A divine atmosphere filled the hearts of the believers on Sunday, 10 July 2022, as the presence of God descended from Heaven onto the prayer mountain of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. The worshipers created an atmosphere of praise for those who prayerfully waited to witness the power of God!

Then the man of God Harry preached an exciting message titled: “DON’T BE A COPY, LISTEN TO YOUR MIND”, in which He revealed that whatever we want to be in life, God’s promise is to make us someone with a difference! That’s because God created us to be unique in our appearance, character, and abilities.

Then reading from 1 Samuel 8:19 – 20: “But the people refused to listen to Samuel. ‘No!’ they said. ‘We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles’”, the man of God explained that, up to that time, God was the king of Israel. He destined them to be a unique nation, but the Israelites wanted to be like all other nations, ignoring the warnings of Prophet Samuel. So, the man of God explained that the same thing is happening to many of us today. God wants to make us someone with a difference, but we want to be like everyone else. However, if we want to make a difference in our world, we must do what no one else has ever done!

He later added that as Christians, we walk by faith and not by sight and, as faith is in our hearts, God wants us to walk according to it because our hearts are the communication point with the Holy Spirit. If God wants to speak to us, He will speak to us in our hearts. If God wants to reveal His will to us, He will put His will in our heart. The problem we face today is that instead of walking by faith, we walk by sight. Instead of listening to our heart and what God is putting in it, we look around us to imitate what other people are doing. But God’s Word teaches us that God has an independent mind, and if we claim to be His children, we must have an independent mind too! In fact, relying on the truth of God’s Word, the man of God pointed out that we cannot follow the direction of our calling if we look to others for direction. How, then, can we discover our calling when we look to others for direction?

Wanting to further emphasise the importance of following our calling, the man of God explained that the reason many people are unhappy is that they are not following their calling! So, in order to encourage the people of God, he characteristically stated: “When you look to others for what to do, you miss out on peace and comfort, individual fulfillment, individual satisfaction, fullness, and the joy of the Lord!”.

Finally, he emphasised that happiness and the joy of the Lord is what the world lacks today, saying that the most valuable possession is not silver and gold, but the joy of the Lord!


Ms. Adriana Liliana Ledesma Quintana from Spain travelled to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where she had the opportunity to attend the prayer mountain. Just as she described, she had an incredible experience there.

As she participated in the prayer line, when the man of God Harry prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her, stating the following: “Stop! I am pain. Get away from me! Leave her! Stop! I won’t let her go, she’s mine! I am death! I was about to kill her! You can’t! You are not the first one who wants to cast me out. You are not going to do it, leave me! You will not take me from here. I have caused her all the damage that can be done. I want to kill her so that she cannot serve your God. She will not serve your God! I destroyed her with death, abortion, prostitution, drugs, pain! I killed her children! Pain, a lot of pain! I want her to suffer! She cannot serve your God; I want her to hate Him! She loves God! I want her to hate Him! She will not work for Him. She will not serve him! She is mine. I caused pain to her family. Desperation! I cannot stand them! I want her to be alone! She is mine, from her mother’s womb she is mine! They gave her to me, she will die! She must die […] but first, let her suffer! Suffer a lot more!”.


After declaring her free in the name of Jesus Christ, the man of God gave her the following prophecy: “Give God time to work in you. It is not yet time for you to go into ministry. Let God work in you before you begin to minister to people. For now, read your Bible and pray for yourself”.


In point of fact, Ms. Quintana confirmed that her life was filled with pain, sorrow, hardship and sicknesses. The most pivotal of these was fibromyalgia, with symptoms such as muscle pain, which she greatly suffered from head to toe. As the unclean spirit said, it entered her from her mother’s womb! Ms. Quintana actually recalled that her mother had been very much engaged in witchcraft since before giving birth to her.

She then recounted how she was led to the other things the demon mentioned. Initially, she was with a man who verbally, physically and sexually abused her. When this man wanted to have intercourse, she always had to say yes because he was violent to her. Due to this, she had five abortions. Moreover, when her husband left her, she had no way to provide her children with even the basic needs, thus, since she was a very beautiful woman, she resorted to prostitution so that she could feed her children. Meanwhile, she also started using cocaine from one of her clients… The aforementioned things made her feel dirty and sad. This sinful lifestyle started when she was 22 years old and lasted for five years.

