It was an unforgettable Sunday on 7 August 2022, as the gathering of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, took place once again in Aristotelous Square, with the city of Thessaloniki itself in attendance! The believers sang hymns of worship to God Almighty who would very soon be working with power in the lives of those present.

Then the man of God, Harry, preached a stirring message titled “THE GOOD AND THE EVIL MAN“, through which he gave important life lessons to the listeners. He began by saying that many people think they are good simply because they do not do certain reprehensible things. For example, the fact that they don’t drink, smoke, commit adultery, steal, lie, and so on, automatically makes them good in their own eyes..

He then read from Matthew 12:35-37, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned”, highlighting the last sentence. Τhe man of God emphasised that the Word of God does not say that we will be justified if we do not smoke or lie, but that we will be judged by our words.

He then raised the question of what we confess in a difficult situation, and whether we speak words according to the Word of God, troubling the listeners and putting them in deep contemplation. As a vivid example, he brought up the story of Job, who, although he was righteous and always tried to do what was pleasing to God, the devil took all his possessions, good name, 10 children, and even his health! Still, when his wife told him to curse God because of everything they had lost, Job did not sin in his words: “He replied, ‘You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?’ In all this, Job did not sin in what he said” (Job 2:10).

From the above, the man of God explained that there cannot be good and bad things since it is from the abundance of the heart that our mouth speaks. For every empty word a man speaks, as Jesus Christ said, he will be judged on the day of judgment, so we should be very careful of what we hide in our hearts! God’s Word teaches us that vain and idle talk is a product of a vain and idle heart; they are unprofitable and not pleasing to God Almighty. Many of us hide bitterness, unforgiveness, and hatred in our hearts because someone wronged us. In fact, because of the pain we have experienced in the past, because we have been hurt and disappointed, we find it difficult to trust other people. God’s Word teaches us, however, that it is not what we are going through but how we go through it, that is, how we handle it!

No matter how someone treats us, how we react is our personal responsibility and at that time God is waiting to evaluate us on how we have handled our situation. This applies not only to bad situations but also to good situations, which we also often fail to handle well.

On the last day, the man of God emphasised, we will not only be judged for the bad deeds we committed but also for the good deeds we could have done but did not. In the same way, we will be judged not only for the bad words we spoke but also for the good words we could have said to someone who needed it, and we chose not to. To summarise His message, he pointed that whether someone is a good person or not can be shown by how much their actions and words honor God and what treasure is in their heart.


Mr. Dominique Porada, came from Germany to attend the revival organized by the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, at Aristotelous Square!

Having received a wonderful deliverance just last Sunday, Mr. Porada came back to give a wonderful testimony about all that God Almighty had done in his life! Just the previous week, an unclean spirit was manifested from within him saying the following: “I made him sad! He has a great calling; he is to become a prophet! I am a woman!”. So, after the man of God declared him free, in just a few days the transforming power of Jesus Christ was manifested in his life!

From his childhood, he began to be attracted to other boys his age. Later when he entered adolescence these experiences with other men continued, but the strange thing was, he says, that he was also attracted to the opposite sex.

Every time he was around other men or smelled their cologne, he felt an inexplicable comfort with them. In fact, one of his friends had approached him and told him that she thought he was gay, and it was because of his behaviour. He continued to have relationships with girls and be sexually active with them, but his same-sex thoughts continued to exist.

Another strange incident occurred in his life. One day, as he was walking with a friend at the train station, he found a homeless man who had mental problems. So, he wanted to take him home and take care of him. The bad thing is that without being led by the Holy Spirit, without being spiritually adequate, he tried to baptise him! After this experience, strange things began to happen in his life; every time he knelt down to pray to God, he felt strange waves touching him. In his dreams, he would see demons chasing him and one day he had seen in his dream a demon that looked like a man throwing sperm at him. After that, he felt strange sensations in his genitals and he would get an erection during conversations with women. The spirit of lust really had overwhelmed his life! Even when he was in a relationship with a woman, he watched pornographic material. It was very difficult for him to communicate normally with a woman, as the spirit of lust was always taking over.

