Another unforgettable Sunday gathering of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, took place on 28 August, 2022, because where man says: “It is not possible”, the Lord says: “It is possible”! In every obstacle, the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ will be revealed in glory, for everyone who truly loves Him!

Later, the man of God, Harry, as he returned from the prosecutor’s office, recounted His experience there, encouraging the faith of everyone present. Happy and calm, he explained that it is a privilege for a child of God to be deemed worthy of experiencing persecution for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ. Neither the apostles nor Jesus himself had committed any crime to be persecuted, but the ruler of this world, the devil, is bothered by the spread of the Gospel! Without trial, there is no promotion, and without persecution, there is no revival! The Lord is able to turn a seemingly bad situation into a great blessing, so that His Holy name may be glorified. So, since we too have a part to do, we should remain faithful to God’s Word, and stable in our relationship with Him, so that our faith does not fade in times of trial! Finally, the man of God blessed and expressed his warm thanks for all Christians, regardless of denomination, in our country but also worldwide, for their prayers, love, and support.

Then, the Prophetess Evgenia preached an apocalyptic message titled “MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY”. Starting off, she said that some of us have a tendency to talk about the successes of others, without ever putting ourselves in the position of the successful one. This often happens because no one believed in us and our dreams and we were in a negative environment. When we were talking about our dreams, that is, someone would nullify them and put us down, but, it doesn’t matter what people say about you, what matters is what you believe about yourself, if you believe that you will succeed or that you will fail. The Word of God is what fills us with faith that we can succeed and make our own history, the Prophetess emphasized.

Then she read from Acts 9:13-17: “‘Lord,’ Ananias answered, ‘I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has done to your holy people in Jerusalem. And he has come here with authority from the chief priests to arrest all who call on your name.’ But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.’ Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, ‘Brother Saul, the Lord—Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here—has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit’”. The Prophetess pointed out that although, until then, Saul, before he became an apostle and was named Paul, was a persecutor of Christians, the Lord appeared in his life and called him a “chosen instrunment”! We see through this that God had a plan for Saul, to which he obeyed, and began to walk in his calling. Thus, he became a role model for us today! One of the reasons we fail today is because we don’t choose the right path. You have to choose the right path to succeed, because what you will become tomorrow depends on the choices you make today. So, if you want to make history like the apostle Paul, you should choose God’s way and have a goal in your life. This is what all the heroes of the faith did∙ they had a goal and so they were able to stand firm so that God’s name would be glorified through their lives. Joseph went through many trials, but he never deviated from his path because he always had his goal at the front of his mind. Let us remember how many obstacles, trials and temptations came in his way! All this is done by the devil to disorient us, emphasized the Prophetess. However, when you know that you are who God says you are, you will remain steadfast in your goal and nothing will be able to disorient you!

Many of us, when we make a mistake, we give up, but instead of giving up, learn from your mistakes and try again, encouraged the Prophetess. The lessons you learn from your failure are to prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of your success. It’s only natural to give up when we don’t see progress, but there is someone by our side, like a coach with an athlete he trains, to remind us that our eyes should not be focused on the limitations, but to our goal, so that we can succeed and make our own history! All people have problems, challenges, and trials, that’s why Jesus Christ came to earth, to give us the solution! In closing, the Prophetess said that all people fall, but great people get back up!


The following confession stands as proof that something innocent, in the eyes of the world, is capable of causing huge problems in a person’s life! This was also confessed by Mr. Nedko Sachev, who came from Austria to express his gratitude for the freedom given to him by Jesus Christ!

It all started at the age of 14, when with his friends he would go to secret places with the intention of masturbating. In addition, he began to systematically watch pornographic material. By taking up these habits, he became, in effect, a captive of the spirit of lust and could not get rid of these thoughts that constantly plagued him. This unclean spirit filled him with anger and hatred. Therefore, his relations with his fellow human beings were not at a good level, since he quarreled with his colleagues and often changed workplaces.

A year later, it was the turn of gambling addiction to show its cruel face. Mr. Sachev started by betting a little money initially. Afterwards, and after he was “sweetened” by the profits he was making, he reached the point of spending large sums of money in casinos. He could go up to 48 hours in them without eating or drinking anything, as he had no idea how the time was passing! Of course, whatever luck he had at the beginning turned into a huge loss of money, a sum of about 30 thousand euros!

Lust and gambling, things not so unusual for a child of the world, brought on panic attacks. Indicatively, Mr. Sachev mentioned as an example one day when he was inside a city; suddenly, he got a fast heart rate and difficulty breathing! When he managed to calm down, he wondered why this had happened to him. So, he turned to a psychiatrist who prescribed medication. These pills reduced this phenomenon, however, they never managed to eliminate it, and he continued to experience panic attacks monthly.

