Every week in the CCOAN – Thessalonica, God uses Prophet Harry to heal the sick, deliver the demon-possessed and speak to the hearts of people. Watch how the Spirit of God moves among the congregation in power and might! Pray along with the man of God Harry and prepare to receive your own portion of the anointing filling the atmosphere here at the SCOAN Thessalonica. Remember, distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit!

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HOLY GHOST FIRE At Work At The SCOAN Thessalonica!!! (FULL VIDEO)

Witness the power of Jesus Christ, our Lord and the Greatest Healer that mankind has ever known, being manifested at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica. The miraculous power ...of God has not diminished! It continues to transform people's lives and turn around every unpleasant situation for His glory.

What is your situation? Are you on the sickbed? Have you been diagnosed with a deadly disease? Are you facing any sort of setback or disappointment? The anointing of God delivering, healing and saving the people in this faith-lifting video, is more than enough to change the story of your life. Connect to the power of God as you watch, and RECEIVE YOUR PORTION OF BLESSING TODAY!

⚠️ Reminder: You may choose the language of your choice under the subtitles menu.

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