Since the unclean spirit said, “I killed her children”, Ms. Quintana felt the need to explain that she had five children, but only three were left. Her first daughter died of an aneurysm and her last child passed away four hours after birth. She believed that her own health problems were to blame for her children’s deaths, so she accused herself.

As it would be logical for someone who went through such pain, Ms. Quintana became depressed very soon in life. She was very joyless, feeling guilt and intense sorrow. She had shut herself off from other people and did not want to have contact with anyone, for many years. In addition, she attempted suicide several times. She recalled some of them when she tried to jump in front of a train, fall off a bridge, and overdose on drugs or medication. To deal with her mental problems, she went to a psychologist and took psychotropic medications.

When she started believing in God, she stopped her bad habits and began to engage in His work by laying her hands on people to pray for them. This, as the man of God, has explained, is a very dangerous thing to do because one must be anointed and led by the Holy Spirit to do it, otherwise, there is a “transfer” of demons from one person to another!

When the man of God prayed for her, Ms. Quintana felt an enormous weight, as well as pain, leaving her body. Although she was initially in shock after the prayer, she felt better and better as time was passing by. After the prophecy, she decided to follow the instruction of the man of God Harry, and focus first on her own relationship with God by reading her Bible and praying. She promised God Almighty to serve Him with all her heart and to help women who are suffering!

Jesus Christ is more interested in our future than our past! In Romans 8:33, we read: “Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies”. Therefore, do not fall into the trap of guilt the enemy of our soul puts in you, but praise Christ for paying the price for your sins with His crucifixion!


Mr. Vasos Gerolatsitis, a resident of Cyprus, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Thessalonica in order to receive prayer on issues that had been troubling him for years.

During the prayer line, the man of God Harry prayed for him, and the Spirit of God located him, telling him the following: “Jesus loves you! Do you know that? There is a family problem at home, as far as the mind is concerned. That is, the devil has put a family curse, to disturb the people in the family, as far as proper brain function is concerned. I am telling you that this problem comes from several generations back. It goes from generation to generation. It has become a family curse. It must be broken! As long as God exposes it, it will be broken. And from you onwards, it will not continue any longer, it will stop here. How do you know that Jesus Christ loves you? It’s only the grace of God that has saved you so far, and you have not lost your mind. Otherwise, you would have a problem too. And this headache is a sign that he would have messed with your mind. Because sometimes at night you find it hard to sleep. Sleep is slipping away from you. So that’s the end of it. Also, when you go back, you have to cut your hair. I know you have kept it for years. You have to cut it. Don’t keep it any longer, that’s enough!”.

Mr. Gerolatsitis confirmed that everything the man of God said is true! He was 26 years old when he went to America, and as he was quite stressed by the job he was doing, working in a restaurant, he began to have some obsessions.

In addition, when he was in America, he got into a fight with a man over a girl, and in his anger, he told the man that he would kill him! That man became extremely scared because of these words and, as a result, their case went all the way to court! Later, after the person took legal action, they issued a restraining order on Mr. Gerolatsitis, which he overruled, trying to get close to that man. Thus, his case had dramatic consequences, as he spent a few days in jail.

When he got out of prison, he went back to his country, Cyprus. Therefore, his case in America was still open. His lawyer told him that in order to close his case, he would have to visit a psychiatrist in order to obtain a medical report indicating that he was suffering from a mental problem. One of the psychiatrists sent him to the psychiatric clinic for 2 weeks, where he started taking pills. This affected his whole family as well, as they started taking pills and being monitored by a psychiatrist as well.

When he left America and came to Cyprus, he had a terrible headache, which would not let him rest. From the moment he woke up until he went to sleep at night, he would not stop walking back and forth in his house. It got to the point where he had suicidal thoughts! He had even asked his cousin to go to the pool in the summer, where he planned to dive into the bottom of the pool and stay there, so he would drown. However, by the grace of God, his plan was never fulfilled, as his cousin could not go with him there on that day

Because of his previous imprisonment, he started to have a lot of anger. So, he took it out on his family, especially his father, whom he threatened to hit. More specifically, he said that one day his father was sitting at the table, and Mr. Gerolatsitis got angry with him to such an extent that he broke the table! In fact, he made no secret of the fact that one time when he was sitting at his computer, he heard a voice in his right ear telling him: “I am the devil and I have come to destroy you!“.

