The physical structure of the Christian Church Of All Nations (CCOAN) – Thessalonica  has gone through different stages. Each stage served a purpose! In every situation, God is still saying something! Before moving to its present position, the CCOAN – Thessalonica has had two previous locations. Today, the CCOAN – Thessalonica is located in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, but shut down by the Greek goverment.

Although the physical structure of the church has changed, the vision remains the same. Millions of people continue to receive the knowledge of saving grace and to see the undeniable evidence that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The purpose and mission of the church is simple and clear – to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

God uses the man of God Harry as an instrument of healing, prophecy, deliverance, blessing and salvation. Anointing does not work through plans, methods or machinery. It works through suitable men. Man of God Harry is simply utilizing the power that has been given to all believers. (Luke 10:19) “Jesus is disappointed that men lack the necessary faith to release the power that has been given to them.” God has no hands but our hands to do His work!

Right from day one, the focus in the CCOAN – Thessalonica has never been on the healing but on the Healer, whose name is Jesus Christ. As the Word of God says the only genuine reason for receiving is salvation (Matthew 6:33). Man of God Harry is not the healer, but he knows the Healer – His name is Jesus Christ!



The name given to the church is testimony to the prophetic insight given to Prophet T. B. Joshua, and his calm and determined focus on that vision.

“Your future must move into you before you can move into your future.”



Some might wonder, why ‘Synagogue’? The Bible says Jesus entered the Synagogue and sent out all that were not of Him, all those things that He had not planted. As it was, so it is. As He worked in the Synagogue of old, Jesus is still working in the Synagogue today. The Son of God healed and still heals all kinds of sickness and disease. What is happening today is just an extension of what happened then.



It is not about the messenger but the unchanging message. It’s not about the miracles but the Miracle worker. It’s not about the man, but the Maker. It’s all about Jesus Christ. The eternal message of our Lord Jesus Christ will last forever, even in the face of life’s uncertainties. This is what we are born for, what we are living for and what we are going to die for.

Wherever the road may lead us, the vision that gave birth to this ministry many years ago is the same vision that wakes us up in the morning, sends us to sleep at night and is preparing us for the journey tomorrow. And what is that vision? One way; one job. The way is Jesus Christ; the job is to talk about Him to others for the salvation of their soul.

“For those whose lives are centered in Christ, better is not good enough – the best is always yet to come!”


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