The Sunday service was a wonderful experience for those who attended! The worship lyrics became words of prayer for the children of God, who opened their hearts and praised His Holy name!

In the course of the service, Prophet Giannis spoke up. His message titled “PREACH WITH YOUR WORKS” certainly gave some answers to the congregation. He started off by asking the attendees: “Just because you have some knowledge of math, does that mean you are a math teacher?” In the same analogy, he asked, “Does the fact that you read the Bible automatically mean you are a Christian?” His answer was no, because, as he said, it is not enough to just read it, but to live it, that is, to preach not only by your words but by your works, as a child of God. When God Almighty comes to enquire for true believers, the question will not be, “Who can read and quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation?” but, “Who hears, believes and obeys God’s Word?”.

Later on, he read from Matthew 23:1-3. Based on this Biblical passage, he spoke a resounding truth, that many times people don’t want to listen to us when we talk about God because, unfortunately, we preach with our words and not with our works, our lives. However, “Vain and idle talk is a product of a vain and idle heart; they are unprofitable and not pleasing to God Almighty”.

To the question posed of how to preach with our lives, the Prophet emphasized that we should make it an absolute priority to hate sin, which is the disease of the soul. Therefore, how are we to hate sin? The book of Job 27:6 gave the answer. Job had made it a priority to hate sin essentially. He did not only want to speak of God, but his life to speak of Him. Of course, our Lord, Jesus Christ, did the same. As He preached by His works, He was able to draw people around Him.

In closing, he emphasized that the world around us needs to see our works speak of Christ, not just our words. So, make the decision today, like Job, to be free from the desire of sin in your heart! Begin to desire to preach by your works so that your life becomes a channel of blessing!


Mr. Sebastian came from France to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share his miraculous testimony with the people of God.

A little while back, he was given the grace to attend a church service where, during the prayer line, he received the following word from Prophetess Evgenia: “God wants to use you. The devil has made you run away from God. He gives you fear. From today, you will not run away!”. Then the Prophetess turned to the crowd and continued: “The devil fed him in a dream. He causes him illnesses, diseases, and gives him fear so that he cannot go forward in life. He has him bound with a spiritual wife, with too many things, but from today he is free in the name of Jesus!”

He confirmed that he was aware of his calling. In fact, he understood that he was different from a very young age. He had many visions and dreams, and God was speaking to him in various ways. By the age of twelve, he had a very active relationship with God, praying and reading His Word daily as his mother taught him. Around that age, he had a vision while praying with other believers; he saw something coming down from heaven, and from that time on he became much closer to God. So, from a very young age, Mr. Sebastian wanted to do God’s work without any hesitation. Thus, the Lord began to use him to bring the people in his environment closer to Him.

One day, at his church, he had a very negative experience where some attendees called him a demon. After this event, he became very discouraged, and fear entered his heart. This fear gradually grew more and more. He felt himself drawing away from God. As he admitted, the more he walked away from God’s work, the stronger the demonic presence in his life became and made his daily life difficult for him. For example, when he was studying for his university, even though previously he would pray to God and his efforts would pay off, after the spirit of fear, he could study for three days in a row and was still unable to learn what he was studying! Not only was the zeal he had before for God starting to wane but just upon hearing about God’s work made him afraid! In this way, his relationship with God also crumbled…

Mr. Sebastian mentioned that, many times, while he was in the middle of doing something, he felt that he was not the one doing it, but something else that was controlling him. For example, the unclean spirit within him made him angry and react in a bad way or look at something lustfully. He understood that this was not coming from himself but from an unclean presence. Therefore, it was very difficult for him to resist and control his behaviour, although he was really trying. “It was like someone else was using my body, and I was watching!” he stated.

Another problem he was facing was that he could not sleep because when he slept he would have nightmares about scary creatures, or of himself tied up in chains. After such dreaMs. he felt very angry and exhausted; it was as if he had been carrying cement all night, he described! In addition, he often saw people feeding him in the dream. When these dreams started, his problems became greater, and his finances especially became worse. Tired as he was all the time, he began to faint very often. He could be driving and suddenly he would pass out! Then, the moment he closed his eyes, he would see demons. Apart from the fainting episodes, his general health was not going well at all. When he did manage to sleep, he snored very loudly, and he was often sick. His family and he could tell that something was not going right, but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him.

He stood “lucky” though, as his wife made him watch Emmanuel.Tv, the television channel of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, in Lagos, Nigeria. So, he started following the ministry and found out about its subsidiary church in Thessalonica!

After the prophecy and prayer he received, he is now in full health, sleeping well, without any nightmares, has reconnected with God and can pray again. Every unclean presence that tormented him has left his life, and he is now free!

