The presence of God was tangible at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, the lyrics of the songs coming directly from hearts overflowing with adoration and gratitude to their Creator, attributing to the Living God all the glory, honour, and worship and thanking Him for what He has done and for what He was going to do in their lives!

Later, Prophetess Evgenia, through a profound and revealing message entitled “LEARN TO TRUST GOD”, shared valuable lessons with the thirsty hearts of the believers. Using this message, she led them to self-examination and redefinition of their relationship and attitude towards the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

She began by stating that many Christians today, when they go through various difficulties in life, they become anxious and worried at the slightest thing. This is because most of them do not have strong character. But Jesus Christ never said that we would not go through problems or trials, but He said that He would be with us in everything we go through! Many Christians believe that since they have a relationship with Jesus Christ their lives will be a bed of roses, but this is a false teaching because God’s Word teaches us that life is a battlefield where only the serious minded are victorious! Hard times will come, they are necessary to strengthen us and give us a strong character, the Prophetess stressed. Then, she gave an example through the Word of God, taking her biblical quote from Matthew 14:25-31: “Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. ‘It’s a ghost,’ they said, and cried out in fear.  But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’ ‘Lord, if it’s you,’ Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.’ ‘Come,’ he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord, save me!’  Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. ‘You of little faith,’ he said, ‘why did you doubt?’”.

Through these verses, she explained that it was not easy for Peter to find the courage to go to Jesus Christ. The only reason he followed what He commanded him is because he trusted Him, so he obeyed the instruction He gave him! But if he did not trust Him, it would have been impossible for him to follow such an instruction, as the other disciples did. None of them followed Peter, and the reason was fear, they were scared to get out of the boat because they did not trust Him to the extent they should have. Instead, Peter proved that he had an independent mind, so he stood out from the rest of the disciples by carrying out God’s instruction, that is, by doing the impossible! However, when the waves began to become more intense, doubt immediately entered Peter’s mind, which is a tactic that satan uses to get us to doubt God’s goodness in our lives, and thus, Peter began to be overwhelmed.

The woman of God said that the difficult times we go through as God’s children are not to make us doubt God’s kindness nor to make us wonder if God exists nor if He hears our prayers, but they are to strengthen us! There is a time for everything, a time of trial, and a time of blessing, so the Prophetess encouraged the congregation not to be in a hurry to be blessed by the Lord, but to wait for God’s time, because in difficult times we have some lessons to learn as children of God, she pointed out.

Closing, she read from Matthew 19:13, explaining that if our heart is not like a little child’s, then it can never be free, because children never worry about anything, and then it will be easier to trust God! Only then we will be able to have a joyful heart, where there will be no sorrow, worry, anxiety. So, as Christians, we should focus on Jesus Christ instead of our problems, the Prophetess concluded!


In torn by the modern views and ideologies of society, there are people who see their lives becoming subservient to the hands of satan, they are watching their lives pass by waiting for a miracle, a hope, a revival of the soul! This is how one would describe the life of Mr. Adamos, who came to the Synagogue, Of All Nations Church Thessalonica to give all the glory to God for what Jesus Christ did in his life!

Some time ago, during the laying of hands and as the Spirit of God led Prophetess Evgenia, a prophetic word was given to him, “For freedom to come to your heart, as your heart is locked, tight, you need confession. You understand what I am saying, to be free… The Spirit of God is revealing this, there are hidden things in your heart, things that you have never told anyone and you need confession to be free from all your weaknesses! So, as you are praying now, you must confess everything hidden in your heart and God will give you breakthrough!”

At the tender age of eleven, Mr. Adamos was faced with the death of his mother, which determined much of his later life and behaviour. At the age of fifteen he found himself for the first time in a situation that his teenage mind could not cope with; a friend suggested that they should masturbate together for the first time! This experience traumatised him mentally for many, many years because he knew the things of God very well and he felt constant condemnation.

Continuing his life isolated and having no relationship with the female sex, despite his efforts to improve his physical appearance, he plunged further into pornography, masturbation, and dating sites. While he had many female friends who had a good time with him, as soon as he showed interest in something more in their relationship, it would become clear to him that they did not want to enter into a relationship with him. All this rejection made him wonder if a partner could ever be found for him, as he watched all his friends getting married and starting a family!

As he experienced more and more rejection, unable to find a solution to his problem, he chose to visit prostitutes. Even when he chose to find a partner through dating sites, the women rejected him again! Nevertheless, for some strange reason, he was attracted to the male sex! So, he chatted with people of the same sex, they exchanged naked pictures and sometimes made video calls to each other!

