At the Sunday service that took place, the believers who attended did not miss the opportunity to praise their Creator for all the blessings He has bestowed upon them! The entire congregation sang hymns of worship to Jesus Christ in one heart and one voice, eager to see in what ways God’s anointing would crush any demonic influence in their lives!

At the course of the service, the floor was taken by the man of God, Sorin, who in his message entitled “CHOOSE FAITH AGAINST FEAR AND NEGATIVE CONFESSION” clearly articulated how important it is to walk by faith and not by sight.

Taking his biblical passage from Numbers 13:1-2, 25-29, 30, 32-33 and 14:6-9, in which the Word of God refers to the Israelites who experienced the miraculous power of God in their journey to the Promised Land to an extreme degree, he gave valuable and priceless lessons to the congregation. Out of the 12 spies Moses sent to spy on the land God was about to give them, 10 of them found it impossible to conquer! The man of God attributed their negative confession to the fact that they failed to give Jesus Christ – whom they experienced through miracles – His proper position in their heart, and thus their faith was in crisis! Consequently, they began to confess negatively, forgetting how God had helped them by splitting the Red Sea in two and in many other miraculous ways, because their eyes of faith were closed… In fact, they negatively influenced thousands others from the people of Israel, filling them with fear instead of faith!

So, based on this example, the man of God Sorin, emphasised that the moment we begin to confess negatively about our situation we are first worsening the situation and secondly, we are not ready to revive it! Therefore, we must be very careful what we confess in times of trial because, as God’s wisdom teaches us, with our words we build a bridge to the future we desire or the future we fear…

Then he talked about the case of Joshua and Caleb, who, unlike the previous spies, had the unshakable conviction that if they did the right thing before God, the Lord would definitely give them the land He had promised them! They also tried to undo all the negative things that the other 10 spies had mentioned. Having witnessed countless miracles from God, they allowed His Word to penetrate their hearts. Thus, the opening of their eyes of faith led to the silencing of their fears!

After separating these 2 categories of people, Prophet Sorin pointed out that when you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you change and become a man who is directed by your Heavenly Father, not by the circumstances of your life!

Reaching the end of his message, he urged believers to make the Word of God their database for their personal opinion. This is because, through His Word we discover how reliable our Lord is and when we realise that God is reliable, our faith grows spontaneously!


Mrs. Dimitra, a resident of Thessaloniki, visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, to share with the congregation the Omnipotence of God!

As she recounted, 33 years ago she divorced her ex-husband and was left alone as a mother. So, she moved from Bulgaria to Greece in order to financially help her two children whom she had left with her mother-in-law in Bulgaria. This was something very difficult for her and she always had her children in her thoughts. In everything she did, in every decision she made, her children were first in priority and in her heart. All her concern and her whole being was directed around them as she wanted to give them the best in life.

Something that filled Mrs. Dimitra’s heart with sadness was the fact that her children were not attending a living church! She prayed fervently that they would start attending and be saved, as she said that it was her dream. Some time ago, after a major problem that he confided in her, she and her 36-year-old son had arranged to attend the SCOAN Thessalonica together and participate in the prayer line. Thinking that God would touch his heart and life, Mrs. Dimitra was overjoyed and full of joy as something she had been praying for for many years would be fulfilled. Even though their visit to the church had been arranged, just before the service began, her son decided not to go to church. When Mrs. Dimitra heard of this decision, she was so disappointed and saddened that she considered not attending herself. However, God strengthened her, and she finally decided to attend, to bring her children’s pictures, in order for them to receive prayer, and prayed fervently to receive a Word from God! In fact, she added she had not told anyone her problems, no one knew what was going through her heart but God!

During the prayer line, as man of God Stavros prayed for Mrs. Dimitra, the Spirit of God spotted her and gave her these prophetic words, “As much as you worry about your children, you must understand that salvation is personal and they have a role to play. If they don’t make the decision to follow Jesus Christ, you will waste your years in misery, anxiety, depression, and in the end what is the result? You only do damage to yourself! So stop worrying about them, as we prayed now, the Lord is already aware of their situation and He is working! You take care of your relationship with God, take care of yourself, be okay with God, and when you are okay with your relationship with God, then that relationship will affect your children!”.