Mr. Porada searched in many places for a permanent solution but was unable to find it. His search started in Germany and went as far as South Africa!

After the prayer he received, he felt free and light. In fact, when he went there to the beach during the week, he had no immoral thoughts, on the contrary, he was adequate enough to drive them away! As for his dreams, he no longer has any bad dreams! He is deeply happy and has an inexplicable zeal to follow and know God’s Word better.

He advised God’s children to seek the Living God who is able to heal, deliver and bless. Finally, he promised to follow Him all the days of his life!

If you realise your capacity to believe is not enough, you can offer prayers of faith for it and Jesus will enlarge your spiritual coasts. Don’t let your current situation determine your future!


An indescribable experience awaited Mr. Godspower Gbonyebi and his two daughters, Ms. Onome Ogaga and Ms. Ejiroghene Ogaga, who came from the United States of America to Thessaloniki to attend the revival with the man of God, Harry. They entered the prayer line and received the mother of miracles, just as they expected, having come with absolute faith that God Almighty would manifest His power in every area of their lives!

As the man of God Harry was praying for the people who had entered the prayer line, he reached out to Mr. Gbonyebi, and through divine revelation, he gave him a prophetic message. The message was this: “Your ancestors worshipped an idol, and this idol has caused many problems in the family.” Then, referring also to Mr. Gbonyebi’s daughters, he said: “You now have become Christians, you want to serve God, but what you are experiencing is very strange, because the idol is fighting the family, one way or the other; in health, in career, in marriage… You have nothing good to show! I am just telling you what the Holy Spirit is revealing to me! As this is being revealed today, this chain of darkness, this evil idol, is being broken! You and your family are disconnected!”.

But God’s omnipotence did not stop there, afterwards, the man of God also prayed for Mr. Gbonyebi’s daughter, Ms. Onome, and an unclean spirit manifested through her and began to manifest all its destructive works in the life of this family! As it manifested itself, it confessed: “Let me go! I am the idol! I have fire all over my body… This girl has nothing to show. Failure, disappointment. She has nothing good to show. One disease after another. One death after another! I’ve come for her father. I’ll kill him! I’ll take his heart! I gave him heart disease! I destroyed the whole family! Her brother is failing school. Failure after failure. He wants to be a doctor. Let’s see if he’ll become a doctor! Her sister over there was supposed to be a doctor! I destroyed her, I broke her, and now I’m coming for the father! I’ll take care of father! I don’t want people to come into the presence of God. There’s fire! The fire is burning me! It’s bothering my kingdom! You disturb me too much! You and your master T.B. Joshua! Prayer, prayer, prayer, Emmanuel.TV, anointed water, anointed sticker… Who told them to come here today? I’ve been inside her since birth!”. Then, the man of God commanded this idol to leave Ms. Onome and declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ! He then gave Mr. Gbonyebi and his two daughters another prophetic word: “Listen to me, father and daughters! Whatever this idol has destroyed in your life, Jesus Christ will restore in your life!”.

What a wonderful deliverance for the whole family! All the glory belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ who never said goodbye, but continues to work in a miraculous way!

After all that Mr. Gbonyebi confirmed the prophetic word he had received, stating that, as the man of God said, there was an idol in the family which, in fact, was worshipped by the whole town. This idol was in the form of an alligator and they worshipped it before Mr. Gbonyebi was even born, mainly because they believed it would provide them with protection. After he was born, he was taught by his father how he should serve the idol. In fact, his daughters confirmed the same, who, despite growing up in a Christian environment, used to see an alligator coming to their dreams as well as various other nightmares of pythons and crocodiles.

More details were later given by Mr. Gbonyebi as he referred to his health, which had been affected by this demonic idol. He suffered from hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, glaucoma, and other serious health problems. Because of his heart problem, doctors told him that he would have to have heart surgery. He was also facing many problems in his marriage and finances!