On top of all this, his brother’s mental health, who was in America, was also quite affected, as he too started taking pills. One day as he was driving under the influence of drugs, a police vehicle started following him, with the lights on, so he would stop his vehicle. However, he did not stop driving, resulting in a car crash. Thus, he served a 6-month sentence in jail. After that, he went to a mental clinic in America, and when he was discharged, he returned to Cyprus, where he continued to not act right. At one point, he even got to the point of taking a lot of pills, and his family, being very scared, called an ambulance, the police also came, and he was sent to a mental clinic. There, he was diagnosed with a mental disorder because of his ramblings and his anger. As a result, he and his brother had, up until now, been visiting the same psychiatrist and taking pills for several years.

Having indescribable joy, he promised his Saviour that he would continue to read the Bible, do what God wanted him to do, tell others about God, and bring more people to the Lord!

Mental disorders can be the result of generational curses! Generational curses exist in many families and few know that the hand of God is necessary to break the curse and declare them free! Praise God Almighty, for only He can give the perfect healing to His children, as His will for our lives is that we are healthy, happy, and content!


Mrs. Eudia Saidjan travelled all the way from St. Maarten, in order to be set free from situations and problems that had plagued her for years.

During the prayer line, God wanted to give a final answer to the problems that plagued her by revealing to His anointed servant, man of God Harry, a wonderful prophetic word that marked the beginning of a new life: “You have a spiritual husband. Do you know what a spiritual husband is? It’s a man who comes in your dream and wants to sleep with you, and it’s been affecting you for a long time. It’s not your fault, this is an attack from satan. This has affected your relationships, your health, your career, and your finances, everything has been ruined in your life because of this spirit! Today is the day to be disconnected from it.” So as the man of God, Harry, continued to pray over her, the spiritual husband manifested by saying the following: “I have destroyed her, I have made her unable to have children, I have made her barren, I have made her sick!”  After the man of God cast the spirit out of her, he declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

After this double blessing she received, she wanted to confirm all that the unclean spirit had said and also the prophetic word she had received.

Mrs. Saidjan stated that this battle with her spiritual husband began at the age of 10 and she thought it was normal. In fact, every time this man came into her dream, she would wake up the next day and have severe period pain. She visited many doctors to find out exactly what was happening to her, but none of them could explain this. Regarding her career, she said that because of this pain she missed several classes at school, always falling behind other students.

Regarding the form of her spiritual husband, she reported that sometimes he took the form of a large dark man, and other times he had no form, but still his presence was felt!

Confirming the demon’s words, Mrs. Saidjan explained that she has been married to her husband for 19 years. Although she always loved him dearly, she had no attraction to him, which was inexplicable to her! Moreover, while they tried for many years to have a child, they always failed. In fact, Mrs. Saidjan went through the IVF procedure, which almost cost her, however, her very life! All these efforts to have their own child cost them a lot of money and did not bring the desired result!

All these trials she was going through made her feel very sad, but she always hoped in God, and in this way, she got strength!

Mrs. Saidjan now feels happy, light, and confident that God has put an end to her problems! In fact, before the prayer line, she felt a strong headache that made her hesitant about whether she wanted to join the prayer. To God’s glory, however, she did not regret her participation, and the headache became a thing of the past! In closing, she promised to continue to follow Him and testify everywhere all that He has done in her life and in the lives of her family!

No matter what situation you are in, always remember that Jesus Christ has promised that He will not tempt us more than what we can handle. Keep following and seeking the face of God, and you will discover that very soon your sorrow will turn into joy!


Mrs Johanna Elisa Hughes, from Colorado, USA, shared her unique experience on the prayer mountain service, in which she took part!

