During the SCOAN Thessalonica service, the worship team captivated the believers’ with the hymns they sang, giving the Almighty God all the glory, honour, and worship that He deserves! The atmosphere was charged and God’s presence was intense as believers prepared their hearts to receive their blessing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Later, an awakening message from the man of God Stavros followed, entitled: “STOP BEING UNGRATEFUL TO GOD”. He began by explaining that there are two categories of Christians, the ungrateful and the grateful. The 99.99% of believers are characterized by misery, grumbling, and complaining. If they looked at their lives carefully, however, they would realise that they have everything they need to live for God, as the Lord has never stopped giving us reasons to praise Him, appreciate Him, and worship His holy name. He went on to say that only 0.01% are believers who always have a smile on their faces. This kind of Christians, even if they have a problem, will never show it, they always have an attitude of gratitude towards God, as the servant of God stressed.

Taking his biblical quotes from John 11:3-6, 17, 21, 38-44, he explained that Jesus Christ and Martha, Lazarus’ sister, had a different approach to the same situation. Martha, upon the death of her brother, fell into heavy mourning, beginning to complain to God. Furthermore, when Jesus came, she also used her words in a way to kind of blame Him for her brother’s death. On the other hand, although Jesus was saddened by Lazarus’ death, He did not allow His condition to affect His approach to God. Instead, He began to thank God for hearing Him all the times He had prayed in the past and would hear Him in the present and in the future! Jesus Christ and Martha are the two characters that represent Christians today. Martha represents the category of ungrateful Christians, and the character of Jesus Christ represents the grateful Christians. The second ones always give thanks to God, both in easy and hard situations, because they recognise their position before Him as sinners and unworthy of His presence, let alone His blessing. In contrast to ungrateful Christians, who in any situation they are, are constantly grumbling and complaining to God about anything that happens to them.

The prophet went on to say that “Thank you, Jesus Christ!” is an expression of a heart full of gratitude. Unlike “Why, Lord?” which is an expression of a heart full of ingratitude. Grateful Christians are always thinking about what they can offer God to show their appreciation and gratitude, while ungrateful Christians are always thinking about what they don’t have, so to ask God for it. God’s Word teaches us that the cause of complaining, grumbling, and misery is not the situation you are going through or the lack you are in, but ungratefulness! Ingratitude is an instrument of satan to keep you bound and stagnant. He uses it because he wants you to focus on what you don’t have so that you don’t appreciate God for what you already have! When you are ungrateful and don’t appreciate the blessings God has given you, you will not be able to keep them and you will lose them! In fact, if we do not know the purpose of the blessing, we will make foolish mistakes that will even cost us our lives.

Today, Jesus Christ reveals to us a new way of faith! Every time you pray, remember to thank God for what He has done in the past and what He will do in the future, this is the faith God expects us to express as His children! Henceforth, each time you pray, begin to acknowledge all that He has done for you in the past, and as you appreciate and praise God, He will give you the faith that He will do it again and again! It is impossible for your situation to be greater than God, the prophet said, encouraging the congregation!

Concluding his message, the man of God encouraged those in attendance that everything may not be easy in this life, but the secret is anytime you begin to feel sorry for yourself for what you don’t have, consider all you do have and thank God!


Wishing to glorify the name of the Lord for His redemptive work in her life, Mrs. Tsegga travelled to Greece to testify that there is no disease that Jesus Christ cannot cure and no problem that He cannot solve!

First, she addressed the issue of fibromyalgia, a disease that affected her entire daily life. Because of it, she suffered severe pain in her bones and muscles. So when she felt pain, she was unable to make even simple movements, such as combing her hair and moving her shoulders, even if someone touched her, it caused her pain. Obviously, at times when the pain was severe, working was an impossible task for Mrs. Tsegga… All she could barely do was the basic household chores. She also did not sleep well, often waking up at night because of the pain.

In an effort to find a solution, she turned to doctors, who told her to take some painkillers. She took these medicines every 3 to 4 hours every day! She even had to go to a rehabilitation centre a few times, as the medication she was taking only gave her temporary relief, while in the long term, it caused ulcers in her stomach, which meant that she could not eat certain kinds of food. The doctors had also given her some instructions on how to breathe in order to make her feel less pain.

The situation she was in had made her sad and irritable. As a result, arguments with her husband and children were a frequent occurrence. Of course, fibromyalgia was not the only cause of the quarrels in the house, as many times the other members of her family would also quarrel with each other.

