People from all over the world gathered at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to meet the wonderful presence of God and to experience His mighty power. As the congregation began to give praise and thanks to the Almighty Father, their hearts were filled with joy and anticipation for what God was going to do in their lives on that special day.

During the service, Prophet Sorin shared a message full of valuable lessons, entitled: “ARE YOU A VICTIMIZED OR A VICTORIOUS BELIEVER”, which was intended to awaken the crowd and remind those in attendance of the unshakable truth that in a world without hope, there is hope – Jesus Christ is the Hope!


The man of God Sorin began his message by saying that God led us into this New Year with a purpose! God desires each of us to be productive for His kingdom. He did not design us to be overwhelmed by fear, panic and beaten down by the difficult situations of this world, but to produce work for the Kingdom of God, to impact the people around us positively and to shine as a light in this world filled with darkness.

He then read the story of the Israelites’ departure from Egypt from the book of Exodus 14:10-12: “As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them. They were terrified and cried out to the Lord. They said to Moses, “Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die? What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt? Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians’? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!’”. From this story, we can understand that when the Israelites thought they were finally free from slavery, they found themselves facing the Red Sea, and behind them was Pharaoh and his army. This was the moment when their faith was tested!


In order to convey his message to today’s believers, Prophet Sorin skilfully painted a picture before the eyes of his listeners, explaining that there are two categories of believers: those who are victims and those who are victors! The Prophet pointed out that many believers, just like the Israelites, in our spiritual walk with God, sometimes it seems like we have problems in every area of our lives. Under such conditions, many cry unto the Lord, not out of faith but out of fear, panic, and lack of faith, forgetting who God who delivered us in the past is. Giving the key to overcoming this fear and panic, he stated that it is not a problem when fear comes to test us, to challenge us; it is a problem when we bow to that fear! When fear comes, people are tempted to turn away and turn back because fear changes our focus and weakens our determination and willpower to do what we promised God we would do. As a result, it makes us focus on our problem and not our destiny!

Furthermore, the man of God Sorin pointed out that fear also changes the confession of a person who has become a victim of his situation. If we confess failure, we will receive failure! If you confess sickness, it develops sickness in your system. If you confess doubt, your doubt becomes stronger. If you confess lack of finances, it stops the money from coming in. Your confession reveals whether you are a loser or a winner. In contrast to the first category of Christians who choose to be victims of their difficulties, he brought out the example of the man of faith Daniel who did not allow his fear to overwhelm him though he was challenged by the king’s decree, and instead sought the face of God. He knew he had a purpose in Babylon, and that purpose was to intercede for his people and make his God known in the kingdom of Babylon and among the Medes and the Persians!

The question “How did Daniel manage to maintain his peace in those tense moments?” left the audience wondering… The man of God Sorin later revealed the answer! Daniel did not call upon his God at that very moment because he was facing problems. Daniel had a history with God and knew that faith, meaning a relationship with God, is not a panic button pushed only when in trouble; it is a lifestyle of trusting God, in both good and hard times!

Whatever situation you are going through, you need to know that the invisible God whom you serve is there to get you through that situation, because the name of Jesus Christ is the name above all names, and at the sound of it every knee shall bow!



Ms. Isabella came from the United States of America to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to testify of the wonders of God in her life after receiving an anointed prayer from Prophet Sorin during the prayer line!

Prophet Sorin, led by the Spirit of God, gave the following prophetic word to Ms. Isabella a few days ago: “I see the enemy trying to entangle you, to catch you, through the bad influence of your friends. You should be very careful whom you allow in your personal proximity, personal life, and circle. God loves you and He definitely has Godly friends and people for you to help you in your destiny!”.

First, Isabella recalled her past, stating that since the age of 7, she would see a giant man coming to sleep with her in the dream! After these nightmares, when she tried to sleep, she would feel that there is a snake on the area of her genitals, and she was unable to stop it! This affected her negatively as it had an impact on her relationship with God and her family. As she confessed, she grew up in a Christian environment and her parents pressured her to go to church every Sunday. She was angry with them because she felt she was wasting her free day unnecessarily. So much did she hate her parents for this that she didn’t want to go to church at all, she didn’t want to hear or know anything about God!