The advice Mr. Sebastian gave to the congregation was as follows: “When you come here, give your whole heart to God, it is you and God… Never run away from God! Don’t try to lead the Holy Spirit, but let the Spirit lead you!”. Finally, he promised God to never run away from Him ever again!

Ask King David, a man after God’s own heart, and he would tell you that all men fall, but only the great ones get back up!



Mr. Samuel, originally from Zimbabwe, came from the United Kingdom to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to expose the works of satan in his life. On a previous attendance, he received a prophetic word from man of God Harry: “You know why I’m praying here? I see enlargemert of your prostate. It’s an early form of it. How do you know this? Any time you want to urinate, it is becoming difficult. And by the time you finish urinating, when you want to leave, it is still dripping. So, sometimes you are embarrassed, your trousers will get wet. This is a sign your prostate is getting enlarged. And if care is not taken this will turn into cancer. Now God has revealed this so this will be the end of it. So, make sure you eat healthy, rest enough, get quality rest. This is the end of it.”

Indeed, Mr. Samuel confirmed the prophetic word, saying that he was experiencing urinary incontinence. In particular, he said that when he received the prophecy he was surprised because it was something he had not written on his placard. This problem affected him a lot in his daily life, as while he was at his job, where he was the one in charge, when he would go to the toilet and return to continue with his work, his colleagues would laugh at his expense, and he would wonder why, until realising that his pants were wet! Thus, he felt very much ashamed and annoyed, and could not concentrate on his duties. This difficult situation went on for many months.

He continued to say that because of the shame he felt, he isolated himself as he could not participate in social activities and events. In fact, he was forced to wear dark clothes in a desperate attempt to hide his shame.

In his dreams, he was seeing various people chasing him to attack him. He did not understand the reason why they were chasing him, nor did he know who they were. These nightmares were so severe that when Mr. Samuel would wake up, he felt exhausted, he was sweaty and shaking! All that he was experiencing was affecting his job performance, which was disheartening.

One day, Mr. Samuel came across the channel of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, through YouTube, where he saw people being delivered from various issues. This made him want to visit the church in the hope of finding a solution to his own problems. He said that during the time he was watching the videos of the ministry, he had a dream in which he and others were praying on a mountain. When he finally attended the SCOAN Thessalonica service, he had the privilege of visiting the prayer mountain, and there, joyously, he realised that this was the mountain he saw in his dream!

When he returned to his country, after some time, he realised that he had completely forgotten about his problem, as he had been living a normal life since! His colleagues no longer laughed at him, which made him very happy, as no such incident has happened to him again! He added that he feels God’s comfort, and sees His power in his life, he is now confident and more productive in his workplace! The bad dreaMs. have now stopped, he sleeps very well, wakes up feeling strong, and is completely free from all the things that used to torment him.

His advice to the audience is to draw near to God because Jesus is Lord and is the answer to every problem, able to heal and save those who seek Him! In closing, he promised to follow God as long as he lives and to be worthy of His name daily.

Allow God to take your shame and turn it into the glory of His name, with His amazing grace and mercy surrounding every aspect of your life!


Mr. Ibrahim and Ms. Zeinab had a unique experience, as they came from Germany to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to experience the Mighty hand of God.

During the prayer line, as Prophetess Evgenia was praying for Mr. Ibrahim, the Spirit of God located him, giving him the following prophetic word: ‘‘I see that you have nightmares. You have the spirit of death and this comes from your family. They all have accidents, that’s what the devil wants to do with you because you are about to do something good. Do you know what you must do? You need to open a business and people will be blessed by you. You will help many people, and that is why the devil is stopping you. From today on you will be free, walk forward. Don’t think about anything bad, don’t be afraid, God will help you.’’

Mr. Ibrahim began by saying that he had lost many family members of his family due to accidents.

In addition, he said that in 2021 he took the decision to launch a business, and when he made that decision, he wanted God to use him to help his family and members of his community. He entered the business world in 2002 with a business in which he invested a lot of money, and it later collapsed, with him losing everything. In 2007, he also invested in a business which failed. When he met his wife, they started a business again from which they made quite a profit, but in 2019 the business collapsed completely.

He also said he had nightmares because every night he would see himself in a cage. Moreover, he always saw himself in his dreams with other women in bed, and when he woke up he would feel disappointed.

God spoke to him once more, through His servant, Prophet Stavros, giving him the following prophetic word: ‘‘God wants to use you. The Spirit of God insists… You have a heart for Him, but you must ask God to lead you for how to start, and how to continue… I know you may say: “Where to start? How to start? The Bible teaches us that everything starts somewhere and with someone. We all need a mentor. None of us could have made it without a mentor. You can make it on your own, but it will take you 100 years to understand how God speaks and acts. But if you have a teacher, a coach that God has sent you, you can do it faster. Don’t mind your age, you’re not old!”