With her spiritual life in the doldrums, she decided to join the prayer line of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Thessalonica. What followed after the anointed prayer she received from the prophet Stavros is truly amazing!

The changes, in fact, began to appear immediately! Mrs. Tsegga felt peace prevail in her body and knew that Jesus Christ had healed her! The pain is now definitely a thing of the past, and as a result, she can work normally. Of course, her relationship with God has gone to another level. While she had been losing hope for the last 2–3 years, God breathed a new breath of life into her!

Moreover, by following the instruction to fast once a week given to her by the man of God Harry, the Lord showed her that she needed to forgive some people. People she hadn’t spoken to in years would call her and Mrs. Tsegga would release forgiveness towards them! She also forgave her partner, as their relationship was not warm at all recently. Finally, her communication with her son has already begun to be restored, as they had not been on good terms in the past!

Joyful and happy for what God has done in her life, she advised believers to seek Jesus Christ with all their hearts and promised that she will walk with Him in life and love Him!

Trust Jesus Christ with all your heart and, not only will He make your difficulty a thing of the past, but He will birth a new future within you!


Mrs. Clemence from Sweden suffered from an undiagnosed illness that made her life unbearable. Experiencing demonic attacks in her dreams since she was a small child and coming from a family with a tradition of idolatry, she ran to the only Source that was able to reveal what the doctors could not find – Jesus Christ! After hearing about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Thessalonica, she came to the feet of God Almighty to break the bondage of this invisible disease that plagued her life!

Her testimony began with the prophetic word she received a few months ago from the man of God, Harry, who told her: “A setback comes in your life. It comes every time there is going to be a breakthrough in your life, the moment good things start happening, something always happens and it will stop. You know it will not work because there’s a certain nightmare you see, a strange man will appear to you in your dream, tall and very strong. When you see such dreams like that, fear grips you. This is the demon that came to steal your blessings. No matter where you put your hand, it doesn’t work. Today, this tactic of the enemy is exposed, so you will be set free once and for all and you won’t have that kind of setback anymore! From now on, just go and do what God puts in your heart, it will succeed. You are free!”.

Mrs. Clemence confirmed that the content of the prophecy is absolutely true. As she stated, when she saw this man who was 3–4 meters tall, the next day she would be very sick. She was not able to work, so she was forced to take sick leave and as a result, her income was reduced. But that was not all. She spent a lot of money on doctors, but each one gave her a different diagnosis, ending up not being able to find a cure. She even went to a rehabilitation clinic, but again, no solution was found. Although everyone noticed that she was ill, neither the doctors, nor the rehabilitation center, nor the painkillers she was taking, offered Mrs. Clemens any real solution, as her problem had a spiritual root and required a spiritual solution.

She then realised that only Jesus Christ could save her, yet when she prayed, she felt as if she was talking to herself because of the bitterness and unforgiveness she felt in her heart about a particular issue that was troubling her. She felt that she really had no future. She had tried everything, such as studying, applying for a job, but nothing worked. In fact, her daily life had become even more difficult after the death of her husband who passed away very young.

During the prayer line, before the man of God even approached her to pray for her, she said that all she saw was a light coming closer and closer to her and power behind the words of prayer spoken by the prophet that made her feel like she was going to fall down. Finally, after the prayer, she noticed an immediate change, as if something had left her! While she had difficulty even walking, she felt freedom as if a huge weight had been lifted from her!

Now, months later after the prayer, she said that everything changed for good – all the job applications received a positive response and the pain she was experiencing in her body disappeared! Now, she can lift objects she couldn’t lift before, there are no strange illnesses, and she can do anything, all to the glory of God! Finally, she promised to follow Jesus Christ for all the days of her life!

When Jesus comes to your case, everything changes forever. We are never truly satisfied until we experience Jesus Christ through our faith in Him. Are you facing illness? Failure? The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears!


If one were to listen to the story of Mr. Ernest from Athens, one would think that it is a science fiction scenario, a fairy tale designed to attract the interest of the public. But knowing the price that Jesus Christ paid on the cross of Calvary, we know well as children of God that there are forces of darkness that have come to bring pressure, tension and destruction to our lives. “I see family idols, worshipping unknown gods, and these gods are demanding sacrifice, these gods are demanding their offering! Because of this, you have problems over problems, in the physical, in the body, thoughts, and not only with you sir. Also, many from the family are affected. Because God Almighty brought this to light now, whatever satan may have used to do all this trickery God will remove it right now in the mighty name of Jesus!”, were the words spoken to him by Prophet Sorin while standing in the prayer line to receive a touch that would change his life forever! With these words, Mr. Ernest was proclaimed, after many years of suffering, delivered from all demonic influence, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Later, he wanted to confess all that the unclean spirit had done in his life, thus exposing the evil works of the devil.

