Charalampos Tsakonidis, commonly referred to with the short form of his name “Harry”, is the pastor of the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica, in Greece. Born on November 21st, 1984, in the small village of Agios Athanasios in Northeastern Greece, he grew up to follow an unconventional way of discovering God’s call for his life. His life’s journey is an amazing tale of God’s undeserved grace, which takes unlikely people and puts them into His palace for eternity.

Growing up just 10 minutes away from the historic ancient biblical city of Philippi (now declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), he made himself early familiar with the prison of Apostle Paul and Silas and the stories of the power of God in the Book of Acts. They were stories of the Saviour’s power that shook the grounds of Greece and the world, offsetting from that very place that would remain in history as the cradle of Christianity in Europe and indeed the rest of the gentile world. Those stories were engraved in the young boy’s memory and the Spirit of God set a secret longing of revival ablaze in a young man’s heart.

With all its ups and downs, life found Harry in the Netherlands in his early twenties, leading a promising life as a young entrepreneur and a hardworking man. Despite outward progress though, his quest for fulfillment would lead him to a well-thought-out conclusion; true meaning could only come from a deeper source… Then, a turning point experience changed the course of events. In a supernatural experience with God, the Almighty revealed to him His plan for his life and things that were to come in reference to it – the calling was clear. Harry would ultimately spend 10 years of his life at the feet of a man who God led him to – his mentor, Prophet T. B. Joshua  training to become suitable for God so he could one day answer the divine call for action; at His appointed time.

In that most important phase of his life, it was Prophet T. B. Joshua in The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, who taught him that processing is greater than result and that character is the divine oil that keeps the anointing of God in a person’s life burning. Along with hundreds of young people from all over the world, he denied what the world had to offer in order to be a partaker of a unique kind of training to build character. After receiving the divine anointing, God started to use him to heal, deliver and utter prophetic messages under the supervision of his mentor; yet, there was still a long way to go for the training to be complete…

On April 19th, 2015, at the instruction of the Holy Spirit, he started the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica (SCOAN Thessalonica), in the biblical city of Thessaloniki, Greece, and has since gone on to toil to bring the message of salvation across in his homeland and the world at large. While the signs and wonders the spirit of God has been performing in the midst of the Church have brought both international and nationwide attention, he has always remained a quiet man, who has dedicated his life to the service of the less privileged, the orphans and the needy in society, particularly investing in the youth, for many of whom he has become a mentor, a father and a coach shaping leaders of tomorrow. The stories of the Book of Acts have finally come alive and the unworthy recipient of God’s divine mercy cannot but stand, day in, day out, as a beacon of light, hope, inspiration. His life’s story proves that: “Everyone has a calling. If you follow the direction of your calling, you will surprise yourself, you will astonish yourself – you will make a difference in your world”.

The work of spreading Jesus’ Gospel all around the world is of great significance. Thus, the Most High is eagerly seeking men and women who will become part of His family and help do this great work! Jesus Christ still empowers suitable men to do His work today and He is ready to use anyone open to receive His training, ways and lifestyle.

By the special grace of God, God’s mercy, favour and power in Prophet Harry’s life have also passed on to his spiritual children. God, being the Faithful Father that he is, blessed the Prophet abundantly by giving him six spiritual children – five Prophets and a Prophetess!

Man of God Harry’s spiritual children are now carrying the fire of the Holy Ghost, after following their mentor’s divine training and teachings, which ended up attracting the attention of God’s anointing. Now, carrying the Holy Spirit within them, they are already on the God-aspired mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world!

Prophet Michael

Prophetess Evgenia

Prophet Stavros

Prophet Sorin

Prophet Giannis

Prophet Kastriot


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