An amazing gathering, full of power and miracles in the name of Jesus Christ, awaited all those who came from the ends of the earth to experience the overwhelming presence of God! The worship team, as they sang and praised God, led the believers in an attitude of prayer and the presence of God filled every heart!

Then, the very enlightening message given by evangelist Stavros Michailidis awakened the believers and encouraged them to learn to listen to the voice of their conscience in his message entitled: “THE SPIRITUAL ALARM”.


He began his sermon by revealing the reason why, although many Christians pray for years about certain issues, the answer to their prayer never seems to come. In fact, he pointed out that even when we are in a dilemma and desperately want to know God’s opinion, we still receive no answer, leaving us confused. He explained, therefore, that even though we are designed to speak and act with God, there is a problem in our communication with Him, because while God speaks to each and every one of us through the voice of our conscience, we ignore that voice simply because we do not like what He is saying to us…

His biblical quote was taken from Romans 9:1, “I speak the truth in Christ—I am not lying, my conscience confirms it through the Holy Spirit”, through which he went on to analyse the great importance of our conscience, which, though many are unaware, is our point of contact and communication with the Holy Spirit. It is, namely, the tool that the Holy Spirit uses to guide us. In other words, whenever God wants to speak to us, help us, advise us, guide us, He will do so through our conscience. Many people today expect to hear God speak in their ears and because they do not hear Him, they waste time as they continue to pray over and over about the same issues…

Touching on another aspect of conscience, he pointed out that it is God’s instrument of discernment; it is the voice that warns us before every danger in order to protect us! It is, in short, the spiritual alarm of every believer, which we must have constantly activated, so that the enemy of our soul cannot enter our lives and steal, kill and destroy! Sensing the intense concern of those present about how to have their spiritual alarm always activated, the evangelist gave the answer once again through the eternal Word of God! Joshua 1:8: “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful”.

Concluding his message, he urged them to activate their spiritual alarm, that is to say, to strengthen the voice of their conscience, because it is our guardian!



Mr. Abraham, wanting to thank God for the blessings he received, so, he stood before the congregation to give his testimony and to encourage the faith of the listeners who were also waiting to receive a touch from Heaven!

Looking back, Mr. Abraham began by saying that he grew up in a Muslim family without knowing about Jesus Christ. When he turned 13, he went to Ethiopia, where he began to acquire bad habits, going to clubs, committing prostitution and generally living a secular life.

A few years later, his brother-in-law showed him Emmanuel.Tv, (the TV station of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, based in Lagos, Nigeria, founded by Prophet T.B. Joshua) and this was a critical moment in Mr. Abraham’s life and he decided to give his heart to the Lord. As he watched this blessed channel, his faith grew day by day and so he began to change, stopping the bad habits of the past.

Although his life had changed, he continued to experience some significant problems, including severe headaches, dizziness, numbness in his limbs and (occasional) partial hearing loss. Because of the numbness he felt, he had to sleep on his back and could not turn over on his side. His dizziness was so bad that it caused double vision, which had a very negative impact on his life, as he found it difficult to carry out his tasks. In addition, he faced demonic attacks in the form of lustful thoughts and bad dreams that were either of a sexual nature or with various animals, such as snakes, harming him. After these dreams, he felt bad, both psychologically and physically, and was overwhelmed by an intense desire for women. Even the way he looked at women, unable to control himself, was very intense.

When Mr. Abraham received prayer from the man of God Harry, he immediately received deliverance from all those problems that plagued his life! He was completely healed from his dizziness, headache, hearing loss and numbness. In addition, he was delivered from all demonic influence in his life! Now, he looks at women as his sisters and as for his dreams, not only did the nightmares stop, but he started having beautiful dreams full of revelations about his future and his divine calling!

The advice he gave to the congregation is to trust God and His anointed men. Furthermore, wanting to encourage the faith of those who heard what God had done for him, he said that when God’s servants declare, “You are healed”, they should not doubt and say again, “Lord, heal me”! His promise to Jesus Christ is to serve Him for the rest of his life!

The advice he gave to the congregation is to trust God and His anointed men. Furthermore, wanting to encourage the faith of those who heard what God had done for him, he said that when God’s servants declare, “You are healed”, they should not doubt and say again, “Lord, heal me”! His promise to Jesus Christ is to serve Him for the rest of his life!



Pastor Elmer along with his wife, Pastor Claudia, travelled from distant Peru to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, as they desired a divine intervention to taste God’s blessings in their lives!