His situation was hopeless… Full of depression, he lost all appetite for life, even becoming wary of approaching God for redemption, since he considered that his sins were impossible to be forgiven! He even thought about killing himself!

Even so, however, with the little faith he possessed, he visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. After counseling by the man of God, Harry, he took part in the prayer line, during which the Spirit of God exposed the root of all his problems, through a prophetic word from the woman of God, Evgenia: “All these the problems you have are because you are not walking straight, you are not going correctly in the way of the Lord. There is sin in your life, that’s why you can’t rid yourself of all these problems. You must put Jesus Christ in your heart, study the Word of God every day and, of course, get away from sin. Once you do this and turn away from sin, study God’s Word daily and pray, all these problems will be gone! You must also understand that you have to follow your calling, otherwise you will not find happiness in your life, you will not be happy. Whatever you do, if you don’t find your calling, you won’t be happy. Pray and God will show you”.

After the prophecy he received, the changes in Mr. Sachev’s daily life are evident! Now, he is a man full of joy, peace and hope! He studies the Bible while his addictions are a thing of the past! Determined to walk in his calling, he advised believers to stay away from the vanity of worldly pleasures, and promised to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of his life!

If you put your request in God’s anointing, God’s anointing is powerful enough to deliver you, heal you, and bring to the surface every root of your problem!


Ms. Victorija Duobiene came from Lithuania to be freed from any demonic influence in her life. Indeed, at the time of the prayer line, God Almighty revealed His strength in her weakness, as He revealed through the Prophetess Evgenia the following: “You have many negative thoughts that nothing will go well for you in your life. Don’t think like that! Everything will go very well for you in life! What you need to do is start studying God’s Word! These thoughts will completely go away. Ask God to reveal your calling to you, because you have a great future, but these negative thoughts prevent what you want from coming to you. your life!”. Showing her gratitude to God, Ms. Duobiene wanted to confirm the words she received from the Prophetess.

She began by saying that she always tried to please the people around her. Many times, in fact, when someone succeeded in their life and moved forward, she would compare herself to them. Thus, she lived a life of dissatisfaction and sorrow.

As for her vision, she couldn’t think about her future as she didn’t see herself as a person who can succeed in life!

After the prophetic word, Ms. Duobiene stated that she is very happy and believes she can do great things, looking forward to learning more about her life and vision! Finally, she promised God to do everything to get to know Him better!

If you follow your calling, you will surprise yourself and make a difference in your world! We thank God Almighty that every Sunday he is there to change people’s lives, bringing hope to their lives!


Mr. Lucas Frank fled to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to ask God Almighty to touch his life.

As he took part in the prayer line, the man of God, Harry, after praying for him, gave him the following prophecy: “Are you married? If care is not taken, you will not be married for long, because I see satan is attacking your marriage. It’s as if there is no understanding anymore. This quarrelling, quarrelling, quarrelling, disagreement… Every couple has some kind of disagreement, but this one is different. This one is to eliminate the little love that has remained. When you started, the love was big, but gradually the love started getting smaller and smaller. Now this quarrelling and disagreement has come as an attack from satan, so that you will not be able to see anything good that she is doing, only the bad things. She also cannot see anything good that you are doing, only the bad things. The solution to this is just prayer. I want to join you in prayer to rescue your marriage”. The man of God then prayed to the Lord to manifest His power in Mr. Frank’s weakness, and to show His mercy and grace to his marriage.

Indeed, Mr. Frank was amazed to confirm that God had pinpointed his problem! He recounted that although he and his wife used to agree on simple daily decisions, such as where they would go or what activity they would do together, lately things had changed. There were misunderstandings, fights and arguments often, because they did not understand each other, and did not discuss their issues to solve them. Even they, in fact, wondered what is it that pushes them to quarrel, since because they had such a good understanding in the past, it was not normal.

Upon receiving the prophecy, Mr. Frank’s faith grew, and he realized that God is involved in his marriage and that He cares enough to intervene and not let this marriage fall apart!

Regarding the latest events regarding SCOAN Thessalonica, Mr. Frank advised that Jesus Christ came for all, as written in the Word of God, and does not discriminate between people, as we do. We must understand that satan tries to separate us with frivolous pretexts. For this, we must unite in prayer and support each other, regardless of denomination!

Whatever situation you are in as a Christian, it would be too early to grumble, murmur, complain, or take the short cut, without finding out what says about it. The Bible says that the mind is never free; you are either thinking of doubt or thinking of faith. What are you choosing today?


Having absolute conviction that God would birth a new future in her, Ms. Marie Mobio made the transatlantic journey from the USA to Greece, in order to join the prayer line.

