An unprecedented service experienced the faithful worshippers of God in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica! God’s presence was quite palpable as the worship team’s hymns to the Lord of Heaven and earth opened the hearts of the dozens of attendees who came from every part of the globe!

Later, the message was delivered by the man of God Sorin, entitled: “YOUR RESPONSE IN TRIALS MATTERS!”. The Prophet pointed out that most Christians praise and thank God when things go well in their life, but when situations change and become difficult, then they begin seeking God whom they were previously praising and worshipping. In fact, he wanted to state that one of the main problems in the lives of Christians nowadays is that most of them pray to come closer to Him without being ready to drink the bitter glass of trials, forgetting that the trials God allows in their life serve a purpose; to reveal the true condition of their heart! Thus, he clarified to the congregation that when we ask God to get closer to Him, we must be ready for our faith to be tested! He then took his first biblical passage from 1 Samuel 30:1-3: “David and his men reached Ziklag on the third day. Now the Amalekites had raided the Negev and Ziklag. They had attacked Ziklag and burned it, and had taken captive the women and everyone else in it, both young and old. They killed none of them, but carried them off as they went on their way. When David and his men reached Ziklag, they found it destroyed by fire and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive.”

Next, the Prophet explained that David found himself in an unhappy situation since instead of seeing his people, his children and his family after returning from war, he had to face a completely uncertain situation. Everything around him was making him doubt the God he believed in, his enemies were persecuting him and he had just lost his family. In spite of everything, David chose to reflect on all the blessings God had given him all of those previous years because he knew that the best antidote, the best remedy for doubt is to reflect over God’s track record in your life – this will help you increase your faith in the fact that God will act in the midst of your present situation. By choosing to act in this way, you will receive the confidence you need to overcome your situation!

From the same chapter in the same book, the man of God read verses 7-8, which state: “Then David said to Abiathar the priest, the son of Ahimelek, ‘Bring me the ephod.’ Abiathar brought it to him, and David inquired of the Lord, ‘Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?’ ‘Pursue them,’ he answered. ‘You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.’” We see that David instantly ran to God in order to find the solution to his problem, and he received the confirmation he was seeking from Him. Thus, David demonstrated the right attitude towards prayer, because he knew very well that prayer is an acknowledgement that there is a superior realm that controls the physical and invisible world.

David instantly acted upon God’s instruction without waiting for something more convenient to come before him. Prophet Sorin explained that trusting God does not consist of prayer alone; there are times to pray in faith and times to act faith. In other words, there are things we must do ourselves and others we must expect of God!

In closing, he mentioned some of the greatest heroes of faith, like Job, Stephen, and David who had a common characteristic: they were able to exercise great faith under tremendous trials and temptations! Jesus Christ is Alive and He wants to have a relationship with you, therefore, every time you ask to get closer to Him, get ready for trials because that is the medium that will take you to a higher level in life!


There are countless people in the world today who have lost all hope of rebuilding their lives – because of their wrong choices. Of course, where sin abides, God’s grace is more than enough! This is what Mr. Christos from Cyprus came to testify for; God’s love is able to cover a multitude of sins!

His story began at the age of 11 when he had a dream with homosexual content. At that age he was not able to understand the purpose of this dream nor did he know about the existence of God and the devil. This did not prevent the enemy of his soul from directly attacking him with similar negative thoughts.

So, in an attempt to ward off these thoughts, he resorted to lusting for women and watching pornography. Shortly after his adolescence, he desired to have sexual intercourse with a woman. However, due to his lack of attraction to a particular woman he was planning to sleep with, he did not perform as a man, which disappointed him. Lust was his only concern, his protection against negative thoughts. His goals, his vision for his life as well as his future studies at university were things unknown to him…

When he reached the last grade of high school, he accidentally injured his back due to the wrong way of exercising, consequently dislocating a spinal bone. The pain he was in was constant and oftentimes he could not even walk. Because of that, he was operated on and the pain ceased, yet his left leg became weak and he could not train as he wished.

By the time he became an adult, he started using drugs, mainly cannabis, systemically so, even smoking 10 “cigarettes” daily. Drugs were one more of Mr. Christos’ attempts in forgetting his negative thoughts. He was not only using them, but he was also selling them! As a matter of fact, he would deceive some of his buyers, giving them fewer quantities than what was agreed upon. Cannabis caused him difficulty in sleeping, he could go without sleep for even 2 days, and his lust became more intense. So, he tried to find a solution in taking pills in order to be able to sleep. This had the exact opposite effect on him since the use of pills and drugs at the same time completely devastated his mental state, to such an extent that he wanted to die!

As he unsuccessfully fought his negative thoughts by using drugs, he later bought a motorcycle to stop doing drugs. It was only 2 days later when Mr. Christos while riding at breakneck speed, ran over a pothole, causing the bike to flip over, and found himself lying on the ground. Miraculously he survived but suffered fractures to his elbow and shoulder. He had to have external fixators fitted to these places in order to be able to move them. His drug use, in fact, made him reluctant to undergo physical therapy to fully recover. After some time, he tried to exercise again, but the pain was enough to stop him from his favourite activity.