This word spoke directly to her heart and brought her immediate relief and freedom from the pain, frustration, sadness and anxiety she had been experiencing for over thirty years, as her entire life revolved around her children! After the prophecy, she delivered her children into God’s hands! Thus, she gave all the glory to God Almighty, knowing that He is in control and that He is in charge of her and her children’s lives!

Her advice to the congregation is that we cannot save ourselves, let alone our children, so let us leave them in God’s hands! Her promise to God Almighty is to love Him with all her heart, soul and strength! She also promised to prioritise her relationship with God, as she knows how everything else will be added!

When it seems like our problems do not go away, it is up to us to overcome our fear, our anxiety, our worry, leaving all of our burdens and problems in God’s able hands!


Mrs. Mary, from New York, attended the Sunday service and received a miraculous deliverance from Jesus Christ!

During the prayer line, an unclean spirit manifested through her while the man of God, Sorin, was praying for her and said: “I am destroying her! If anyone touches her, she goes crazy! I put fear into her life! She’s going crazy! She can’t do anything on her own!”

Confirming the unclean spirit’s words about her life, she began by saying that in 2007 she ate a piece of grapefruit, which was given to her by a friend. At that moment and from the first bite she took, she felt that someone had set her on fire! When she got home, she felt an unusually intense fear, without knowing why. It was such an intense and ugly feeling that she could not bear it, and it gave her palpitations!

For 17 years, she lived with this fear in her heart, which affected her life so negatively, to the point that it made her feel like she was losing her mind! While studying nursing, she gave up her studies because this fear isolated her and did not allow her to concentrate. In fact, she ended up taking antidepressants for about 17 years!

This unjustified fear not only destroyed her studies, but also every other area of her life; her marriage, as she stopped having relations with her husband, and, her dreams were turbulent. They were so bad and affected her so negatively that they exacerbated the fear that had gripped her. More specifically, she was seeing herself eating, drinking, and sleeping with dead acquaintances! When she would wake up after such a dream, many times someone she knew would die or something negative would happen, and this would frustrate her and isolate her even more…

Because of this constant fear, she could not do anything on her own; from travelling to going to the supermarket! She always had to be accompanied by someone, and her usual companions were her children. All this made her feel incomplete as a woman, wife and mother, as she thought she was crazy, something she did not tell her family and did her best not to show…

Her health was not unaffected either, as she used to lose important professional positions because of the intense fear she felt… Also, being constantly anxious, she could not read aloud the instructions at her workplace, let alone talk to strangers.

Another problem she faced was pain in her shoulders, which meant that she could not lift her arms. This had a negative impact on her daily life and her work, as while she had to help others, she ultimately needed help herself.

After the prayer, she began to feel free for the first time in many years! She now feels very good, lighter and liberated! It’s as if something has left her and she is not afraid at all, she emphasised! Furthermore, now she can lift her arms, she feels no pain and thanks God for her freedom! The promise she made to her Lord and Healer is to serve Him for all the days of her life!

God’s wisdom teaches us that faith is not a product of intellectual ability, but of a regenerated spirit. Indeed, the opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears.


Mrs. Senate from London visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, participated in the prayer line and received prophetic messages directly from the Throne of God in Heaven. These words exposed the root of her problems and changed her life once and for all!

First, prophetess Evgenia, full of the Holy Spirit, approached her and gave her the following prophetic word: “There is an idol in your family and this idol comes in your dreams. You have bad dreams, like you are eating, being chased, but today, you will be disconnected! Know this, a very big financial breakthrough is coming in your life, if you believe it! Do not doubt this Word that the Lord is giving you now!”.

Then the Spirit of God, using one more of His anointed servants, this time, the man of God Harry, gave her the following prophetic message, “I see satan is attacking your family with mental problem. Mental is not only somebody who removes his clothes and runs around naked. Mental can be somebody who one day the person is happy and the next day the person is depressed. The next day the person is happy, he is your friend, the next day the person is your worst enemy. It is more like bipolar disorder, or maybe schizophrenia or something like that. The doctors call it names. We call it mental problem or attack. Maybe satan is attacking. Because I see that in the family, it’s happening already. And the mental health is affected, so you need to pray against that to nullify that problem!

She confirmed that these words were true regarding her family and then the man of God declared her free, praying for her in the name of Jesus Christ!

Mrs. Shenite wanted to confirm what was prophesied to her, stating first that her family indeed worshiped an idol. This caused several serious problems for both her and her family, including divorce, broken relationships and, indeed, she recently lost her father and aunt to cancer!

