On a beautiful Sunday, many people gathered to worship the One and Only God Almighty in the beauty of His holiness! Through worship, every believer laid their troubles at the feet of Jesus Christ and found refuge in the One who has never failed His children!

This time, the service had a special nature. As there is a time for everything in this life, the time for Prophet Sorin to begin his own ministry has come! Taking the floor, he first thanked God Almighty for leading him to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, under the mentorship of the man of God Harry! In an atmosphere of joy and excitement, he let the crowd know that God is sending him to Romania where he will begin his ministry “Hope in Christ Romania”!

So, as the fire of God’s global revival reaches Romania, Prophet Sorin declared that he has a purpose – to proclaim to the whole world that Jesus Christ is not just a historical figure, a story we tell our children to put them to sleep. He is Alive and the age of miracles is not over! History continues to be written and the proof is in the lives that have been changed through His faithful servants!

During the course of the service, Prophetess Evgenia took the floor, with a message that certainly gave hope to those who wish to realise their dreams! The title of the message was “FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR FEARS!”.

First, she spoke about the fact that many people fail to achieve the goals they have set for their lives, and the cause is none other than fear. Fear stops us from making important decisions about our lives, she added. There are different kinds of fears, such as that of sickness, which kills faster than the sickness itself. Another fear is that of failure. On this, the woman of God stressed that there is no need to fear failure because it is a step closer to success for the one who learns from his mistakes and does not give up.

She then emphasised how important it is to be careful about the words that come out of our mouths. For example, if someone constantly confesses how sick they are, how difficult their financial situation is, and, in general, when their words have nothing to do with what God’s Word says, then failure in their life is a given! However, for the one who has put God’s Word in his heart, confesses it, and practices it, it is only a matter of time before his sickness and any other problem he may be facing will subside! At this point, the Prophetess cited as an example the case of Prophet Daniel who in the face of the threat of death did not succumb to fear, but prayed in faith, and God answered his prayer! It was Daniel’s decision to do what was right that separated him from the weak people and placed him in the category of the strong, that is, those who keep God’s commandments!

At this point, Prophetess Evgenia referred to the only good kind of fear that exists, which is none other than the fear of God. To fear God means to keep His commandments. He who has the fear of God in him flees away from sin, she emphasised, while the man who lacks this kind of fear in him confesses that he cannot keep God’s commandments.

In saying this, Prophetess Evgenia addressed the following question to God’s people: “How shall His children be free from fear?”. To offer the solution, she took her biblical quote from 1 John 4:16-18, “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love”. Indeed, only the love of God can cast out fear! If one does not have love in them, it means that they have no faith. If you too realise that you need His love, ask Him, and He will flood your heart with His wonderful love for you!


Ms. Valerie, a young lady from Norway, gave her testimony at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations. A couple of months ago, she received the scare of her life when the doctor discovered a mass in her chest. Yet God was 100% aware of the issue and He would not miss the chance to reverse her situation in order to glorify His name once more!

Eight months prior to the diagnosis, Ms. Valarie explained that she was experiencing fatigue and tiredness. Even with 8 full hours of sleep each night, taking vitamins regularly, eating a balanced diet every day, and drinking plenty of water, she still could not understand what was making her so tired. She said she also noticed an itching sensation in her chest, which led her to go to finally go to the doctor for a general check-up and mammography. To her dismay, a mass was discovered in her breast. Unable to make a clear diagnosis before the results of the examination came ouy, the doctor told her that it could be cancer.

With her whole life still ahead of her, she said she was feeling very stressed, and under a lot of pressure as she was still a student in medical school. Under the weight of this news, she said she didn’t feel like herself. She started experiencing palpitations, she couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t eat due to the overwhelming anxiety. Being a medical student herself she knew the extent of chemo-therapy and medications would be needed to treat such a thing with no guarantee of a cure. Feeling completely stuck and alone, and wondering how this could be her life, she turned to seeking healing from God! She came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica and she was privileged to enter the prayer line where she received prayer from the man of God Sorin.

With peace in her heart, the very following day after the prayer she had an appointment with a doctor for a follow-up check-up. In fact, she went to a specialist who would give her a more accurate diagnosis. To her immense joy, she found out that there was no trace at all the mass that was discovered in the previous check-up!

The next move she decided to make was to come to the church and give her testimony, having realised that God can use foolish things to draw us closer to Him!

When we cannot see beyond our immediate situation, we begin to panic. But focusing on Jesus in the midst of trials puts everything else in perspective. Fear changes focus, and weakens our determination and will power, but Ms. Valerie instead used this to drive her all the more to God. Now all trace of cancer is a thing of the past! She has the energy to move freely, she sleeps and eats without worry because she knows that God has healed her and that she is completely healed. Lastly, her promise to God Almighty is to focus on Him while advised the congreagation to seek Jesus Christ in the midst of any situation!

Just as for this young lady, the proof that God has answered your prayer is the peace of heart! Thus, whatever your situation is, never doubt God’s desire or ability to help you!


Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”– this is God’s promise to His children, and we see how, to this day, this word continues to be fulfilled, bringing blessing, healing, and deliverance to those in need! This is exactly what happened in the life of Mr. Sopuruchi from Portugal who saw the hand of God deliver him from the unclean spirit that was giving him depression and destroying his life!

At the time of the prayer line, and as the Lord’s anointed man of God Sorin was praying over him, an unclean spirit manifested from within him, saying these things: “I gave him depression! I don’t want him to achieve anything because he is a strong believer, and I want to destroy him. I drifted him away, I made him do a lot of things!”.

After the man of God declared him free, Mr. Sopuruchi wanted to confirm everything the unclean spirit said about his life! He began by saying that this demon had been tormenting him for 7 years! Specifically, he said that for many years he tried to be happy but had a hard time. This whole situation was affecting his performance as a professional rugby player, to the point that the teams he played for would terminate the contracts they signed with him, which was causing him frustration. He then explained that his fiancée, seeing his situation, advised him to see a psychiatrist, as he was daily asking her for suggestions on how to commit suicide! Moreover, not only did his condition not improve, but he also started using cannabis and drinking alcohol daily.

With indescribable gratitude for his spiritual awakening, Mr. Sopuruchi said that he feels very happy, like a newborn baby! He also promised that from now on he will glorify God for the rest of his life!

Whatever your situation, never confess that God’s power is not able to help you overcome it, because no one can go to a place before God, He is always one step ahead!


An unforgettable Sunday was experienced at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, by Mrs. Alice and her husband, Mr. John who saw the hand of God generously grant them a blessing that no man could give them!

At the time of the laying of hands and as the Spirit of God was leading His Prophets in power, a prophetic word was unfolded by the man of God Stavros, saying the following to Mrs. Alice: “Where are your children? God will give you children! You will come back to give your testimony when you have your child!”. Shortly thereafter, God wanted to complete and bless every area of their lives by sending Prophetess Evgenia to speak to Mr. John about a matter that was troubling him: “I see that you are under stress. You are very stressed and it’s immobilizing you, it’s as if you cannot think straight. Because of that, you cannot do anything good in your life. Today we are going to pray for that to go away, and you will come back to give your testimony!”.

Strikingly moved and deeply grateful to God, they wanted to confirm all that was said by God’s anointed ones! Mrs. Alice began by saying that for 11 years they had been trying to have children with her husband. She had visited several doctors regarding this problem but all they told her was that she had a hormonal disorder. Even when she was living in Kenya and visited the best doctors in Nairobi, they confirmed that the problem she was experiencing was not so great that it was preventing her from having children. However, she was never able to conceive a child.

Because she loved children so much, it was very difficult for her to cope with not having one of her own. She had everything she wanted on the outside, but nothing would make her feel complete.

Her husband did not hesitate to confirm her words, explaining how difficult it was for both of them to accept that they could not become parents, as he had undergone a vasectomy in the past. However, wanting so badly to have a child with his wife, he considered undergoing surgery to reverse the vasectomy. Yet, doctors discouraged him because they believed his sperm count would be low due to his age. He also added that their relationship between them was heavily affected by this situation, with him feeling distressed seeing his wife so deeply saddened.

As for the prophetic word Mr. John received, he explained that the main reason for the anxiety he was experiencing was the fact that he and his wife could not have children, fearing that their marriage would end in divorce because of their large age difference. Moreover, he now feels like someone came and took all that burden off his shoulders! After all of this, Mrs. Alice already sees herself as a mother and has promised God that she will praise Him even more because He is the light in her life! Finally, Mr. John promised that they will always have Jesus Christ in their hearts!

Jesus Christ knows your problem and He can bring you the solution you seek! Therefore, those who come to God must do so in humility and sincerity of mind and not confession in the form of fasting and praying or waving hands in worship without a thorough reformation of heart and life!


Mrs. Tetiana from Poland came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, expecting to receive a divine touch that would change her life forever!

During the prayer line, as man of God Stavros came in, she felt a tension which she couldn’t manage. So, way before the prophet approach to pray for Mrs. Tetiana, an evil spirit exposed with a shout! As it was her turn for prayer, the touch of the man of God, made the demon to react aggressively, saying: “I killed her family with depression! I entered her through birth. She is nothing, she will be nothing! She will never serve God! She will bring souls to Christ! I can’t take this!”

Then, Prophet Stavros rebuked the evil spirit to come out of her in the name of Jesus Christ! When Mrs. Tetiana came to her senses, He told her: “Congratulations sister, the Lord has set you free! So, from today you will see your life change completely. You will experience the joy that you have never experienced before! The Lord will restore your career and your family. God bless you!”.

Mrs. Tetiana, being happy, wanted to confirm everything that the evil spirit said and give thanks to God for the freedom He gave her! First, she confessed that she always had thoughts of depression. She was feeling that she won’t succeed anything, neither during the present nor the future. Also, those thoughts made her to think that she didn’t have any value before God!

She was seeking help from prayer lines through internet and she wasn’t seeking help from specialists, psychologists, because she understood that her problem was spiritual. However, these thoughts were constant. So, she was afraid to do anything, because she was thinking that she wouldn’t succeed.

