vow, but when she woke up, she didn’t realise how serious a problem this was. The demonic attacks continued, and even extended to her children, who were seeing things she could not see.

Unable to find peace and solace, she developed depression, fear, panic attacks and palpitations. To get rid of these, she took 4 antidepressants a day – an amount that was over the legal limit. This made it difficult for her to take care of her children. In addition, she noticed once that she was bleeding from her uterus. When she went to the doctor for tests, the doctor diagnosed her with multiple fibroids, which were causing her back pain. The only humane solution? To undergo surgery and take some pills to regulate her period, otherwise she would have to forget about the possibility of having a fourth child…

With the surgery already scheduled, the spiritual attacks had not stopped. As a solution to this problem, she and her husband decided to move to another country. In particular, they settled in Norway. However, spiritual problems require a spiritual solution, so the new life they attempted to live remained only in theory… So while they were in Norway, Mrs. Rosemary had a nightmare in which she saw an old woman and an old man trying to catch her. She called upon the name of Jesus Christ, to which the 2 people replied that she had only 14 days to live! The following nights she again had a dream of these people telling her that she only had 13, 12, 11 days until she died and so on…

Not wishing to die, she contacted her parents, who in turn suggested some people for her to receive prayer. Unfortunately for her, not only did she not find a solution, but she spent a lot of money, falling victim to a scam by a certain person who made her believe that money could buy her freedom.

Distraught, she was crying and asking God what would happen to her, while she was also in a dilemma, whether to go to Greece or to Nigeria to receive prayer. And then, she had a wonderful dream. She saw Prophet T. B. Joshua, the founder of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, speaking to her and encouraging her with words of comfort. From his words, she understood that the Lord was revealing to her that He wanted her to move to Greece permanently, which she did!

Yet their journey to Thessalonica was full of challenges. First, due to a mistake, their luggage was not loaded on the plane they were to board. Moreover, they had to wait another 18 hours to board the next flight, and during that time she lost her young son at the airport!

Praise God, however, not only did they manage to come, but she joined the prayer line, where Prophet Stavros prayed for her. As Mrs. Rosemary stated, she immediately began to feel peace inside, but she was not satisfied; she expected an unclean spirit to manifest through her. But God does His will in our lives according to His own way!

The very next day, much to her surprise, she noticed that the bleeding and back pain had disappeared! Two weeks later, the panic attacks, depression, fear and palpitations were gone! Even the nightmares had stopped for everyone in the family! She remained, though, wondering what would happen to the fibroids in her uterus. This is when Mrs. Rosemary was truly surprised. Without having any surgery, without taking any medication, she was pregnant with her fourth child! This naturally meant that there were no more fibroids inside her! In fact, today she has even delivered another healthy son!

Now, joy has returned to her life, free from the problems of yesterday, she is determined to serve God from now on!

As the Bible says in John 8:44, the devil is the father of lies, which is why this woman not only did not die, but she now lives a life full of joy and happiness!


It is true that there are no limits to how God’s Spirit can reveal Himself, changing lives, nations and the world, as nothing is impossible in His presence! Such is the case of Ms. Katarina from the United Kingdom, who found herself in the arena of liberty to honour God for this very special prophecy she received:

“-Sister, they have done witchcraft to you. There is witchcraft in the family. Sicknesses, separations, fights in the house.

-It’s true.

-They’ve put a spell on you. Who gave you this ring?

-My pastor.

-And what did he say when he gave you this ring, what was the reason he gave it to you?

-It was last year on my birthday.

-Maybe your pastor didn’t know something. -Well, maybe he didn’t. Maybe he got it from somewhere and gave it to you as a gift, but there’s a demon in it. It’s demonic. It’s like being married to an unclean spirit.

-Oh, Lord!

-So, it’s not your pastor’s fault nor your fault, but the devil’s. From today, you will be free and throw this away. »

Ms. Katarina, believing that God uses His prophets to speak the truth and with joy in her heart, accepted the prophecy she received and mentioned that while the prophet did not know her personally, he told her very specific things and confirmed that what he said to her was the truth. Confirming the very special prophecy she received, she said that she had indeed suffered in the past from multiple benign tumours in her body, which were swelling, and she had to be operated on for more than 3.5 hours – something very dangerous to her health – as she was dying. She also confirmed that there were separations and divorces in her family, as well as witchcraft.