In her dreams, she would see her being chased, eating, pythons talking – without understanding what they were saying to her, and she believes this was a result of the idolatry practiced by those close to her. Furthermore, she said that when she was young, her relatives used to sacrifice sheep to this idol and shed their blood as a purifying cult ritual.

Money kept coming in and out of her hands, and in her business, the money she used to earn would finish without her knowing how or why this was happening. This, understandably, caused her financial ups and downs.

Hearing the prophecy, she believes that there will be breakthrough and progress in her life. She stated that she feels responsible to maintain her blessings and freedom after these words spoken to her by the anointed woman of God! She also stated that after this she will be more connected to God through prayer and by reading His Word.

One of the things that allows satan to have power over a person is sin. If you are facing unexplainable problems that are beyond human understanding, know that God’s anointing is available and ready to deliver you from any sin that you or your ancestors may have committed.


Mr Isaac came from the UK, clearly excited to finally see the power of Jesus Christ working wonderfully in his life! So his expectations were not disappointed…

At the time of the prayer line, the man of God, Stavros, approached him and said: “You need to watch your diet. You know, we are human beings, not robots! You can’t eat just anything and expect your body to process it. Take care of your health, take care of yourself! You have a role to play! Take care of your diet, your health, and God will play His part! Today, as you are here, God will heal you, He will help you, but you have to take care of yourself!” After a few minutes, the man of God, Harry, wanted to complete his package of blessings by giving him another prophetic Word! He said to him: “Dead people have been visiting you in your dream, and the thought of death! This is not from God, it is the spirit of death. It is attacking you! You are under attack! You can only overcome by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of your testimony! That’s why the Word of God says: ‘Let the sick say, ‘I am healed!’, let the poor say, ‘I am blessed’ and let the prisoners say, ‘I am free!’. That is the word of your testimony! Jesus has died for you already. You just need to claim that healing, that deliverance! Now, as this spirit is exposed, it cannot longer affect you! If you see again any kind of dream of dead people who have died, and appear to you, your late relatives, when you wake up, don’t say, ‘Again I see dead people, the spirit of death is still there!’. No! When you say that you are canceling the prayer. When that dream happens, say, ‘The son of God set me free, and I am free indeed. So, you spirit of death, you have no right over my life, I will live and I will live long, in Jesus’ name.’”. That is your word of testimony. You will live and you will live long!

Immediately after the prayer, Mr. Isaac with an indescribable joy wanted to confirm every word that the men of God had told him!

Starting with the prophetic word given to him by the man of God Stavros, he said that he was indeed facing many challenges with his health. Some of these were hypertension, aortic aneurysm and problems with his kidneys! As he confirmed, his diet was not good at all and water was much lacking in his life! So, all these deficiencies in his diet brought the corresponding effects on his health!

After the prophetic Word he received from the man of God Stavros, he is ready to obey the instruction he received and make a radical change in his diet!

As for the spirit of death to which the man of God Harry referred, he confirmed what he said, as many times in his dream he saw his dead mother visiting him and talking to him. In fact, in 2016, while driving his truck, he felt a strong pain in his chest and unable to drive any longer because of the pain, he had to call an ambulance! When he was in the hospital he had lost consciousness. The moment he woke up, he saw 7 doctors over his head wondering how he was still alive!

Mr. Isaac feels happy to have received a touch from two genuine men of God because he knows that all darkness has gone from his life! Finally, he promised to serve God all the days of his life!

Trusting God is not just about praying there are times to pray in faith and times to act in faith. In other words, there are things we need to do and things we expect God to do!


Mrs Juliette saw the hand of God working powerfully in her life as Jesus Christ came and gave her the hope she had lost for many years! During the prayer line, the man of God Stavros said to her, “I see disappointment in your life! Don’t worry, your breakthrough is coming! Jesus Christ will bless you! Just be patient and see what He will do for you!” After a while, the prophetess wanted to encourage her even more by telling her: “Don’t be sad! There is much sorrow in your heart! Leave your problem to God, and you will see, many things will change in your life. You will have children and everything! God will bless you in abundance!”. The Spirit of God, knowing everyone’s faith and what exactly it takes to believe, also sent man of God Harry to tell her: “Don’t worry, God will turn your crying into smiles!”

Clearly relieved that Jesus Christ sent His servants to talk to her at such a difficult time she was going through, she wanted to confirm all that the men of God had told her!