All this caused him great depression, with him sometimes isolating himself for three whole days. Unable to continue living in this situation, he decided to consult a psychologist without finding a solution.

The thoughts of lust continued, with Mr. Adamos now resigned to his weaknesses, hoping for a miracle! Once the Prophetess Evgenia gave him these words, he was quite shocked at what he heard, as no one knew about all that had happened to him.

Now, Mr. Adamos is free from any thoughts of lust, he does not have strange dreams and is ready to give everything to God’s work! He advised all God’s children to find a living church and not to keep anything hidden, as confession brings freedom! Finally, he promised not to go back to his old lifestyle!

No matter how dirty you may feel, never forget that where there is too much sin, God’s grace is more than enough! Cry out in faith and spirit of repentance to Jesus Christ, and you will see that salvation and freedom will enter your heart!


Mr. Spyridon and Mrs. Irene, a couple from Crete, attended the service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with the hope that the anointing of God Almighty would locate them and break every curse and every demonic chain that plagued them all these years, as the Word of God confirms to us that He rewards those who seek Him with faith!

During the prayer line, the Spirit of God spoke through the man of God Stavros, giving Mr. Spyridon the following prophetic message: “I see that the devil has taken too much trouble in your life, your children, the whole family. These are ancestral curses. If you think about it, everything was going wrong with your ancestors as well. There was no progress, there was no joy in the family. But I thank God that you are here today, because He wants to give you rest! From today, all these demonic attacks will stop. Your dreams, when you sleep, they are tormenting you, they will all stop, and He will put peace within you, don’t worry, it was all to get you here today. The Lord wanted to bring you to Him, and He used them for a purpose! From today on, your life will change and as you have peace and joy within you, it will affect the rest of your family! All these curses, as we pray today, will stop and go away!”.

Furthermore, as he received prayer from the man of God Sorin, the Spirit of God spoke with the following prophetic word: “Don’t allow the pain of the things of the past, grudges through conflicts you had with people in the past to remain in your heart. Forgive and forget, for the most important thing is the salvation of your soul. When we forgive, God forgives us and he ushers us into His presence.”

At the end of the service, Mr. Spyridon and Mrs. Irene confirmed that what was said by God’s servants was true. As for the curse, they said that nothing was in harmony in their lives. Mr. Spyridon grew up in a family where there was no fatherly affection, on the contrary, there was brutality, carving pain and sorrow in him. As the years passed, they built their own family. Unfortunately, things were not going well there either, negative situations would arise all of a sudden, constantly creating trouble and problems with their children. Moreover, they mentioned that in the past they could never start something and complete it, various events always happened that brought disaster. As an example, they said that since 1999 they had been trying to build a house, which until today could not be completed. This forced them to live every day in miserable conditions, in a very small house with mould, no hot water, and everything breaking down. Even when they repaired them, they broke down again!

As for dreams, Mr. Spyridon said that at night he used to have nightmares that caused him to wake up terrified. As this situation continued, things got worse, for a few months he could not sleep lying down but sitting up, with sounds coming out of him as if he were in pain, while he moaned and sometimes said incomprehensible things. All this was confirmed by his wife as she added that this was not only happening in his sleep, but also in the physical, that is, he was seeing various entities, which were trying to get close to Mr. Spyridon and enter him! Thus, they realised that what they had been experiencing for so many years was due to demonic activity, but they could not find the solution until our Lord, Jesus Christ, used all these problems in order to bring them to Him and to give them rest!

Overflowing with gratitude and peace, they both now firmly believe that after the prophetic words they received, all the bondages that existed have been broken, and they are confident that restoration will come in all areas of their lives knowing that God is in control! Lastly, they promised that they will continue to obey God’s Word to the end with faith in their heart!

Matthew 11:28 states: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” So let us cast all our care upon Him, because He cares for us!


Eager to hear a word from God about his situation, Pastor Turibius from the Netherlands joined the prayer line of SCOAN Thessalonica, believing that the Lord’s opinion would settle every case that was troubling him!