Mr. Christos did not decrease the use of drugs and sleeping pills, but he would consume them in order to be able to perform sexually in his relationship. Instead of improving his situation, they, too, made it worse.

As Jesus Christ gives everyone a second chance to repent, Mr. Christos learned about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica through his brother who spoke to him about the miracles he’d seen in the church and encouraged him to come. Having nothing to lose, he visited the church and talked with the man of God Harry about his problems. The Prophet gave him a specific instruction in righteousness and, although he was hesitant in the beginning, he eventually followed the instruction and the revival of his life began! By obeying the instruction of God’s servant, the difficulty in sleeping vanished! With renewed hope inside, he visited the house of God for the second time and took part in the prayer line. After the anointed touch he received, Mr. Christos is a new creation in Christ Jesus literally! Any pain he had in his back, elbow, and shoulder, gradually withdrew from his body. Some rashes he had on his back disappeared too! Now, even though the doctors had told him that he would never be able to exercise as he used to in the past, God had a contrary opinion and healed him completely!

Today, Mr. Christos is delivered from every abuse of pills and drugs, he has resumed his studies after two years of absence, and he is delivered from every lustful thought while he studies the Word of God daily! Having peace and joy in his heart, he advised the congregation, and especially young people, to find a living church in order to be taught the things of God, and he promised the Lord to follow His will in his life!

Even during the darkest periods of your life, hope is never lost! Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Cry out to Him in faith and repentance and you will see His resurrecting power elevating every area of your life!


Ms. Jannette from Finland, wishing to thank God Almighty for everything He did in her life, travelled to Greece in order to testify that Jesus Christ can give us a permanent solution to our problems, put an end to our past, and give us a bright future!

Her testimony began with the prophetic word she received from Prophetess Evgenia who told her: “Sometimes you feel that something is moving in your belly. It is spiritual, the doctor can do nothing. Also, this causes you disappointment. I see disappointment, people have hurt you and you keep it in your heart. You must release forgiveness! Remember that Jesus Christ forgave people no matter what they did, so as a Christian, forgive, and a breakthrough will come into your life since this has been blocking your breakthrough. From today, you are free, a new job is coming with very good money!”.

Ms. Jannette confirmed that the prophetic word she received was absolutely true. She began by saying that she grew up in a wealthy family. From an early age, she had everything she needed. Her father was very rich, he had companies, estates, and buildings, but when he died, he left behind a company specialising in cars, oil, petrol, and car parts. Before he died, he decided to transfer 99% of the company to his children and let them decide how to distribute it. Two weeks after his death, her brother and sister took the largest share of the company, and she asked what the criteria were for dividing the shares. Then, her brother began to insult her in a manner no one had ever talked to her before, causing her great bitterness. The injustice she felt grew as her brother continued to distribute the shares based on his relationship with his brothers and not on fairness. The unforgiveness and bitterness grew in her so much that every morning, the first thing she would think of was her brother’s insulting words and bad behaviour towards her, which prevented her from having peace within. As a Christian, she tried very hard to forget them, to forgive him, but she could not, she needed a divine intervention to give her the strength and the solution she was looking for.

Later, regarding the moving object the Prophetess mentioned, Ms. Jannette said that she would feel pain all over her body and then she felt like trembling, and the pain would become worse during her period. This difficult situation went on for 7 years!

Nevertheless, after the prayer line, the pain disappeared! The unforgiveness and offence that she was feeling are now out of her heart. So, willing to obey God and not lose the blessing she received, she followed the instruction in righteousness that was given to her and she reached out to her brother, although it was hard for her. The most wondrous thing that happened though, was that she instantly felt free from the chains of offence and bitterness! Eventually, she denounced the heritage and now she has nothing to cause bitterness in her heart.

Also, part of the prophecy was that a better job would come if she released forgiveness. Since she obeyed God, that is what happened! A colleague urged her to send in her CV as the nurse that she is, for a better position. After this, she was immediately offered an interview by a company, hired immediately and her salary is now increased by several hundred euros!

She advised everyone present what she realised after the prophecy herself, that offence is a trap used by satan to trap us and keep us bound. Whether we are right or wrong, she added, we need to do our part, as we, too, have sinned many times before God, and He has forgiven us! Finally, full of gratitude, she promised to live for God forever!

Harbouring the spirit of unforgiveness destroys our community with God, but forgiveness is a bridge to the place where God dwells! Correction takes us to that place; it is a place of success, a place of peace and comfort.


Ms. Yuma from the United Kingdom arrived at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with a sad heart for all that was happening to her, but also with a secret hope that Jesus Christ would give birth to a new future within her!

Indeed, at the time of the prayer line, the Spirit of God located her through Prophetess Evgenia, who said to her: “I see that from a young age they devoted you to idols, that is why you always have problems. There is no blessing in your life. That is, you are like a dead person; you are alive but you don’t live. From today this will leave and will be broken, and you will have a new life, you just need to believe it!”.