During the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia, addressing the woman, said: “There is an idol in your family, that’s why nothing is going well for you and most of your family is sick! And it is not only an idol, in addition to the idol, you have been given a curse! And he was a relative of yours. You had quarreled with him and he cursed you and all your family, but as this is exposed, God will deliver you! What you need to do is to study the Word of God daily, because you love the Lord, and best of all, preach the Word!”. He then prayed for Mrs. Claudia, proclaiming her free from the bondage of the idol, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Shortly thereafter, it was her husband’s turn to receive a word from the Lord for his life. Specifically, the man of God Harry, said to him: “I see that sometimes there is quarreling between the two of you, disagreement. You should not allow satan to come and cause you confusion in your house. As you are doing the work of God, satan is not happy so, he wants to cause confusion in your marriage. And two, be careful of other women in the ministry. Because you may not know, but other women may see you in a different way so that by the time you fall, they will destroy your ministry. You should be careful. When they see that somebody is doing well, satan is pushing women to come and bring you down. So, don’t allow satan to trick you like that. Read your Bible, pray and you will see your ministry will continue to grow more and more! Concerning the child, it is God who gives children. Focus on the work of God and in His time, God can bless you with a wonderful child! Just believe and leave it for God and play your own role! Play your role as husband and wife. Some couples say, ‘We want a child, we want a child’, but in 6 months they meet once as husband and wife! How do you want to receive the child? Is it by the Holy Spirit? Are you Virgin Mary? So, playing our own role means we have to meet as husband and wife and then God will act on it and will bless you with the fruit of the womb!”.


When the service ended, the couple confirmed that the prophetic words given to them were true. First, Mrs. Claudia spoke about the family idol. In particular, she remembers this idol from her childhood. Because of this, her mother died of an illness, while many people in her family circle were filled with various diseases… About the curse, she said that before she got married, there was indeed a person who told her that she would never progress in life or have children.

Then, Mr. Elmer referred to the issue of the fights that existed in their marriage. Sometimes, he pointed out, they fought so much that they could not stand each other. Hence, they remained angry and stopped talking to each other until the next day! As deacons of God’s Word, they did not project a positive image to the outside world, people observed them quarreling, distancing themselves from each other and, in general, not being able to teach God’s Word properly…

Furthermore, Mr. Elmer confessed that from the beginning of their ministry, various women had approached him with evil intent, so that he would be tempted as a man and harm God’s work!

Now, with the prophetic words having given clear instructions to the couple, they are determined to play their role and fully obey the instructions in righteousness given to them. Overjoyed, they both promised that they will return with the child that God is about to give them to glorify His Holy Name!

It is time to involve God in your case. When God is involved in your case, it doesn’t matter who else is involved, because you and God are majority!



“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” – this was the word of Jesus Christ to all His children and we see that to this day that word continues to be fulfilled, bringing deliverance, healing and blessing to those in need! This is exactly what happened in the life of Mrs. Angeline from England, who saw the hand of God deliver her from an unclean spirit that was destroying her life.

At the time of the prayer line and as the Lord’s anointed man of God Harry was praying over her, an unclean spirit manifested from within her, saying the following: “I destroyed her, she belongs to me, she is mine! I destroyed her career, her marriage, her family! She is too clever, she is so blessed! I want to kill her, she is stubborn! Can you not see her light, God has called her! She always helps people. Her mother gave her to us. She belongs to the kingdom of water. She is very clever, she finished university, we could not stop her! Your God has blessed her and we want to kill her!”.


So, after the man of God declared her free, Mrs. Angeline wanted to confirm everything the unclean spirit had said about her life!

She began by saying that, indeed, this unclean spirit had ruined her life because nothing she wanted to do was prosperous, despite her hard work. She even mentioned that she could not hold a job for more than a year since, after some time, something would always happen and she would be unemployed. She went on to explain that it was very difficult for her to get a law degree as, in every exam she had to go through, it was very difficult for her to cope. When it was the time for her to do her master’s degree, she felt that something was stopping her, she could not concentrate on her courses.

She knew that she had been devoted to demonic powers, but for her family, magic and the worship of these demons was considered normal. So she would see herself in water in her sleep, see mermaids, or see herself drowning.

In her dreams, she always uses to see someone trying to kill her or even threatening her. In fact, when she resisted, the demons told her that they wanted her heart! Many times, even, she would see relatives who had died appear in her dream and other times she would see them feeding her!

Mrs. Angeline said that she really likes to give to her fellow human beings, in fact, she and her husband have a ministry that helps the less privileged!

Now Mrs. Angeline feels truly free and is grateful to God for the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. In closing, she promised to remain in His Word forever!



In her divine appointment with Jesus Christ, Ms. Carmen from Portugal received a prophetic message from the man of God Harry that brought deliverance and blessing into her life!