At the time of the prayer line, Prophet Sorin delivered the following prophetic message to him: As you are a minister of God and as you are doing the work of God, dont allow the people around you to speak in what you are doing and to disappoint you, to affect you, to give you sorrow, to give you sadness. Because you serve God and whether they like it or not, whether they agree or not, whether they understand it or not, it is their opinion! You know who you serve, dont allow these disappointments, these words that are coming from around you, to affect what you are doing. Your heart needs to be free in order to serve God without burdens, worries, anything that people may say. Let the Word of God continue to be a standard in your life and this Word of God will shield you, all around you! Whatever may come from other places, will go back! Words of men, attacks at the level of thoughts, dreams, theyll go because the Word of God will shield you! Keep it in your heart and insist upon it!”

Having received these words that he needed to hear, Pastor Turibius first stated that various negative thoughts were coming into his mind in order to distract him from doing God’s work. Apart from these thoughts, some people in his environment were not showing him the appreciation he expected; in fact, they were lying against him!

He brought up the beginning of his ministry as an example, when he was interacting with many people who were serving God. While he was helping young pastors follow their calling, when the time came to ask them for help, all he received was rejection…

In addition, there were individuals who supported his ministry financially, but tried to manipulate him to do as they wished. But Pastor Turibius was determined to follow the path the Lord had laid out for him. Thus, these people chose to turn away from him, which filled him with disappointment, worry and anger. Fortunately, as he pointed out, it was God who kept him strong and determined.

His dreams were another area under attack. In these dreams, he would find himself dead, talking to his deceased father or other people who passed away. Also, during his sleep, women approached him with evil intentions.

All of the above caused Pastor Turibius to wonder why he was going through these problems. Filled with sorrow, he wondered if he had committed a sin before God and he was asking for mercy.

When he realised that his situation was a result of evil attacks, without any delay at all he came to the church to be delivered! As he honoured God with his faith, God honoured Pastor Turibius’ faith by bringing freedom from all evil activity that stood as an obstacle in his way! Now, he is fully convinced that the prophecy he received will bring light to every darkness in his life and take his ministry to a new level! Finally, he promised God that he will make His Word an integral part of him!

It is true that people can reject you or disappoint you. But in Joshua 1:5, God has promised not to leave us or abandon us! Stand firm in God’s purpose for your life, and you will see that man’s rejection provokes God’s direction!


Mr. Jan from England came for yet another Sunday to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive a word from Heaven that would give him direction and hope for the future!

Waiting for a divine word, he entered the prayer line and the Spirit of God spoke to him first through His servant, Prophet Stavros, where he told him the following: “The Lord wants to use you! This is why nothing goes well. No contentment in life. Nothing satisfies you, until you do God’s calling for your life! I don’t know what you are busy with, but start reading His Word, and ask God to reveal to you what is the next step. ‘God, what do you want me to do?’ Don’t look at your age, at your background, because God is calling you and He has been calling you for a long time, but you just wanted to try many things, and now you say, ‘I am old already. What is happening? My life has finished. I don’t find any contentment in life’. Don’t continue wondering what you are going to do. No! God is in a hurry! I am telling you; you are called to work for Him. Don’t lose more time. Be serious with Him, put a daily program to learn His Word and seek His face. Look for His face, ‘God what do you want me to do? What is the next step?’. Actually, you need a mentor to train you, to show you the ways of the Lord. If you stay on your own, you will lose all your life searching, looking for God’s voice. You need a mentor, find a real man of God that can lead you so that you will not lose more time!”.

A double prophecy took place in Mr. Jan’s life, as the Spirit of God, through His servant, Prophet Sorin, gave him also the following prophetic word: “As God has revealed that He wants to use you, now it’s time for you to not look at your past any more, because the enemy wants you to see life through the filter of your past. As you came to Jesus, Jesus has received you not consulting your past, but what He has done on the Cross. So, all guilt, all shame, all condemnation, leave them there, because He has wiped them away, so that you can move on with God and do what He has called you to do!”.

Mr. Jan was very happy to confirm what was said by the Holy Spirit. He first emphasised that he had been reading and seeking God’s direction for his life for the past few months. He found that his calling is to work for God. But as he was new in faith, he was very unsure if the Holy Spirit was speaking to him or if it was just a thought.

In addition, he got a divorce a few years ago and he had a painful relationship with another woman. All of this had a negative impact on his way of thinking. This negative impact caused him to limit himself, even though he believed he could be used by God to expand His Kingdom.

But now he is sure that God has shown him what his calling is! He added that he was indeed not satisfied, however, after the prophetic word he received, his courage was boosted! His promise to the Great Deliverer is that he will serve Him for the rest of his life and extend His Kingdom here on earth as far as he can!