She began by saying that, indeed, there was great sorrow in her life because she had not been able to have children with her husband for 18 years. This was causing a lot of problems for her and her husband, since they both really wanted a child!

Even at her workplace she was upset because her co-workers thought she was inferior and envied her. This resulted in depression and great sadness in her heart.

Finally, she mentioned that her dreams were not good either. She had nightmares and many times she could not sleep because she wondered what would happen to her in the future!

Mrs. Juliette, has faith that restoration has come into her life and promises to serve God forever!

Never doubt that Jesus Christ is able to give the solution to your problem. Believe in Him and you will see that your prayer for many years are not lost!


Mr. Rubibo came from London to visit the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, to witness the miraculous power of our Lord Jesus Christ! As he entered the prayer line with faith in his heart, the man of God Sorin prayed for him and an unclean spirit manifested and said: “I am a snake! I have done everything to him!” . Then, the man of God Sorin rebuked the unclean spirit of the serpent to get out of Mr. Rubibo and at that very moment he was delivered!

After the man of God Sorin, prophetess Evgenia also prayed for Mr. Rubibo and even gave him a prophetic message, which was as follows: “The devil wants to kill you! Not only you, and your family! Don’t worry! From today you are free, and if the devil comes and tells you that you are not, rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ, and say to him, ‘Devil, I am free!’. But to be strong, you must read the Word of God! You have to have a relationship with God! Don’t leave it aside, it’s important! And as you do it every day, God will give you breakthroughs in all areas of your life and then, you will be happy and glorify the Lord!”

Immediately after the service, Mr. Rubibo wanted to confirm the prophetic message he received as well as share his experience regarding his deliverance.

He began by saying that at night in his sleep he was tormented by nightmares of various kinds of snakes, such as anacondas, and, in fact, he felt that his dreams were actually happening in reality. As he said, many times he felt even in the physical a snake moving inside his body. These nightmares affected every area of his life such as his financial life, his relationships and also he was constantly losing things. He cited as an example the 15 mobile phones he lost within the last few years.

More specifically, he mentioned his marriage which had also been affected very negatively, as for many years there was tension with his wife and they ended up fighting in front of their children. He then referred to his health, saying that he was having a problem with his bladder. When he went to the toilet, which he visited very often, as he was urinating, he would excrete blood along with it. Many times, before he even got to the toilet, he had already urinated on himself. This happened even while he was out for work or shopping and he had to walk around in wet pants, which caused him enormous shame. Also, another health problem he was facing was in his eyesight which was constantly getting worse. He even had a serious problem with his prostate which had become infected and enlarged. This affected his sex life and his relationship with his wife. Even though he had visited doctors and had all the tests done, as he was diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia, and took all the medication he was prescribed, his problem only got worse. It got worse to the extent that he would wake up at least three times a night to go to the toilet and because he didn’t have time, he would urinate on himself and, as a result, he ended up sleeping with a pot next to him.

His financial life was another area which was affected by the unclean spirit. As Mr. Rubibo confessed, for a long time he had been out of work.

He then referred to the prophetic word which he received from prophetess Evgenia. Confirming the prophetic word, he mentioned how the snakes that came in his sleep bit him and he felt like he was actually dying. That is, he felt that his spirit was leaving him. Also, almost every night, he saw dead people in his sleep and especially saw his dead parents. This spirit of death also affected other members of Mr. Rubibo’s family, such as his brother who had an accident from which he barely survived and in fact it happened a month before their mother’s death. In addition, one of his cousins committed suicide at the age of 20. Another cousin told Mr. Rubibo how she used to see her dead husband in her sleep.

He also mentioned the instruction he received from the prophetess who told him to study God’s Word more, and confirmed that he had not been studying God’s Word enough lately, which made him sad.

After the prayer and deliverance he received from the men of God, he confessed how great he feels! As he pointed out, he felt like a burden was lifted from his body and he feels light and knows that his encounter with God on this miraculous day is his last stop!

Finally, he promised that he will grow in his relationship with God as he studies His Word more!

What is your test, your challenge today? Never forget that a time of trial is a time to strengthen your relationship with God. Therefore, whatever your burden, take the opportunity to glorify God Almighty in your trial and be assured that God is not far from those who glorify Him!

The photos below prove again that not only the age of miracles is not over, but that Jesus Christ is still miraculously using people who are fully submitting to His will!

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