At the time of her separation from her husband, Ms. Katarina said that her husband went to Nigeria and he met a lady and found out that this lady was involved in witchcraft and in particular the practice of voodoo. She found a picture of a doll in a bottle with pins on it and she was shocked. From then on, she began to experience demonic attacks. For example, while she was parked in her car, less than five minutes after she got out of her car, she saw it completely destroyed! The strange happenings didn’t stop there though, as she had a glass table in the living room of her home. This table had an extension that rotated and opened. As she was eating her dinner, she wanted to stay there to rest, but a voice urgently told her to come out immediately. Returning home an hour later, she felt a dark presence there and wondered who it could be, though it could not be anyone, as she had just unlocked to enter. She saw broken glass everywhere in her home and tried to figure out where it came from by checking the windows of her home, but saw nothing broken, not even the table. But, she discovered that the extension of the glass table she was previously sitting on exploded and the glass was shattered like dust and a triangular piece of glass was in the place she was sitting just before and could have been blasted into her stomach, which would have surely killed her.

Continuing, Ms. Katarina said that she was having a very difficult time and she felt that someone was trying to break God’s protection around her. She felt sadness and emotional gloom. So, on her birthday, she was with her colleagues in a restaurant and she was given the ring to which the prophecy referred as a gift. She was not a person who liked jewellery, but she did not want to offend the person who offered it as a gift. The ring was brand new with the price still on it, she accepted it and started wearing it. In retrospect, she realised that from then on, her distress began to grow and her spiritual challenges increased. She could not pray or had time to read her Bible, which was not happening before. Also, she started having strange dreams that she had never had before, such as a spiritual husband or eating in a dream, and she could not understand why these were happening to her. She would ask for prayer from her mother because she understood that what she was experiencing was not normal.

When she visited the Christian Church of All Nations, Ms.Katarina, in her divine appointment with God, realised that she was in the right place at the right time, as she happened to wear this ring that day, recognising God’s plan for her to receive her freedom. She concluded that the prophecy shed light on the root cause of what she was experiencing at the time. Thanking God and feeling relief at being freed by her connection to this ring, she threw it away the moment she received the prophecy. Now, the nightmares and demonic attacks have stopped, her spiritual life is flourishing, she can pray and praise God with all her heart, and she is happy and free!

Ms. Katarina advised the audience that we must be very careful, as the devil knows that we are God’s chosen ones and he aims to destroy us by using something seemingly not dangerous, but we must be discerning and not be concerned about offending anyone, as what glitters is not gold. Having the conviction that Jesus created her to serve Him, she promised to do His will for her life.

It is God’s nature to deliver us, bless us and heal us from whatever makes our hearts and souls sick.


In the arena of freedom, healing and blessing nothing can be hidden. This also applies to the case of Mr. Nicholas from the United Kingdom, who visited the Christian Church of All Nations – Thessalonica with his son.

During the prayer line, the Spirit of God, through the man of God Stavros, spotted Mr. Nicholas and had the following prophetic message for him: “You owe a testimony to God for your son. This son has suffered in the past and caused you trouble and worry. God has already taken care of him, He has helped him. Don’t forget this testimony. As you give this testimony, more blessings will come to the family. You may think some things are small and insignificant, but God expects us to acknowledge Him every time He does something for us. God is not there just to give us things. »

After the service, Mr. Nicholas wanted to talk more about his case. He mentioned that the power and hand of God was in the place and that the man of God prophesied accurately and beyond all doubt truly, that he indeed owed God a testimony. Elaborating further, Mr. Nicholas said he had been praying for his children to go to a private school from 2021 and had his prayers answered the following year, something he never testified about. In particular, for his son, while his wife was pregnant with him, they were told that he would never be able to walk, but that he would be born with some kind of disability, and they were offered to terminate the pregnancy, which they refused. Both he and his wife continued to pray. He had some mental retardation when he was born, but today his academic performance is good. The private school his son attends is very expensive and requires excellent performance, and the tuition is over nine thousand pounds every four months. An amount of money that is now paid for by the company he works for.