Ms. Ejiroghene, his daughter, also spoke about her personal experiences. As she pointed out, even to get into university she went through tremendous challenges with unexplained failures during her exams. However, the difficulties continued within the university as well. Specifically, she pointed out that she once had to take exams seven times in order to pass a course, and she kept failing. After passing and seemingly having no problems, suddenly, during her first year of medical school, while walking down the stairs on her way to class, she fell and ended up having a spinal surgery. The event caused her great depression and with no more hope of practicing medicine, she used her degree to work as a university professor, which also did not bring her joy, since her heart’s desire was to become a doctor. The area of marriage was also affected negatively because she has not yet been able to find a partner in her life.

Mrs. Onome, Ms. Ejiroghene’s sister, to whom the idol caused health problems, such as fibroids also gave some more details on her life details. Because of these fibroids, the doctors told her that her uterus would have to be removed, and that was the reason she ran to the presence of God for help. Concerning her career, despite her hard efforts to study medicine, starting as a nurse she managed to become a midwife and got her degree in midwifery. However, she was unable to get a job, and while everyone would tell her she had amazing qualifications and that she was the perfect candidate, in the end, she would never get the job. So, she ended up working as a nurse since she couldn’t practice her profession. The issue of marriage and relationships was also an area that was negatively affected by this idol that was causing problems in the family. She was not married, but also did not wish to marry because of the hatred she had experienced in previous relationships! Putting even more emphasis on the devastation the family suffered, she also noted the many car accidents that had happened to the family and incidents of people coming very close to death after various accidents.

As the idol also referred to Mr. Gbonyebi’s son, the family mentioned a few words and explained that he is studying medicine at the University. Since he started, however, one failure followed another in his life, and he was constantly faced with many challenges.

Ms. Onome shared her experience in the prayer line when the idol started manifesting from within her. Characteristically, she said that when the man of God touched her, she began to see fire all around her! She felt like she was burning all over her body from her head to her toe and that she could not look at the man of God! When the prayer was over, the man of God told her that she was free, and then she felt really free, light, and that a great weight was lifted off her! She then made a promise to Almighty God that she would continue to serve Him with all her heart, and that she would never allow the worship of idols!

After that, Ms. Ejiroghene made her promise to God, saying that she would follow the Lord, Jesus Christ, with all that she has, and finally, Mr. Gbonyebi promised God that he would follow Him for the rest of his life!

If you are not prospering in your spiritual life and you seem to be prospering in some other areas of your life, it is dangerous; satan will enslave you. This is because all people need deliverance! If you find yourself in this testimony you just read, then you most likely need deliverance from whatever unclean spirit may be stealing God’s blessings in your life. So don’t be discouraged because God is still using His servants to bring freedom, healing, and blessing into people’s lives!


Ms. Natalia Campbell, from distant Arizona, United States of America, decided to come to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to see the wonders of God with her own eyes!

As she participated in the prayer line, the man of God, Harry, prayed for her and gave her these prophetic words. “You are attacked with negative thoughts, bad thoughts. Negative thoughts that make you to make yourself too small. Inferior. But this is not how God sees you! Stop looking at yourself with inferiority. This is the lie of the devil to make you feel sorry for yourself, and lead you into depression! Today, this thing is exposed so that you will guard against it. You need to fill your heart with the Word of God, so that anytime the negative thought is coming, you should be able to speak the Word of God and chase that thought away. God loves you!”.

Ms. Campbell confirmed that what the man of God Harry told her is true! Every time she was overwhelmed by those kinds of thoughts, she felt very bad, she cried and couldn’t handle them. She and her husband were facing difficulties in the fields of work and career and this was affecting them both in a negative emotional way. Ms. Campbell often felt completely unimportant and worthless. She felt rejected by her family since she was in the United States and her family was in Serbia, so she thought that her family didn’t love her. She also thought that God could not use her and that her husband didn’t care about her and didn’t love her!

In addition, she had thoughts of rejection and fear. She was isolated and kept wondering what is God’s calling for her life. She felt that there was no purpose for her existence and all these negative thoughts almost led her to harm herself.

She felt indescribable joy and freedom for the prophetic Word she received and she promised God that she would serve Him forever!

Glory be to God, as only He can turn our sorrow into joy. Only He can remove every negative thought that has “enslaved” our minds, and make us to think in a positive way for His glory!