During this, therefore, as the man of God, Harry, was praying for her, he told her the following prophetic words: “It is hatred you are experiencing, hatred. You do good to people and people pay you back with evil. You hear what I am saying? So, satan has put this wicked veil on you, so when people are seeing you, they see a wicked person, whereas you are not wicked. This has not started today, it is happening from many years back, a long time it has started. You thought maybe when you grow and you marry and settle everything it will be fine, but yet, even there you have been facing a lot of challenges? Jesus loves you, today this is the end of this hatred, this is the end of this wicked veil, so people will never see you like that again, because you are free today!”. After these words, the man of God declared her free, in the name of to Jesus Christ!

After the service was over, Ms. Mobio, overjoyed, confirmed that the prophecy she received is absolutely valid. The difficulties in her life started from her childhood, when the love she received from her mother was non-existent. She felt rejected by her, and even wondered if she actually was her real mother.

She received the same and even worse treatment from the people around her. Her friends, instead of showing gratitude for the help she gave them, often showed her an inexplicable hatred, and sometimes blamed her unjustly!

On the professional front, although she is a qualified chef, her boss was standing in the way of her career. If something went wrong in her work, even if she was absent that day, her colleagues would blame her, without reason or cause! At first, she would argue with them, in an attempt to defend herself. Later, however, she realized that the battle of a child of God is not against flesh and blood, so she left the matter in God’s hands.

She was not successful in the matter of marriage either. She got married 15 years ago, but instead of this marriage bringing her joy, she described it as hell! She cried constantly because she couldn’t believe that her husband’s family hated her so much. As a result, this marriage ended 5 years ago.

A touch from Jesus Christ is enough, however, to bring freedom into the life of a person who stands by faith in Him! Now, Ms. Mobio feels free and light and knows that from now on good things will happen to her!

She advised God’s children to believe, because no matter how much people hate you, Jesus Christ will never hate you. There is a time for everything, a time of trial and a time of enjoyment – but His time is the best! Finally, she thanked the Lord again for bringing her to this point and keeping her all these years, and promised Him to serve Him all her life!

Never forget that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of darkness that have come to steal, kill and destroy!


Ms. Arlene Gayoso, originally from the Philippines, came from faraway Canada to witness the power of Jesus Christ, who works mightily every Sunday through suitable people!

During the prayer line, and as God’s anointing was moving intensely through the man of God, Harry, the Lord wanted to give a final answer to Ms. Gaioso’s prayers! Giving her a Divine prophetic word, the man of God told her: “Τhere is this idol worship that has been in your family. That idol has been disturbing many of you, causing setbacks, limitations, and disappointment in marriage. Even in relationships, even if you want just to have a relationship, there is problem always a problem. All this is caused by this idol that has been in the family. Your forefathers have been worshiping that idol and now, you people you have become Christians, but without proper deliverance. Today, as this wicked idol is exposed, this is the end of it. From today you and your family will be disconnected from this demonic idol!”. Very happy and grateful to God, she wanted to confirm all that God’s spirit revealed to her on that blessed day!

She began by saying that when she was little and going to her grandmother’s house, there was a room that had various idols in it. Usually, when they wanted to pray to this female idol, they filled it with flowers, bowed to it and prayed with a rosary. As her grandmother had confessed to her, this idol had been in the family for many years, and had been worshiped from generation to generation!

Before she met Jesus Christ, Ms. Gayoso did not think that this idol caused problems in the family, as worshiping and praying to it was something normal for all its members. So, when they decided to follow Christ, she and part of her family broke the idols! This act, however, did not improve things for them, as she observed. In fact, she added that this idol also affected the mental health of many members of her family!

As far as her married life is concerned, she is now divorced as she could never find a stable and proper relationship with a solid foundation. She tried hard so that her marriage could be saved, but the effort was in vain. Even friendly relations for her were a constant battle.

Regarding her financial situation, there was always a stagnation. She tried many times to buy a house, start a business but all her efforts fell in vain… So, she ended up thinking that she was the one at blame!

As she went through all these trials, Ms. Gayoso was very disappointed with her condition, but even in the most difficult moments of her life, she waited for God’s time! “Being here is the most blessed thing I’ve ever done”, said excited Ms. Gaioso. In closing, she promised to surrender her life to Christ and become a worthy follower of Him!

No situation is permanent!  Even if today things seem to be going wrong, even if tomorrow seems uncertain, remember that your situation as a child of God is not to destroy you, but to take you to a new level in life! Don’t despair, the best is yet to come!

In the images below we see the power of Jesus Christ working in the lives of those who sought Him in spirit and in truth!

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  1. Marie Joseph Mobio

    Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel!
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    I thank God to set me free and my family
    Jesus give a new life ,i am very happy to be at SCOAN THESSALONICA and I get my Deliverance
    I thank God for my life
    I thank man to God and the evangelist the love give us ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥



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