Mr. Nicholas’ son, little Joshua, wanted to mention the prestigious school he attends and how free he feels being a student there compared to the public school he attended before. He has more friends there and feels happier and more productive. He pointed out that the students there behave nicer and are show more acceptance to others.

Also, Mr. Nicholas confirmed that indeed God blesses everyone and he boldly acknowledged his failure to show his gratitude, as it is the duty of every believer to confess all that God does for them. Through the prophecy given ti him by the man of God, he realised that nothing is insignificant as long as God does it for his glory.

Now, happy and grateful, Mr. Nicholas acknowledges God’s intervention and the living church in which God’s anointing moves. He advised the audience to find a living church that they can turn to for everything in their lives. Because of they do, they will see their life change and nothing will ever be the same again. Finally, he promised that they will continue to serve the Lord who deserves all glory, because despite the predictions of the doctors, their son is now a gifted and intelligent child to His glory!

Indeed, according to Psalms 28:7, “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy and with my song I praise him.”


Unforgiveness, due to offense, is one of the traps that satan, the enemy of our souls, uses to keep us bound. Mrs. Marie, from France, who came to the Christian Church of All Nations – Thessalonica, in order to escape from the « trap » of the enemy and receive permanent peace and freedom in her life, was also in bondage.

As Prophet Giannis prayed for Mrs. Marie, he gave her the following prophetic word: « I see a lot of pain in your life! You have had rough times and now it is very difficult for you to forgive! You need to forgive because you need to be forgiven! When you can forgive, then you will be delivered once and for all from all these problems!”

Wanting to give more details regarding the prophetic word she received, she mentioned that she had three people in her life that she could not forgive! She began by saying that the first person she could not forgive was her father, as he had abandoned her at the tender age of four. This caused her deep pain, and as a result, she had stopped speaking to him to him for the past 15 years! She then added that she had unforgiveness towards her siblings as they also caused a lot of pain not only to her but also to her parents. So, two years ago she put an end to her communication with her brothers!

Additionally, she pointed out that from the moment she held unforgiveness in her heart, she began to suffer and not be able to resist the spirit of lust! She tried with her own strength to resist the lust, but in vain. She watched pornographic material, masturbated and felt really bad every time she committed these sins! In fact, she mentioned that she also had a lot of anxiety and could not trust people!

As for her relationship with God, she could not read His Word. She also could not pray to God since she was captured in the « nets » of unforgiveness!

Now, after the prayer, she feels like the sky is her limit! She plans to call her father and her brothers, and forgive them, this time from the bottom of her heart! In fact, she added that she will seek God daily by reading His Word!

Having indescribable joy, he promised God Almighty that she will pray more and apply His Word, as she forgives others!

If you forgive and let go of the offense, something will happen to you that cannot be explained by the human mind!


As children of God, prayer is a good thing. But is this always true? The wrong prayer cannot only be ineffective, but in some cases it can also be destructive! A pastor’s prayer was the reason that the life of Mrs. Eva and her husband were put in danger. Fortunately, God is Faithful and Almighty to those who are faithful to Him…

As she stood in the prayer line with faith that she would receive her miracle, the man of God Stavros gave her the following prophecy: « It is not everyone who can pray for you. I say this because you like prayer, that is, praying with other people. ‘Pastor, my brother, my sister, pray for me’. If someone cannot help you with prayer, he is not a man of God and not assigned to do so, then he brings you problems. This is not a joke! It is good that you are here today, we will pray so that anything that is not from Jesus will go away. But when you need prayer, besides praying for yourself, seek a man of God to pray for you. » The man of God then declared her and her husband free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Confirming the prophecy, she noted that many people have prayed for her and her husband. In fact, one day when a pastor prayed for them by laying his hands on them, Ms. Eva’s pain got much worse that same night! Additionally, after this prayer, the couple was involved in a serious accident!

Now, healthy and spiritually free, she promised God to follow His way, obey the instruction she received and not allow random people to lay their hands on her in order to pray.

Whatever situation you are in right now as a Christian, it may be to prepare you for a new level in life or to strengthen your desire for God!

Jesus Christ was, is and will continue to be the only Redeemer, Deliverer and Healer! If you want to experience what the people in the following photos also experienced, do not hesitate; give your heart to Him!

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