He began by saying that since he was a young child he had lived in a pagan environment. In particular, his father’s house was daily surrounded by pythons, and his parents wouldn’t let him kill them! They would take the snakes and bring them to his grandmother’s house. She, in turn, would put her hand on the pythons and pray for them; later, they would take them away and throw them into the fields. The next day it was exactly the same! Many times, in fact, pythons would come to his bedside at night, with him trying to get a hold of what was happening, as his mind could not grasp it.

After some time, his father decided to send him to the Ivory Coast to stay with his uncle so that he could teach him how to serve the idol his relatives were worshipping. When he arrived there, the ritual they would perform was as follows: They would wake up in the morning and ask the idol what it wanted to eat and it, in turn, would answer them. Sometimes it would ask for blood, in which case they would sacrifice cats, dogs, sheep, goats and other various animals. Other times they would bring the idol fruit, sweets and other foods. Regarding the communication with the idol, Mr. Ernest stated that the devil has a language of his own that has nothing to do with that of humans!

About the benefits of his idol worship, he explained that all it caused him was pain. However, it did seem to provide him with the basic things he needed to live, such as money and food.

After many years of serving this idol, his sister wanted to help him escape from this miserable state of idolatry. Thus, she decided to invite him back to his hometown, Benin, so that she could convince him to change his ways. When he arrived there, his sister made it clear to him that he had to stop serving this idol and that she was ready to help him go to Europe. Even when he arrived in Europe, he continued to pray to this idol in his heart. In fact, many times, when he had a conflict with someone, he would pray to the idol and then that person would suffer something bad! This method also served him well when he had some problems with the police. When the police found out that Mr. Ernest was illegally transporting people, they decided to wait for him at the border to arrest him. When he got there and saw that he was surrounded, he prayed to this idol and it made him invisible, thus managing to get through without being arrested! Another time he used the idol to go unnoticed was when he was illegally selling CDs on the street and the police arrested many of those who were there, except him, as the idol once again made him invisible!

Mr. Ernest, in addition to his own personal use of this idol, used it for other people who came to him as a psychic to help them with their problems, in exchange for money.

In 2005, he decided to go back to the Ivory Coast to make the necessary sacrifices to the idol. As he was packing his bags, the police were waiting for him outside his house, accusing him of counterfeiting money. So, they took him to the detention centre and asked him where he had hidden the machine that he was using to print the money. On that day, they took him into custody and told him that he was facing 15 years in prison. In the cell where he was being held, there were some prisoners who were glorifying God. This made him sceptical, since he had a god of his own…

On that day, when he was asleep, he saw a big black dead pig in his dream. After a while, he was approached by a man wearing white garments who spoke to him these words: “Ernest, do you see that pig? That pig is you! If you pray and raise this pig from the dead, you will be released, but if that happens, you will have to serve Me!”. As he listened to all this, Mr. Ernest asked to know Who He was talking to, and the man replied, “I am the Almighty God of heaven and earth, I am the One who created you! You do not belong to this idol but to Me!”. After he prayed to God, he immediately woke up.

When the day of the trial arrived, his lawyer informed him that he would have to carefully prepare his words because he was being prosecuted on serious charges. However, at the time of the trial, the judge said: “Why have you brought this man here, there were supposed to be a man and a woman for trial. This man here has nothing to do with technology, it is impossible for him to know how to operate a machine that prints counterfeit money”.

After this solemn acquittal, Mr. Ernest wanted to find a living church so that he could thank God for what he had done in his life.

After he decided to give his life to Christ, he was attacked by this idol. He would see dogs attacking him in the dream and could not live normally. His health was going horribly too! He kept rushing to the doctors as he had a problem with his kidney.

After receiving prayer, Mr. Ernest feels blessed and happy, knowing that his life will never be the same again! He now feels ready to have the family he was never able to have! He promised God to worship and serve Him all the days of his life!

Our big problems will not seem so insoluble if we let God answer our questions according to His schedule, not ours. So, trust God, the answer to your prayer is not far away!



Mr. Trevor from Canada, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, for the first time, without knowing what was going to happen to him, as God had appointed His divine appointment with him!

