As every Sunday, a multitude of people came to Thessaloniki to attend the service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, and to personally experience the presence of the Holy Spirit moving with power and strength!

Once again, historic moments unfolded during the Sunday service! All those who attended could not hide their joy and sentiment for what took place before their eyes!

First, when the man of God Harry appeared after some time, the excitement of the audience was enormous! With him also rejoicing to be among God’s children, he began by saying that, as a Christian, your problem is not to destroy you, but to increase your desire for God. “What are you doing with your relationship with God?” was the question he then addressed to the congregation.

Then, wasting no more time, he made two major announcements. Although the ministry has been persecuted – just like every true man of God has since old times – the Lord Jesus Christ has anointed two of His disciples as His prophets, so that the fire of God that has already been kindled may spread to every corner of the earth! Thus, He introduced Prophet Kastriot Sinaj and Prophet Giannis Michailidis!

The man of God Kastriot spoke first. His story that he shared with the people is proof that no matter how ugly or difficult your past may be, God’s glorious plan for you is still in place!

He grew up in a family that did not know Jesus Christ and lived in absolute poverty, sometimes even missing bread from the table. In his attempt to seek a better future, he decided to migrate to Italy. However, on the day he was to board on a boat to the neighbouring country, someone told him that he could not board after all. Determined to leave his country, he resented the words he heard, but a voice inside him told him to obey. The next day, when he attempted to go to Italy again, he found out that the boat he was denied entry to had sunk and all passengers had drowned…

Even when he managed to leave his country, wherever he went, whatever job he did, he encountered difficulties in taking care of himself and his family. Also, he always felt an emptiness inside him, he did not find fulfilment anywhere.

So, he decided to come to Greece. As he was crossing the border, however, the police stopped him for a check, and even a police dog attacked and bit him!

At some point, after reaching the point of going to prison, he found himself in Thessaloniki, where he learned about the man of God Harry. In conversation with him, the servant of God invited him to become a disciple in his ministry. His journey toward God’s purpose for his life had just begun, but it was not easy. Still a disciple at the time, Kastriot was struggling in this lifestyle, as he had to be taught humility and obedience. Then, one day, he informed the man of God that he no longer wanted to remain as a disciple, and left the ministry.

It took him 3 years to realise that God’s will for him was to be in the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica – and it was done in an awesome way! One Sunday, when the man of God Michael prayed for the crowd, he conveyed to him through a prophetic word that his calling was to serve God! This word rekindled the flame within him for God, and he thus directly asked the man of God Harry to come back to the church as his disciple!

As it happened! In God’s time, everything is beautiful! The prophet Kastriot is now a useful vessel in the Father’s hands! “Draw near to God, and He will show you what you must do!” was his beautiful advice!

Then, the Prophet Giannis Michailidis took the floor and he shared parts of his past with the congregation.

He grew up in a Christian family, with his parents encouraging him to pray to God and study the Bible.

As he grew older, however, he began to desire some of the things that his friends desired. Therefore, he bought what he had wanted for a long time, a motorbike. He thought it would give him great satisfaction. In the end, not only did it not make him the happiest man in the world, as he had expected, but several accidents happened to him that could have cost him his life!

Then he mentioned the fact that he had worked in different jobs – even in the kitchen of a nightclub – but none of them fulfilled him, even though he was good at whatever he did.

When SCOAN Thessalonica opened, he did not miss the opportunity to meet the man of God Harry, in whose face he found the love of Jesus Christ!

Having understood the need for a mentor in his life, one day he quit his job and his studies and became a disciple of the man of God!

As he confessed, the beginning of his journey was not easy, he had to be taught certain lessons to build a Christ-like character. At some point in the future, he started his own business, but it required long hours of work each day, and he did not spend the time he wanted in the presence of God; hence, he decided to close the business and devote himself exclusively to God’s work!

Now, it was only a matter of time before God anointed him as His servant and made him a channel of healing, freedom, blessing, and light! In closing, he said this: “If you are discouraged, if you are facing difficulties, know that God is not looking for perfect people, but for available people!”