Ms. Yuma at the end of the service wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received and said that everything the woman of God said was right and true! When she was still very young in age, someone introduced her to a woman psychic, where through her tarot cards she “read” many things about her past, present and future. Little did she know at the time that this was the work of satan and not of God, who is the only One who truly knows our lives and our future.

From then on, her life and her daily routine were affected. She could no longer do the normal things of everyday life. Whatever she would begin, she could never finish. She developed problems in her relationships with her friends, relatives and she never knew why. Problem kept popping up out of nowhere with the people she was associating with! She felt like it was her own fault and that she would never be good enough for others …

In addition, she started using cannabis and, after years of trying to stop, her addiction was insurmountable.

Her finances, moreover, were in a miserable state, as she could not afford things she needed because she was unable to keep any money for herself and always had to borrow from others. Also, while she was getting highly satisfying jobs, she was unable to keep them. Within 3 months of working, she would want to quit, for no real reason!

In general, she was living in a vicious circle of failure and did not have the strength to escape from this way of life. Deeply frustrated, she decided to come to the One who is able and willing to solve every kind of problem! When Prophetess Evgenia prayed and the curse was broken, an inner, supernatural peace overwhelmed her! She had never experienced such peace before, so much that she felt she no longer had to worry about anything!

Ms. Yuma finally feels blessed! She expressed great joy and happiness for the blessings coming into her life after this unique experience that she had never had before! Finally, she promised that she and her entire family will follow God forever!

Once again, we realise that there is a time for everything. There is a time to cry, but there is also a time to laugh! Keep your faith in God steadfast, and your freedom is just a matter of time!


Mr. Renato from England described himself as free, happy and relieved, as he came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with an expectation not to return to his country the same, but with a renewed mind and spirit!

Indeed, he did not go back to his country the same, as during the prayer line the Holy Spirit, through Prophetess Evgenia, spotted him and told him the following: There is a spirit of anger, and this creates problems in your relationship. This is an attack from satan because he wants to destroy your family! The problem is that we allow it. You don’t do anything for this to leave from you! As children of God, we should rebuke anything that is not from Jesus Christ and say “every anger should come out, in the name of Jesus!”, that is what you should do. I also see that you have bad dreams. A woman comes to have a sexual affair with you in your dreams and hence you don’t have affection towards your wife, but this will be broken today and all will be well!”

Confirming every word of the prophecy, he said that 19 years ago several events occurred which affected his professional and family life. While there was, in part, love between him and his wife, there was also a lot of anger and bitterness. He also pointed out that every time he had a minor conflict with someone, that conflict fuelled even more anger within him. Thus, neither could he perform as expected in his work nor was his relationship with his children ideal. In addition, he referred to the evil attacks he often faced as he saw a woman, without a face, having sexual intercourse with him. Mr. Renato thought it was just a dream of no consequence. These attacks therefore affected his married life, because he no longer felt the same attraction towards his wife.

He stressed that the best decision he made was to come to SCOAN Thessalonica, as he opened his heart to receive God’s grace and mercy! He also mentioned that he will first of all forgive himself and forget everything that happened with his wife, and he believes that as he does this, he will be forgiven by the Heavenly Father!

If the burden you are carrying in every area of your life is unbearable, it is time to learn that you don’t have to keep fighting alone! Jesus Christ, even if we are imperfect, has shown His unending and absolute love for us through His sacrifice, giving us freedom and healing generously… All we have to do is believe! For nothing is impossible to the one who believes!


It was a day of blessing for Ms. Lan from the UK, as it was the day when Jesus Christ intended to give her a life of confidence and joy!

During the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia gave her the following prophecy: “I see low self-esteem, but you have a great calling. You can preach the word, so you do not need to have low self-esteem or listen to what others around you say. They say that you cannot make it, but that is a lie from the devil. You can do it since what you have to do has been revealed to you by the Lord. Get closer to Jesus Christ, and God will show you the way, in the name of Jesus Christ”. After this prophetic word, the woman of God prayed for Ms. Lan, proclaiming her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Later, full of gratitude and joy for the prophetic word given to her, she declared that the words of the Prophetess were valid and true. In particular, she said that people from her family and academic environment had constantly discouraged her throughout her life. She also stated that as she grew older and it was time for her to choose her career path, again her family harshly criticised her for how unfit she was to succeed in her chosen field, that of mental health.

As she stressed, this situation was not easy, as all this affected her self-confidence to the point where she could not even trust her own opinion.

Now, fully joyful and optimistic about the heavenly blessing she received, she looks to the future with optimism and promised to draw closer to God and to focus more on His work!

Indeed, we were created for the glory of God, so with Jesus Christ beside us, we are able to accomplish anything that is according to His will!

Below are some pictures that show the power of Jesus Christ working through the right people, giving blessing, deliverance, healing, and bringing every dark work of satan to light!

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