If you follow your calling, you will surprise yourself and make a difference in your world, you will be filled with joy and contentment!


The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica Sunday service was a breath of freedom for Mr. Nathan! As he exposed his weakness before the Lord, God brought the salvation that he had been seeking!

At the time of the prayer line he received a prophetic word from the servant of God Sorin: “You have these attacks, many attacks on this area of lust and masturbation. This is your weakness and satan is using this weakness. So, from now on, as God is separating you today from these things, you have to put the Word of God in the centre of your heart, because its not enough to be disconnected and delivered if you cannot maintain it. You need the Word of God, to go into the Word of God, so whenever the enemy will attack again, you will know how to resist him, and he will leave. This is your role to play, God is playing His role, but you have to play your role too!”.

Then, Mr. Nathan confessed that the spirit of lust was the cause of his turning away from God. First, he stated that this problem began 10 years ago, when he was in his adolescence. While he was intending to study the Bible, a strong desire to watch pornography came into him. This became a habit to the point where he would arrive at work late and sleep late at night because he was watching pornographic content on the internet. Obviously, all this caused procrastination in his life. Moreover, it was impossible for him to remain faithful to one partner, since he was constantly changing female partners.

Regarding masturbation, he could commit these acts several times during the week. Sometimes, when he managed to tame this desire, many nightmares would come into play, during which Mr. Nathan would see various women having sexual intercourse with him. The result was that he would fall back into this sin again and again…

It was therefore very normal for Mr. Nathan to feel distant from the Lord. Even when he tried to approach Him, many times his desire to masturbate took over. Thus, he felt very bad and dirty in the spirit, so he hesitated to pray to God.

Now, however, every impulsion for pornography and masturbation has not only ceased, but has been replaced by a desire to study God’s Word! He wants to build a strong relationship with his Creator, and he promised to serve Him until he meets Him in Heaven!

Truly, how worthy Jesus Christ is to receive all the glory and all our love! The Lord does not take into account our unworthy past, but gives us His Spirit and, through Him, we become victorious with Him!


Mr. Benjamin travelled from the United Kingdom to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to experience God’s presence and receive a divine touch from the Holy Spirit.

During the prayer line, Mr. Benjamin was privileged to receive a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Sorin. His words were as follows: “It is very important at your age, if you want to continue doing what God has called you to do, to take care of your body, of your food, what you eat, your diet! It’s very important because if we don’t take care of our body, if we don’t take care of keeping it healthy, with healthy food, rest and water, our body can get sick and we can die prematurely… Do what the best people do! Take care of this body because it is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and God will take care of the rest of the things”.

Shortly afterwards, when the Prophetess Evgenia prayed for him, God had prepared for him another package of blessings through another prophetic word: “The Lord will reveal the root of your problem! There is a spirit of death in the family, which means you are having bad dreams. Someone is after you, but that will be broken today and you will have a financial breakthrough!”.

At the end of the service he joyfully confirmed that what was said by God’s servants was true, as he is indeed not watching his diet. At his workplace, whenever his colleagues invited him to eat with them, he did not want to exclude himself from their company and he could not refuse to eat junk food with them. As for the water he consumed, he said that water was like poison to him and he hardly drank any… About his sleep routine, he explained that whenever he is stressed he is unable to rest well, staying awake all night.

Confirming that the second prophecy is also true, Mr. Benjamin said that he was haunted by the spirit of death from a young age. Later, he realised that this is a serious matter because almost all the men in his mother’s side of the family are deceased. He also pointed out that just before they succeeded, around the age of 40–45 years, they would die suddenly with the cause of death being nothing serious… For example, a common headache.

His dreams were very bad! More specifically, every time something good came his way, he would have a very bad dream and everything would fall apart! As an example, he confessed that 2 months ago, as a result of the influence of these bad dreams, he transferred almost 5,000 dollars to someone and the next day he had already regretted it…

In closing, he expressed his gratitude for the divine instructions he received and promised to no longer deceive himself, but to play his role by starting to take care of his health. He also promised to listen to the advice given to him by the prophets, which he believes will lead him closer to God!

It is true that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. However, Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and give abundant life to His children! Receive  an abundant life today with faith in your heart!

Here are snapshots from the prayer line where visitors from all over the world made the decision to attend in faith before God and receive their miracle, full of hope that Jesus Christ is always ready to heal us, set us free and bless us for His glory!

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