A million thanks is not enough to say to Jesus Christ! We praise God for the 6 disciples, so far, of the man of God Harry, who have received anointing and are spreading the fire of revival to all nations. The army of prophets is growing and will continue to grow, blessed be the name of Jesus Christ!


It is true that God honours faith, and this was the case of Ms. Mariska from the Netherlands, who came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to praise God for the miraculous intervention in her life! Through the prophetic word she received from the man of God Harry, the root cause of her stagnation and health problems was revealed.

The prophetic word was as follows: “They gave you poison in the dream. That poison has been moving in your stomach and making it swell. God is setting you free!” She mentioned that her belly did swell, even if she just drank water, but she never thought it was anything serious, so she never visited a doctor. She mentioned that close relatives on her mother’s side of the family also had the same issue, so she thought it was normal, as it was not just happening to her.

However, at some point while she was going through this, she remembered that when she was 8 years old, an uncle fed her some food that had been used in a ritual, and made the connection that this is when her problem started. When she was about 22 years old, some of her relatives gave her some ritual food to eat yet again, and her problem worsened, so she started taking laxatives and over-the-counter pills in an attempt to help herself and flush her belly. However, it was not at all helpful, in fact, people would ask her if she was pregnant because of her swollen belly, which caused her discomfort and great frustration, since a pregnancy is a cause for celebration in a woman’s life, while she was not feeling happy at all. Still, she could not move easily, nor did she have the desire to do so, so she preferred to just sit.

As for her dreams, she could remember that ever since her uncle gave her the idol food, she used to have bad dreams with various people feeding her – with all this going on for 30 years! Nevertheless, she never looked for a solution to her problems, because she did not take them very seriously.

The drama that Ms. Mariska was going through did not stop there, as she was also facing stagnation in her professional life. She had been working in the same position with the same salary for 30 years, not claiming anything better for herself, while she trained several new recruits over the years who actually rose professionally. Since she was not moving forward, she believed she would remain in that position until she retired, never to be promoted. She believed the same about her health problem – that she would live with a swollen belly forever, no matter what or how much she ate!

When she learned that Prophet Harry had opened his own church in Greece, she decided to visit the church as soon as possible. The day she received a divine touch through the servant of God, she felt an urge to vomit and began to cough – as part of her deliverance by Jesus Christ. Then, after she returned to her country, she began to feel motivated in her daily life to do things she was not able to do before! Now, she is happier and eats regular amounts of food without her belly swelling! The changes don’t stop there though, as after praying she received a promotion, a raise, and more responsibilities at work, after 30 years of stagnation!

Her advice is for people to stay close to God in good times and bad, as – she said with certainty – He is able and willing to help in any problem they face. Her promise is that she will serve the Lord all the days of her life until He comes to take her!

Only when we trust God with all our hearts and are fully surrendered to Him can we experience His miraculous intervention in our lives!


The Mumongo couple, who live in Thessaloniki with their children, came to attend the church service, as they do every Sunday. However, that particular Sunday was the day the Lord had decided to speak to the whole family!

At the time of the laying on of hands, Prophet Giannis said the following to Mr. Eddie concerning his son, Victory: “Your son has a problem with lust. You need to play your role and help him. Young people today have easy access to social media, so it is very easy for someone to be influenced and for satan to take them down through it. Things are plain and simple in this matter. If he has a cell phone and it doesn’t help him, it’s better to throw it away to save his soul. God will deliver him today, you just have a role to play. For him to be set free today and you to generously give him a cell phone tomorrow is going against Jesus Christ and his salvation.” The Holy Spirit also reserved a word for Mr. Eddie himself: “There is stagnation in your life. The reason is that you are disobedient, you don’t want to change. God has spoken to you many times. Play your role and God will play His.” A few minutes later, it was Mrs. Rosemary’s turn to learn God’s view of her situation. The prophecy of Prophet Giannis was as follows: “You are constantly quarrelling at home, and you and your husband do not agree. Be aware that your children see this and it is not a good example! It is good from God to submit to your husband. As for you, (addressing Mr. Eddie) it is good if you see that your wife has a good idea, to ask her opinion. Either way, what you want to happen, will happen in the end. As a man, you have the final say. You don’t have to belittle her and say you know best. You cannot agree on anything. God will set you free!”

