A thrilling and truly exciting service awaited all those who travelled from every corner of the earth to attend the arena of freedom, where the Spirit of God never ceases to amaze His people. This time the news that arrived shook the foundations of the earth and covered the sons and daughters of the Most High with awe!

After the wonderful worship that prepared the believers to receive the divine Word, the man of God Harry shared with the congregation that he was overwhelmed with an inconceivable joy for what he was about to announce!

As he said, at the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, satan thought he had defeated the Son of God, but at the same moment Jesus crushed the serpent’s head on the stone! As it was then, so it is today; when satan and his agents, the demons, thought they had closed this ministry, Almighty God was busy preparing a generation of prophets!

At that moment, he invited to the pulpit the new man of God, Sorin Ciceo! Upon his entrance, the man of God Sorin introduced himself to the crowd, saying that he is from Romania and that he had come to become a disciple under the man of God Harry along with his wife. He then gave glory and thanks to God Almighty for His mercy in his life, with the believers praising along, moved for what God had once again done in their midst.

Later, he shared a few words about his journey to his divine destiny, in order to encourage those who daily wonder when they will also begin to walk in their calling. Even though he knew God many years ago, there was always a conflict within him, a thirst and hunger to see the works mentioned in the Bible happening today. According to Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”, the man of God continued to seek the power of God, and He led him into this ministry where, for the first time in his life, he saw the Word of God come alive!

Very soon, he visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where he met his teacher and mentor, man of God Harry. Later, God began to speak to him through dreams and visions, revealing to him his calling as a servant of God! At the first opportunity, man of God Sorin and his wife came to become disciples at SCOAN Thessalonica! During his training, God taught him countless valuable lessons, one of which he shared with God’s people: God does not use strategies, human ideas and words that come from flesh and blood to release His anointing. God uses suitable men to become channels of light, healing and breakthrough! These suitable people have something you can’t see anywhere else in the world; they honour Jesus Christ with their character!

In closing, he addressed the audience, saying that no one is in this world by chance, but everyone has a purpose and a calling from God Almighty in their lives. If they follow it, very soon they will surprise themselves and also make a real difference in the world, in Christ Jesus!

Then the man of God Harry came again to the pulpit and announced to the congregation that the excellence of God’s mercy did not end there! As he said, this time the joy is double, as God has anointed one more of his disciples, Stavros Michailidis, as a man of God!

This shocking news made the attendees stand up and applaud unceasingly, praising the Almighty God for His supreme love to our generation! Then the man of God Stavros, full of joy and gratitude to Jesus Christ for His work in his life, also began to say a few words regarding his calling and his life.

He began by saying that he was born in Greece and was born into a Christian family. When he was very young, his parents told him that before he was born, God gave them a prophecy about him, that he was going to be great! In the course of his life, God showed him many dreams, revealing to him that he had been called to serve Him and pray for people. Yet, when he began to seek God’s power, people told him that the age of miracles was over and that it only existed the time Jesus was on earth.

As he grew older, and after not finding the power he had been reading about in the Word of God, he began to get discouraged, until one day his mother called him and told him that she had found something very important! His mother showed him Emmanuel TV, the channel of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, for the first time! Emmanuel TV. The day he saw this blessed channel for the first time in his life was the his teacher and mentor, Charalambos Tsakonidis, was anointed! Then, God spoke to him and said: “This is the teacher you are looking for!”.

In fact, on that day the man of God Harry announced through Emmanuel TV that very soon he would be coming to Greece to start a revival! One of the hundreds waiting for him was the man of God Stavros Michailidis, who stayed close to his mentor until he was fit to be used by God! As he said, the man of God Harry, under whom he was trained, became his friend, his teacher and his father. By following him, he was taught the ways of God and received immeasurable knowledge and wisdom!

After the man of God Stavros talked about the unending grace that the Lord showed on him, he encouraged the believers saying: “No matter how much God’s plan for your life is delayed, one day it will be fulfilled!”.  He concluded by adding that God is not looking for perfect people, superhumans, talented people, smart and educated people. He is interested in one thing, and that is availability. The measure of availability is loving God above everything else!



Ms. Berenice came from the United States of America to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify for the wonders of God in her life, after receiving an anointed prayer from Prophetess Evgenia at the prayer line!

Jesus Christ intervened in his life through the Prophetess Evgenia, giving her the following prophetic word: “You have much sorrow in you. You have no joy. Even when you pray you have no joy inside. You do it just to do it, not out of passion, but God will give you that. You have a passion for Jesus and you will be great! Through your word many will be saved!”.

