Each word from God is given for a purpose! As you watch, you will see how the root cause of the problems afflicting this generation is revealed in order to change the course of history! Remember, Jesus Christ came to put an end to our past and give birth to a bright future!

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A relationship is defined as the way in which two or more people are connected. In other words, it demands mutuality.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves in troubles, not knowing that ...
we are the cause of breaking off from the people we love! Sometimes our weaknesses as human beings do not allow us to build a strong bond with one another. That is because we have not yet built a character of Christ!

In this video, you will learn how to build and maintain a strong connection with the people you care most about. Therefore, open your heart to take in this wonderful word of prophecy that was more than enough to restore a marriage, and get ready to make your own relationships new, in Jesus’ name!

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