Mr. Daniel Lacko arrived at the revival with the man of God Harry, in the heart of Thessaloniki, from Serbia in order to receive a message from God.

While the man of God was praying for the people in the prayer line, he approached Mr. Lacko and gave him a prophetic word: “What you are passing through is a curse. Today it is broken by the grace of God! That curse in your life is broken. It has been happening like that in the family, but now it will stop. After you, it will not continue to the next generation. You are free today!”.

Shortly afterward, he wanted to share a few words regarding the prophetic word he received. He began by saying that there was a wonderful atmosphere during the service as he saw the Holy Spirit working in people’s lives and it gave him great joy!

He then spoke of the generational curse that was broken in the name of Jesus Christ. It had to do with depression, from which he, his mother and his sister suffered. In his own life, it started very severely in 2018 and he was given medication so that he could function normally. Because of his depression, he constantly felt unhappy and bound and he did not want other people around him but preferred to be alone. Instead of socialising or doing something productive, he would spend all his time playing computer games and watching pornography for more than nine hours every day. Due to this, he felt very ashamed and thus became even more anti-social, avoiding talking to other people at all costs.

He also talked about his mother who was also depressed when she was younger, as well as having a huge burden on her back because of the big family she had to take care of. In addition, because of depression, his sister lost a job that was very important to her and this made her feel like there was no purpose in life anymore.

He then expressed his joy and thanksgiving to God Almighty because this family curse was broken through Him and he and his family is set free once and for all! Finally, he promised the Lord Jesus Christ that he would be forever grateful to Him for His love and for His work in his and his family’s lives!

It is a fact that real joy comes from our love for Jesus Christ and not from our love for the things we collect. This is why only Jesus Christ can remove sorrow from the heart of man and give him real joy without an expiration date because only the One who created our soul can make it whole!


Ms. Cristel Preik came from Germany to the heart of Thessaloniki to experience the omnipotence of God!

As she participated in the prayer line and the man of God Harry prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her, confessing: “Rejection from the time she was born! Her father hated her! He saw her and say, ‘She is a girl again? I don’t need girls! She would be just a prostitution for me! I would earn my money from her!’. I cursed her life, her family! Everything! She is mine! She will never stay with any man in her life. I am called for the family long time ago. Witchcraft!”. Then, the man of God commanded the spirit to leave her, in the name of Jesus Christ, and so it happened!

After her startling deliverance, as Ms. Preik confirmed, she had previously engaged in witchcraft, which had a negative impact on the course of her life. One of these was that she never got married, which was understandable since throughout her life she experienced rejection from the world, from people at school to her own family.

Her father was a very hard-hearted man, as she called him. In fact, her mother told her that when her father saw her, he started yelling and cursing her because he wanted to have a boy, not a girl! When she was 17 years old, one day when she was returning from school, her mother asked her to move to another house because she had found a new partner and was living with him! Ms. Preik left feeling that her mother had no interest in her at all. Her father was an alcoholic, drank in front of her, and said inappropriate things to her; that her body was strange and that he did not find her sexually attractive as he found her mother… Having such a bad relationship with her parents, she felt deeply hurt, disoriented, and lost in life.

In addition, she pointed out that her whole family had serious problems. More specifically, one of her sisters suddenly turned against her. So did her son, who began to mock her and complain about her. Her second sister acquired a spirit of homosexuality. Her brother had problems with infidelity, and furthermore, once he saw Ms. Preik with her then-boyfriend, he began to badmouth her to him, urging him to divorce her!

However, all this came to an end as God, through the man of God Harry set her free! Directly after the prayer, she felt “light” and refreshed. Full of excitement, she promised God Almighty that she would let Him work in her life, love Him and live for Him!

When God sets you free, then you are truly free indeed! Glory be to His Almighty name!

In the pictures below we see God’s anointing moving vibrantly among people, giving them blessing, healing, and deliverance for the sake of the salvation of their souls!

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  1. Prince Kweku Akyeampong

    To our God be the glory forever. I can see the re-emergence of the days of Paul and Silas. God bless you


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