After the service, Mrs. Rosemary was the first to speak and confirmed that what was said by the servant of God was true. She stated: “This is the reason I came. Even before coming to the service, I cried and nobody knew. I said in my heart, ‘Lord, please meet me at the point of my need, expose the root cause of my problem” She also stressed that she did not even understand how the arguments with Mr. Eddie started, but almost daily for the past few months they had been arguing about everything. Of course, she was not happy that her children were seeing their parents constantly fighting, because she knew that she was not a good role model for them.

On the stagnation in Mr. Eddie’s life, he said that because of a debt, his income was easily eroded and he could not move forward. The reason was because they did not make wise use of the money they earned, resulting in debt.

Individually and collectively as a family, they have now made the decision to do the right thing. Mr. Eddie and his wife promise to seek the face of God in every matter that concerns them, and young Victory has also promised to follow God and stay away from lust!

Remember, God understands the language of tears, sighs and desires of the heart, He loves you more than you love yourself!


The following case offers a valuable lesson to every parent, that behind your child’s academic stagnation might be lust, no matter their tender age. So, Miss Rosewell was seeking an academic breakthrough and she participated in the prayer line at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica with her mother.

When the man of God Giannis prayed for her, the Spirit of God spoke through him to her mother, saying: “Do you know why she needs breakthrough? Lust… She might be a small girl, but there is lust. You need to help her spend time with the Word of God and pray, and as God has revealed this today, know that she will be free in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

Later, Miss Rosewell gave a few details regarding the prophecy she received.

Indeed, her academics had taken a downturn, and the reason was bad company. These friends led her to watch pornographic content, with some of her friends not stopping there but going on to have sexual encounters with other boys, all at the age of less than 14! Next was for a young child to essentially consider pornography something normal, since for many children her age it was just a habit.

Then, she added that a boy was harassing her at school in order to sleep with her, as well as a person she knew would come in her dreams at night, so she consequently hated this person. Moreover, she would have the unpleasant experience of being touched in a sensitive spot. In particular, this act was done by one of her uncles…

Her mother, Ms. Clemence, then took the floor. Before the prophecy she did not know that her daughter was influenced by this unclean spirit, but she confessed that other young girls in her family also behaved in this way, that is, with lust.

Now, a day after the prophetic word, Miss Rosewell had a dream where this unclean spirit left her family! She promises to read the Holy Bible and follow God for all the days of her life. From her part, Ms. Clemence promised to honour God from now on!

“The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work”, 1 John 3:8. In any situation you’re in, do not doubt God’s ability to bring solution to your problem!


Ms. Vasiliki came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica with faith and an open heart to the Spirit of God, an attitude that attracts the attention of Jesus Christ!

During the laying of hands, as the man of God Giannis was praying, moving through the crowd, he stopped and told her the following: “I see that you have the spirit of superiority, and this stops you from moving with your life. Not everything revolves around you, but around God! Remember that… As the Lord revealed it to you today, He will help you, but know that you have a role to play too. I also see lust. God will deliver you from this today, play your role as well!”. Then the man of God prayed for her and declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

She later wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received. As she said, she indeed faced stagnation in her life, in her work, as well as problems in her family. Regarding her family, in particular, she had constant arguments with her siblings, as she wanted them not only to listen to her opinion and give credence to her words, but also to do what she told them.

Regarding stagnation, she wanted to give an example. Ms. Vasiliki lives and works abroad. In the first few months she was there, she learned the language very well, and those who knew her were amazed with her, impressed that she spoke and understood the language so well in such a short time. But now, five years later, her language skills have not only stagnated, they have gotten worse!

As to the spirit of lust, she said that the issue started when she was 14–15 years old, when she started watching pornographic material. Her performance in school immediately dropped, and her thoughts were constantly on pornography. She tried not to give into it because she knew it was wrong, but she found it very difficult. So even though she watched pornographic material for several months, even when she stopped, the spirit of lust continued to follow her and affect her negatively. It gave her impure thoughts when she looked at a boy, and made her want to be looked at when she walked, although, as she admitted, these tendencies made her feel bad, and she knew they did not come from her.