Also, since her childhood, she had evil attacks in her dreams, from a spiritual husband who was coming in the form of her husband, in order to sleep with her. The teachings of the founder of SCOAN Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua, made her to understand that those dreams were not natural.

About her family – as the evil spirit mentioned that killed them through depression – she remembered the attitude of her grandfather and her father who had depression, and they were living isolated. Especially her grandfather was so deep into depression that he never told her a single word! All those thoughts didn’t let her enjoy her daily life and also made her to live isolated… Despite that she had two children with her husband, she found it difficult to get used to with her responsibilities. She was trying to think positive, as she was reading her Bible and praying at the same time, but without any effect…

Now, after her deliverance, she feels normal and that her life has completely changed! She is full of gratitude for the anointed prayer she received, she thanked Jesus Christ and she promised to serve Him!

Away from God, there is prevalence of depression in the lives of people, but in His presence is fullness of joy! (Psalm 16:11)


Mr. Nawl Thawng from Denmark visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, for the first time in order to richly experience the anointing of God, which is moving throw His servants!

As, Mr. Nawl Thawng entered the prayer line, the Holy Spirit, through Prophet Sorin, gave him this prophetic word: “I see that your thoughts are under attacked by filthy images. You know what I am talking about. This makes you feel bad, not be able to focus and do what you have to do. It makes you be disfocused. Satan is attacking you through this weakness, but know that you will be disconnected! Make sure you renew your mind with the Word of God every day!”.

Truly, Mr. Nawl Thawng confirmed that everything is true. He began by speaking about his thoughts that were full of pornographic images. He mentioned that his addiction to pornography began from the early age of 12 years old. He was exposed to that, even before he started to have attraction for the opposite gender. This also affected his thoughts about women and the way he was looking at them. He added that all this opened the door for sin and affected his career and his studies.

Even though he stopped watching pornography last year, different types of pornographic thoughts continued to come up to his mind. Undoubtedly, his daily life was affected, as except of doing the things he needed to do during the day, he didn’t, and the result was that he needed 3 days to do all those things of the one day! Of course that influenced his academics a lot, by affecting his grades and his social life!

Now, knowing that he is delivered from every unclean thoughts, he promised God that he will be renewing his mind every day through the study of the Holy Bible!

Truly, addiction to pornography is like any other addiction! It is a demonic chain that requires the fire of the Holy Spirit in order to be broken! You are not alone, so stop fighting alone! Give all your problems and addictions to Him who carried all your problems on the Cross of Calvary and get ready to be free once and for all!


Ms. Rita travelled from England with the purpose to be present in SCOAN Thessalonica in order to ask from God to erase whatever was blocking the breakthrough in her marriage. As she already knew that she is in the right place where the Holy Spirit knows every one’s secrets, she put her faith in Him and left her request in His mighty hands!

So, the Lord, taking a step closer to her, spoke about her situation through man of God Stavros saying: “I am praying for your husband, for whatever is distracting to leave him. This is an attack, the devil wants to destroy this family!”.

Later, she confirmed that prophetic word, saying that life for her and her children dramatically changed after 2019 when her husband left her to stay somewhere else and to live without them. Ms. Rita was started thinking that her husband had affairs during his trip to Nigeria in 2017. While their marriage was normal before his trip, everything changed when her husband returned home.

She found by herself some evidence of affairs on his phone. Also, her children saw some things that made them suspicious and they started looking for answers, as her youngest son was reporting every day to his mother how their father was secretly talking with another woman, laughing and sometimes they were talking in a local dialect. Obviously, that was not good for the family, the children were hurt and the unfathfulness of the husband created a hard time for everyone.

Nevertheless, Ms. Rita never kept bitterness in her. She forgave him completely for everything he has done, because she knew that according to the Word of God, the only way for her to move on and save her marriage was to forgive him and not hold him anything bad. Last year, even if she was informed by her daughter that her husband married another woman, she didn’t lose hope. She understood that the enemy wanted to destroy her marriage, too. Her siblings were passing through similar problems in their marriage. All of them were married 2 or 3 times before. So, when the enemy came for her marriage, Ms. Rita was believing that prayer to Jesus Christ was the only way that this curse could be overcome from her family.

Now, after the prophetic word she received, she is feeling happy and relieved, confirming the dream she saw recently, that her husband was speaking with the man of God. She believes that the salvation of her husband and his return back to his family is a matter of time! In the end, she promised that she will return to Thessaloniki with her husband to give their testimony for their marital reconciliation!

The quality of our faith doesn’t seem from our attitude to God when things are going good, but when times are difficult, when our future seems to be uncertain!

In the screencaps below we see people who exposed the works of the devil in their lives and came to the church with expectation and longing to be touched by the hand of the Almighty God!

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  1. kesego precious morolong

    i pray that God do the same to me. may he restore my relationship with the man who was about to marry me. i pray that God Almighty restore us.

  2. Диана

    От всего сердца радуюсь за Румынию, что Господь посылает своего пророка к этому народу. Радуюсь вместе с вами.


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