Praying to receive a message from God, Mrs. Hughes was standing on the prayer line when the Spirit of God spotted her and gave her a prophetic word through the man of God Harry. He said to her: “Jesus Christ loves you! I see disappointment in your life. You have too much disappointment. The area of relationships, marriage, all of these things, it’s not moving very well. And it’s not that you have a problem, it’s just the way it is. And it has affected your mood. You’re supposed to be a happy person, but something always makes you sad. Don’t worry! As I’m telling you now, this is the end of your problem! And you will begin to experience unusual breakthrough in this area of relationship, of marriage. You’ll see what the Lord will do now!”.

Later, Mrs. Hughes wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received from the man of God, saying that, indeed, everything he had said to her was true. The issue of marriage and relationships was something that had been an area of frustration for many years. Although she had tried many times to enter into a relationship, even to get married, something strange would happen every time, and the relationship wouldn’t last more than a month. Either she or the person she was in a relationship with would back out, and so, very soon it was all over. The same thing was happening with her family as well. She has six brothers and sisters and none of them have been married.

In order to point out that the whole family was facing issues regarding relationships, she referred to her parents, who were divorced. Her mother divorced her father and remarried! However, this marriage also ended and she divorced once more. She then explained that she had a lot of insecurities about men, for which her family played an important role, as she grew up in a home where there was adultery and, as well as the absence of friendly relationships with her father and stepfather. Although she went on many dates, wanting a relationship to eventually turn into a marriage, she had many insecurities that caused her to break off every relationship, as she felt that the man would cheat on her in the future.

This situation filled her with negative emotions, such as loneliness and a lot of disappointment! As she felt lonely, she wondered why God would bless others and not her. The influence of this frustration was so strong that it extended to her professional life since she had no motivation to even work!

However, the words of the man of God made all these negative feelings disappear! The insecurity and frustration turned into peace, excitement, and happiness! When the man of God prayed for her, she felt relief and much gratitude to God for His grace in her life and her family! Finally, she promised that regardless of the blessings that the Lord will bring into her life, she will have God in the dominant place of her heart forever!

When God is involved in your battle, you will surely have victory, because the extent of His care and the magnitude of His power in our lives, weakens and frustrates our enemies! Whatever your battle may be, always remember that you are not alone, but you have the Strongest, the Wisest, and the Mightiest ally! Therefore, take courage and do not be afraid, involve God in your life and then you will see His omnipotence!


Coming from Spain, Mr. Freddy Chilan visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive the solution to his health problem. However, he received much more than what he was asking the Lord for…

As the man of God Harry was praying for him during of the prayer line, he gave him the following prophetic message: “You have a calling to serve God, so prepare, read your Bible, pray, fast. God will use you!”. Then, the man of God declared him free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

When the service concluded, Mr. Chilan gave more details about the prophecy he received. Expressing his joy about the overall experience on the prayer mountain, he knew that his life was meant to take a different turn. Specifically, and not considering his age an obstacle, he fervently prayed for the Lord to use him to a great extent. He always felt that he was reaching a spiritual point and then falling, there was no stability in his spiritual life.

His prayers were unceasing to God that he might become a channel of blessing, healing, and deliverance for people. He especially desired to deliver people from unclean spirits. In fact, he read various books on this, but again, there was something that acted as a hindrance to his spiritual progress…

However, the reasons he came to Greece to receive an anointed prayer were his sick mother and the glaucoma that was afflicting him. But God, who knows what is best for everyone, gave him something more, a prophecy – an instruction in righteousness that can bring tremendous changes in his life!

Having tasted the goodness of Jesus Christ, he was filled with indescribable joy and, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, he never stopped praising the name of the Lord! Finally, he stated that he is determined to carry out the instruction of the man of God!

If you follow the direction God gives you, you will experience wonderful things in your life because, where God leads, He protects and provides!

In the pictures below we see people from all nations who have come to receive their own miracle from Jesus Christ! As they receive a divine touch from heaven, their lives will never be the same again!

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    I do want God’s opinion about my life. I once made a prayer request with the SCOAN Thessaloniki and the man of God agreed to pray for but I somehow lost the email with that message. Now I don’t know what to do next. I think I might ready to visit the church around December 2022. Please kindly advise on the above subject.


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