Ms. Berenice said that this all started when she was young. She was always focused on her studies and was a perfectionist in everything she did. However, people around her told her that she was not like them because she was not that involved in technology. Consequently, this affected her as she began to feel rejected and lonely. She also had a lot of sadness in her because she had been rejected by several members of her family. She had become isolated, anti-social, and this sadness started to increase. Even when she got married, she thought that all this sadness would end, but, unfortunately, it never did. Even laughing seemed too difficult for her!


In addition, when she prayed to God, she would feel unhappy and never felt joy. She even emphasised that she had no dream for her life, she thought her purpose was to be a simple housewife!

Now she feels free and happy! She is neither sad nor sorrowful. While she used to be anti-social, she has now mended her relationships with the people around her and has become more sociable! God’s work in her life is so immediate and evident that she cannot help but smile daily for the glory of God! Now she can pray and she has joy – the joy of God! As she shared with the congregation, God has already put a passion in her heart and she wants to be whatever God wants her to be. She has big dreams for her life, desires to help the world and preach the Word of God to everyone!

Having indescribable joy, she stressed that the joy of God is our strength and advised the congregation to read the Word of God. Her promise to the Creator is that she will share His love and joy with others and that no matter what happens around her, she won’t lose her joy!

Life’s satisfaction is not about having money, fame or other material possessions. You have to experience God! Only when you experience God you will truly have joy!



Mr. John, from New York, wanted to share the Lord’s wonderful things in his life by sharing his testimony!

He began by saying that he suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, which caused him pain in his limbs and all his joints. Despite the intensive medication he had been on for almost 35 years, he lived in pain daily. This unbearable and constant pain affected his daily life, as he could not enjoy his family and children, and caused him problems at work. He worked as a plumber and, every time he went to work, his limbs would swell, hurting even more, and as a result, he could not move them. On a scale of 1 to 10, he rated the pain he felt at 11!

His suffering was so unbearable that he could hardly get out of bed and walked very slowly since his feet were hurting. Despite the various medications given to him by doctors for 15 years, he saw no difference. His unresolved and non-reversible condition caused him melancholy, anxiety and panic. He did not want to see anyone, he sat alone with the shutters closed and it was very difficult for him to continue his life like this. When he was alone and had to be in charge of the child, for example, he would go into a state of panic and intense fear, and on two occasions an ambulance rushed him to the hospital!

This difficult situation that he was experiencing in his health, affected his life on all levels –family life, professionally and psychologically- until he decided to come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, after the encouragement of the man of God Michael, and the instruction of the man of God Harry.

So, coming to Greece, he visited the river of Lydia in Kavala, where the first Christian woman in Greece and in Europe was baptized by the Apostle Paul, and he put his feet in the water. His expectations were low, but he had faith in God to heal him, and he walked for some time in the river. When he came out, he realised that he was no longer in any kind of pain! The pain disappeared from his limbs the moment he came out of the water, something he hadn’t felt in over 30 years!

For the glory of God and to confirm his words, Mr. John showed the way he used to stand up and sit down – helpless and trying to support himself as he could- a process that used to take him over 10 minutes, as he mentioned, and then he also demonstrated the flexibility God has given him.

Furthermore, his wife, Mrs. Athena Melidis reported that she used to feel “frozen” and unable to help her husband, who, although used to be a happy man, had lost his smile. She didn’t know what to do to ease his pain, and she and their 4 children were distressed about his health condition…

Then, referring to the prophetic word she received from Prophetess Evgenia, “A demon attacks you in your sleep. It comes and presses you down. Sometimes it’s like you can’t breathe or speak. This is an attack from the devil because he wants to kill you. He wants to send you to the hospital, you and your family, but don’t worry, this word will set you free today. Read the Word of God so you can retain your blessing. Don’t say, ‘No I’m not free’. Say ‘I’m free!’”, she explained how grateful she is for God’s mercy on her entire family. She said that she was very much shocked by the prophetic word given to her because while she was asking for breakthrough in her placard and wanted God to locate her and help her with her problems, she did not realise that what she was experiencing was an attack from satan. She thought it was something normal and as a result of fatigue. In her sleep, she confirmed that many times she felt that something was suffocating her and she could not breathe!


Now she feels happy because she knows her husband is no longer in pain and that what they are experiencing may seem unbelievable, but it is absolutely true! Mr. John sees his future full of life from now on, and plans to travel all over America to make up for the lost time with his family!

Mr. John’s advice is to not only ask God for help, but to have faith that we will receive our miracle, as without faith, God’s miraculous power cannot be expressed by whatever means He chooses to do so. Mrs. Athena advised that we should have an open heart for God to work in it and change our lives. Finally, she promised to serve God and obey His Word all her life, while Mr. John promised to thank Him and believe in Him all his life!