At the time of the prayer line, just as Prophet Stavros began to pray for him, a demon manifested and said: “I am lust! I destroyed him, I broke his heart through his family, women and friends! I entered him through his father who abandoned him! I gave him addiction, pain! My plan for him is death!”. Then, once again the superiority of the anointing of Jesus Christ over the devil’s bondage was revealed, with the man of God rebuking the unclean spirit and declaring Mr. Trevor free, finally and irrevocably!

At the end of the service, he recounted his journey from childhood until his trip to Greece. From a young age he experienced intense family fights, until his parents finally divorced when he was 6 years old, because they were unfaithful to each other. This caused feelings of rejection and abandonment in Mr. Trevor, as his father broke off relations between them and he rarely saw him. By this time, he had, in addition, witnessed their infidelity relationships, as his father was surrounded by other women and his mother by other men. Also, his parents were addicted to various substances, including alcohol, cannabis, and other types of drugs. Thus, as he later confirmed, lust was normal for him as a child, as well as pornography and masturbation. Of course, it was not only his own parents who had divorced, as other relatives had also been divorced, since the images of abuse and abandonment were not unprecedented in his family circle…

Growing up, he insisted on living with his father, who only accepted in order to get back at his ex-wife! In a fight they had, however, his dad kicked him out at the age of 16 and again their relationship froze… In the meantime, he fell in love with a girl, but because of his lust, he could not maintain this relationship. Their separation was something that cost him even more. Because of his burdened mental health – because of the circumstances he was experiencing, he acquired similar addictions to his parents.

When he tried to get into rehab, he wanted to end his life at some point, but Jesus Christ, whom he had heard some things about but didn’t really know at the time, saved him in a miraculous way. In a second attempt at the rehabilitation clinic, when he thought about killing himself again, a friend told him about God’s grace and mercy and that is when he began to be drawn to His love! So, before he even started reading God’s Word, he burned all the satanic books and objects he had, such as tarot cards and magic crystals! God even led him to book tickets to Greece for himself and a friend, without knowing much about SCOAN Thessalonica! They attended the church service, unaware of what was about to take place before their eyes! Before Prophet Stavros even approached him in the prayer line, Mr. Trevor began to tremble all over, under the influence of the Holy Spirit. When the man of God touched him, although he felt no pain, it was impossible for him not to cry out, as he confessed! He understood that a demonic presence was within him and in control of his body. When the man of God finally rebuked the demon, Mr. Trevor felt truly free, light and happy! The Prophet also pointed out the following: “The Lord has delivered you today! Do not allow satan to come and tempt you through doubt. Now you are free, have the power to resist satan! If he comes to you and says ‘I am still here, you are not free,’ send him out and tell him ‘Go back, you satan, you are foolish! I am free, Jesus is my deliverer!’”. This was the perfect message that encouraged Mr. Trevor as he struggled with doubt for 26 years! After everything that happened, he believed for the first time in the existence of demons, but also in the powerful love of God! Mr. Trevor, after all that he experienced, stated he was excited, full of hope and eager for the life that awaits him from now on, finally knowing true love through Jesus Christ! He feels free from addictions and lust and promised to put Jesus Christ in the first place in his heart!

We understand that when God sees you, He sees what everyone else ignores! That is exactly what happened in this case, everyone rejected this man since he was a little boy, but God wanted to heal him of his wounds and save him! Glory be to His holy name!


Grateful to God, Ms. Tifani from Croatia described as a gift her husband gave her the experience of attending the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to have a new beginning as a family in Christ Jesus!

During the prayer line, the Holy Spirit, while searching the hearts of the people, located Ms. Tifani, and then Prophet Sorin, who was praying for her, gave her the following prophetic word: “I see disappointments coming from your relationships with people. People disappoint you, hurt you, and you hold and remember these things in your heart. It’s very important to let them go, forgive, leave them aside, because God wants to do wonderful things with you and through you! God loves you”.

She began by saying that it all started when she was in primary school. She stressed that she felt angry sometimes. Some of the examples Ms. Tifani shared were that her friends had said some bad things about her. This made her feel jealous and angry. Still, her friends did not stand by her when she needed them because of some difficult situations she went through. She added that even though she wanted to forgive them, she could not!

Now, having forgiven them, after the encouragement of God’s servant, she is full of joy and gratitude to the Creator of the universe! She has promised Him that she will always seek to walk by His side, even in difficulties, believing, at the same time, that the Lord will never abandon her!

If you trust your parents, one day they will die and leave you. If you trust your friends, they will let you down. So, trust God, and he will never let you down!

In the photos that follow, we see people who have travelled from the ends of the earth, thirsting for a word and a touch from Heaven regarding their affairs!

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