After this prophetic word he received, he intends to ask God for guidance, so that God will guide him to a mentor.

Mr. Ibrahim’s wife, Ms. Zeinab, had the grace to attend the prayer line, and as the Prophetess prayed for her, the Holy Spirit spoke to her in the following words: ‘‘There is rejection by people in your life, and also depression. This is affecting you very much, but it should not affect you because we should not care about other people’s opinions. This is not allowing you to move on with your life, to fulfil your calling, because you are immersed in this thought. You will be delivered today, you have to study the Word of God every day. You have to obey the Word of God and you will see that the Lord will use you mightily!’’


Ms. Zeinab pointed out that she was often isolated because of the spirit of rejection. When they went to the village to get water from a river which was quite dirty, she and her mother suddenly saw a large python. Her mother was frightened, but she pointed out that she was not afraid.

From then on, she experienced the spirit of rejection. Everything went wrong for her, as she received rejection from everywhere. She felt she was a bad person.

Now, full of joy and gratitude to God Almighty, they promised to serve Him and surrender to Him.

Success starts somewhere and with someone! Indeed, when Jesus Christ becomes your Coach, He will ask you to see what no one has seen, to say what has never been said before, and to do what has never been done before! Run to Him, and you will see how the best will come into your life!


Undoubtedly the Sunday on which Ms. Aita received her freedom will be remembered forever. Coming from Sweden, she placed all her hope for a miracle at the feet of Jesus Christ, and He did not disappoint her, as He has never disappointed anyone!

At the time of the prayer line, a demon spoke through her when the man of God John prayed over her, saying: “Go away, please! I want them to leave me alone, I hate them, I don’t want anyone to talk to me! They don’t see my pain! I don’t want to talk… I made her depressed, she wants to die, but she doesn’t want to leave her son, she’s fighting for him. Without him, she would have died!” Leaving the demon to confess its destructive action, he then ordered it to go out in the name of Jesus Christ and proclaimed Ms. Aita free from all evil bondage!

At the end of the service, she gave a few more details regarding the demon’s words. She began with the depression, which began when she was 15 years old. At first, she didn’t realize it, however her condition worsened, to the point of seeking medical help. She took various medications, but there was no improvement with any of them. Nevertheless, she pretended to the people around her that everything was fine, although she stated that this pretense was very tiring.

The unclean spirit did not stop at just depression, it wanted to take her life. Thus, it urged her many times to either go out into the street to be hit by a passing vehicle or to fall into the void. There was one particular time when she attempted to jump off a building, but at the last moment, she saw her son’s face in front of her and changed her mind!

She didn’t find peace in her dreams either, though. Sometimes, the content of them was either eating food, talking to her dead father, or sleeping with men or women. In the morning when she woke up, she felt angry and guilty, for she considered it her own fault to see such dreams. Obviously, she did not see her future as having positive prospects.

Now, after the anointed prayer by the Prophet, hope has risen within her! She praised the Lord and promised Him to serve Him all the days of her life!

1 John 3:8 The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.


Mr. Jonathan saw the hand of God working in his life and freeing him from the bondage of darkness that had plagued his family for centuries. At the time of the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia spoke the following words to him: “I see that your heart is in so much pain, you are so sad. As you expressed this problem before the Lord, God will take it away from you, I’m just telling you so that you don’t keep doing this. Everybody is like that in your family, you are sensitive, and the slightest thing upsets you. The Lord does not want that, today you will be free, and God has prepared for you a bright future. You will pray to the Lord and He will reveal to you what you have to do because nothing else will make you happy or satisfied.”

A while later, Mr. Jonathan wanted to confirm the words of the prophecy.

He began by saying that indeed everyone in his family is very sensitive, from his mother to his father, who most of the time didn’t want to show it. He then explained that his older brother died at the age of 39 from obesity, as he weighed 240 kilograms. Generally, all of his siblings had mental problems, making it a thorn that plagued his family. He himself was facing depression years ago, but with God’s help, he managed to overcome it.

Regarding his dissatisfaction in life, he explained that he has done various things in life but nothing gave him joy. The only thing he found interesting was to be involved in the things of God.

Now, Mr. Jonathan is ready to do right before God so that he will not go back to his old life. From now on he will pray, fast, and leave all his burdens on Jesus Christ! Finally, he promised to continue to pray and read his Bible!

Fear and insecurity dominate a life without faith. You must learn to trust God for everything in your life regardless of your situation!

The pictures below show the name of Jesus Christ working signs and wonders! Have a grain of faith, and you too can experience the wonderful blessings of Father God for His children!

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