In closing, she stated that she feels wonderful that she received this prophecy and freedom, and that this day will remain unforgettable! Finally, she promised God to change her character for the better!

Jesus Christ did not come for the just, He came to find the sinners and bring them to God’s righteousness! True repentance is our only hope to receive God’s mercy in our lives!


Mrs. Christina and her husband, Mr. Ivelin, came to the SCOAN Thessalonica from Bulgaria in other to join the prayer line, asking Jesus Christ to break every chain of the enemy in their lives.

During the prayer line, when the man of God Kastriot approached the family, Mrs. Christina’s heart was beating intensely and she felt that something was about to happen! As she was praying for her, the man of God stopped and said these words to her: “I don’t see you happy. You go to the corner and you cry all the time. You complain here and there. You don’t know how to get rid of it!”. Touched by the Holy Spirit and the truth in the prophecy, Mrs. Christina answered, “I have lost my joy for a very long time now and I could not find this joy I had before. It was as if I was empty inside!”. “As we will pray now, everything will be fine. You will see that you’ll be happy, you will thank God every day, and do not forget to have a relationship with God, with the Word of God. Pray, and you will see that your heart will be filled and your joy will overflow!”, said the man of God to her, and he rebuked every demonic influence in her life, declaring her free!

The blessings in the couple’s lives continued, as very soon after the above, Mr. Ivelin received a prophecy! The prophet Kastriot told him: “Your life is not on the right track. It is one this way, one that way, one up, one down. Your relationship with God is not good. You need to find yourself, and you don’t find yourself by looking for other gods or other things that can help you… There is only one God, Jesus Christ! Only He can show you the right way, in the right way, so that you too can stand and do what you need to do, before God and men. As we pray now, you will see that all will be well, you will find your way. I also see that your friends are not good. You have some friends… while I know you don’t want to, but you are forced to follow them. You have to cut out these friends if you want to have a happy life, to be content. Having company isn’t always needed. Be careful who you hang out with, where you go, what you do.”

Later, they stood to confirm the prophetic words they received. As Mrs. Christina recounted, although they used to be in a church she was very happy with, taking on duties and an active role in the ministry, suddenly, some time ago, her husband decided to leave! This was something that affected her very negatively, as she felt she belonged to that church, and found great joy in doing God’s work. After that, she lost hope. She felt that she had lost all joy in her life, and felt empty inside. The whole situation harmed her spiritually: she stopped praying, reading God’s Word, and generally having fellowship with Him. Moreover, after leaving that ministry, it was as if everything in her life had gone backwards. No matter what she and her husband attempted, did not prosper.

Mr. Ivelin on the other hand was facing his own personal battle. He started going back to his old habits and with that, to his old friends who were a negative influence upon his life, exactly as the man of God said. Thus, for a few months, he was facing many problems that had to do with this setback. His friends didn’t believe in God and he was therefore pushed towards the world more and more.

Faced with all of this, Mrs. Christina and Mr. Ivelin decided to place their problems to the hands of God Almighty, knowing that nothing is impossible for Him! So, the Lord honoured their faith, proving the depth of His love and His mercy once again!

Moved, Mrs. Christina promised God that she will not stop praying no matter what goes on in her life! Mr. Ivelin then promised to stay close to God and live a life of love, just as He is love!

When we handle our bad times with care, then they will soon turn into good times! But when we do not handle our good times with care, then they will soon turn into bad times.

As the prophets Giannis and Kastriot prayed for all those who were present, there was nobody who came to Jesus Christ in faith and received nothing! All thanksgiving belongs to God who casts out every darkness from the lives of His children through His servants!

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  1. Othusitse Manyaapelo

    I really want to work for Christ, I pray everyday that God send me a helper or send me to a mentor, please pray for me too

    I am from South Africa

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    Hallelujah hallelujah glory glory thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Emmanuel

  3. Boniface

    Glory be to God, thank you Jesus.


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