As the woman was participating in the prayer line, when the man of God prayed for her, he said these words to her, “Your problem is not even in the body, the sickness. That is not even the main thing with your body. The main thing I’m seeing is disappointment in your life. So much disappointment that you are thinking of giving up! Don’t give up! The end has not yet come! If something bad happened to your life, that is not the end! Maybe God wants to change your direction! And two, I see that the spirit of anger begins to take hold of you sometimes. […] That’s what I see, but this is not from you! This is a spirit that is attacking you so that people will laugh at you or ridicule you or even do something that you will have problem with the police! So, God will strengthen you right now. As I am telling you this, this is the end of your problem! He will strengthen you and you will see that you will be calm from now on. And two, the disappointment is over in your life!”.

Giving all the glory to God, she later confirmed that from a very young age she experienced bullying and taunting even from her own teacher at school, who addressed her with malicious nicknames and derogatory expressions, not even allowing her to go to the toilet! This situation was getting worse and worse – something that alarmed her parents, who eventually visited her at school to ask her why, but it took months for this to stop happening to her!

As a teenager, she struggled a lot with her identity, had no clear direction in her life, felt lost, lacking validation from her parents because they were not very affectionate with her and so, she felt unloved. Later, when she started dating, she experienced rejection in that area as well, with every man she knew leaving her for no reason for another woman and she had no lasting relationships.

Furthermore, she said that she was a firefighter for eight years and she was sexually harassed by her male colleagues, to the point of becoming a victim of attempted rape! Although Ms. Carmen reported the perpetrator to the authorities, unfortunately she lost the case against him, as all the other colleagues supported him, and her evidence could not be used due to a change in the laws.

Her finances have always been in a particularly difficult situation, with money coming and going from her hands, even losing her house and car on Christmas Day due to her debts! In fact, she was forced to keep paying off her house, which had already been sold to other owners…

As for the spirit of anger, exposed in the prophetic word, Ms. Carmen said she was very petulant, getting angry and screaming at the slightest thing, and fights could become very brutal and beyond her control, leading her to violent outbursts. Being the teacher that she is, she added that when the children were naughty and disobedient, she would have flashes of anger, feeling the anger boiling inside her, causing her extra difficulties!

All these extreme and awful events in her life caused her deep depression and suicidal tendencies, but, by the grace of God, she was not allowed to lose her life, which gave her the motive to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica.

Ms. Carmen said that her heart was filled with the peace of the Lord and her body began to tremble when she was prayed for by the man of God Harry and she was very excited and grateful for her presence in the church and the answers she was given by the Holy Spirit. Relieved, unable to find words to describe her joy and after 5 attempts to finally attend the Synagogue, All Nations Church Thessalonica, she stated that she feels very happy and blessed for her deliverance and for the intervention of Jesus Christ, which brought total reformation in her life. She promised Jesus Christ that she would live for Him and that she would serve Him for the rest of her life, allowing Him to use her according to His Holy will! Furthermore, she advised and pleaded with all those who are facing spiritual and supernatural problems to trust God and visit a living church where the Holy Spirit is at work to find a certain and permanent solution to the problems that keep them bound in invisible prisons, with the goal of saving their souls.

Indeed, only Jesus Christ can provide the solution to our every problem, as He is Mighty, Able and Willing to help and bless His children beyond imagination. He has already won our every battle with the enemy of our souls, we just need to leave all our burdens in His mighty Hands!



Mr. Andrew from far away Australia came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where he received a Word that would change the course of his life!

During the prayer line, as Prophetess Eugenia was praying for Mr. Andrew, the Spirit of God located him and said to him, “Too much internet! It’s not good for you! Your life can’t move forward like that! Also, too many females around you! Because the devil knows that you have a very great calling, you have a star on you, he wants to destroy you in this way, because it is your weakness and the devil strikes the weakness! Today God will deliver you, but to maintain it, you have to study the Word of God. I am saying that because you have a likeness towards sin!”.


Indeed, Mr. Andrew confirmed that he spent most of his time on the internet every day, doing things that did not build him up spiritually.

Moreover, regarding the weakness mentioned by the Prophetess, he emphasised that if she saw a girl, he would think about her instead of meditating on the Word of God. As a result, he would think of meaningless things that caused him distraction. He knew that this weakness he had was a demonic attack and he was trying to win the battle on his own, but he could not do so, and he felt that he was fighting to no avail.

Regarding his divine purpose, he stressed that what he has in his heart is to serve God. He believes that God has a ministry for him to change people’s lives. No matter how many times he has tried to bypass his calling in the past, the desire has remained strong in his heart and he now aims to fulfill it!

Full of gratitude, he promised God Almighty that he would dedicate himself, by God’s grace, to the plans He has prepared for his life!

Your condition cannot stop you from your relationship with God, but your weakness can! Draw closer to God by reading His Word daily and you will find that in your weakness, His power will be revealed perfectly!

In the photos below we see people who have come from all over the world to witness the power of Jesus Christ which breaks bondages, heals and saves!

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