God is not limited! There are many corresponding biblical examples in which the Lord uses various means and ways to express Himself. Such examples are the shadow of Apostle Peter, the handkerchiefs of Apostle Paul, and even the dry stick of Moses, which split the Red Sea in two. Only an open heart full of faith can get God’s attention, as God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him!



Ms. Nompumelelo, from Austria, had a powerful experience at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, as she was blessed with a prophetic word from the man of God Sorin.

As she took part in the prayer line with faith to expose every work of satan in her life and receive her deliverance, her prayers were answered when the man of God approached her and said these words: “I see nightmares, attacks in the dream. And these attacks are meant to stop you, are meant to frustrate you and to disappoint you! Don’t worry! Now that it has been exposed, God Almighty will put an end to them, in the mighty name of Jesus!”.

Feeling indescribable joy and relief, she confirmed that the prophecy was 100% true for her life. She was often experiencing demonic attacks in the form of dreams for many years. As a result, she faced difficulties, obstacles and disappointments, just as the man of God Sorin said.


In particular, one major disappointment she experienced nine years ago was when, right before the ceremony, her wedding was cancelled! In fact, she was already pregnant with a child at the time, and was left alone. From that day to the day of prayer, nothing changed in her personal life as far as the area of marriage was concerned.

Another very bad event that affected her life was when, after a nightmare, she lost her voice! She could not speak, and felt as if something was choking her. In addition, she could not sing, as she is a worshipper and in this way she offers her services to the Lord. This condition lasted for a year and negatively affected her in every area of her life, including her physical and mental health, her relationship with God and her work. She felt ashamed because of this, but she knew that the One who had given her a voice was the One who would give it back to her, and He did by God’s grace, after some time!

Another demonic attack in the dream she experienced was a few weeks before she came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. In that nightmare, she saw that she was being fed the leaves of a plant with an unpleasant taste. When she awoke from this, she once again found it difficult to speak, and felt her throat “closed”. When she went to a doctor to be examined, the medical report she received showed a large cyst in her throat, for which surgery was scheduled! She, however, refused surgery, knowing in her heart that Jesus Christ would heal her.

After the prayer, Ms. Nompumelelo could speak without difficulty, and she also stated that she felt very well, light and grateful that God had brought deliverance and healing into her life through His prophetic word. Thus, she promised God Almighty to serve Him for her entire life and to share His light with the world by preaching His Holy Word!

The biggest thing the devil aims at is to ruin your relationship with God, because he knows well that when God is with you, no one can be against you! Do not give him the pleasure of destroying your communion with God – by whose grace we live and breathe – but in every situation pray with faith and thanksgiving, knowing deep down in your heart that the Lord is in control!



Ms. Sujatha came from the UK to see the power of Jesus Christ working in people’s lives through suitable people!

At the time of the prayer line and as the Spirit of God was powerfully leading the man of God Sorin, an unclean spirit manifested through it saying: “I have ruined her life! She has no confidence in her, she wants to worship God! I have taken all her children! I don’t want her to serve God, she is mine!”. After the man of God declared her free, full of gratitude and peace, she wanted to confirm all that the unclean spirit had done in her life.

She confessed that everything the unclean spirit said was true, as she had never confidence to do anything in her life. That used to happen in every area of her life.


About how the demon had taken all her children, she said that the first time she got pregnant she had a strange dream about snakes, and the next day she had a miscarriage! The second time she got pregnant, the amniotic sac ruptured, and she lost her baby in her 6th month of pregnancy; the same thing happened the third time, plunging her into grief…

Regarding idols, she explained that she comes from a family of Buddhists who worshipped idols! Although her parents were Christians and did not take part in the ceremonies, every time a child was born in the family, a dedication was made to that idol! She personally loved God very much, but she never had the energy to read the Word of God or pray.

All this made her feel insecure and sad, but even so, she always drew strength from God, as even in her most difficult time when she lost her children, she prayed and sought God’s face!

At the time she received the prayer, she felt a strong anger and could not look at the man of God Sorin, as his eyes had a very strong light!

Joy, happiness and peace are some of the  emotions that now express Ms. Sujatha’s life, as she prayed fervently asking God for her freedom! Lastly, she promised to serve God with faithfulness for as long as she lives! When your condition goes beyond the natural, it becomes a curse that only Jesus Christ can break! It is time to seek the real cause of your sorrow, your poverty and your sickness!

In the following pictures, we see the Word of God in action. We see the power of the Holy Spirit giving healing, blessing and deliverance to people from all over the world that sought the Lord with genuine willingness!

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