In the course of her life, when it came time to studying at a university, she saw it as an opportunity to get away from her parents’ control. Unfortunately for her, her fellow students influenced her negatively. They would stay up late every night in clubs, drinking large amounts of alcohol. As a result, she became so addicted to alcohol that not a day would go by that she didn’t drink! She added that the people she was associating with were homosexual and this led her to be attracted to the same sex. In fact, she had entered into a relationship with a woman. However, as the years went by, she found herself depressed, still addicted to alcohol, and had suicidal thoughts; specifically she would think about cutting her wrists! She was sad, she had no joy at all even though she always looked happy on the outside. Finally, she said that before entering the prayer line she was dealing with health issues. She had severe back pain to the point of not being able to sleep at night, and her stomach would hurt every time she ate, thus she could eat very little during the day. All of this negatively affected her studies, and while she did well at first, her grades dropped very low.

Now, she feels free and full of peace! Her mind is now free to think more about the things of God and she declares that she is joyful! She feels no back or stomach pain and her relationship with God has improved, having now lost all desire to drink alcohol. In closing, she confessed that after receiving this heavenly prayer, that same night she had a dream where a woman was trying to sleep with her, but she had the strength to rebuke her and saw the victory of Jesus Christ! Finally, full of optimism, she promised that she will live the rest of her life for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ in Matthew 11:28 said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Jesus Christ knows how unworthy we are of His grace, so He decided to erase our past and give birth to a new future in us!



In today’s world, it is considered a badge of honour for a man to have several sexual partners and as a matter of fact, it is seen as an indicator of his success in life by many. However, the truth is far from the world’s current perception. An example is the case of Mr. Olivier who, unable to live under this burden any longer, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to receive a touch from Heaven!

So, as Prophetess Evgenia prayed for Mr. Olivier, she conveyed these words to him, “There is a spirit of lust and you have women in your mind. This also causes you anger and you cannot handle various situations in your life, neither in your work nor anywhere else. In short, everything is a mess. God will intervene today and because you have prayed a lot about this, God will deliver you!”.

When the service was over, Mr. Olivier did not miss the opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the prophecy he had received. He began by confessing that he started to have relations with the female sex at the age of 12. His mind was dominated by thoughts of lust, so he visited various clubs in order to find sexual partners. His excessive desire for the opposite sex led him to have 2–3 relationships simultaneously, which the women actually knew about it and had no problem with it! Mr. Olivier in his attempt to list all his past relationships came close to the number 100!


Nevertheless, his emotional life did not reflect how his life appeared on the outside. In other words, all those relationships managed to sap his energy and strength and steal away his joy.

In an attempt to escape this lifestyle, since he found no real pleasure in it, he moved to the UK to get away from all 3 of his partners at the time. Unfortunately for him, they managed to track him down and asked to stay with him!

Even when he married his wife, he continued to have the same lifestyle. As he said, he was not feeling like a married man since he could not love his wife sincerely, he only felt respect for her.

His situation improved temporarily with the birth of his first child. However, in order to stay away from temptation, he fought his weakness with human strength. As a result, he could never feel free from this burden in him.

He then spoke about the second part of the prophecy concerning anger. Mr. Olivier said that the anger started when he was only 4 years old. He was very irritable, and at school, if he didn’t like someone he could resort to beating them up. Also, when he was 9 years old, he destroyed his entire classroom for because he disliked his teacher!

As he was getting older, the problem was growing bigger. Even if a friend was talking to him and he didn’t agree with what they said, he would try to find a way to hurt them!

In addition, because of his anger, he could not keep a job for a long time. The reason was that he could not manage his coworkers right, even though his job had prestige and a satisfactory salary. Also, he often quarrelled with his wife over trivial things.

The result of lust and anger was his inability to offer love to his wife, remorse, shame and, of course, the onset of various diseases such as hypertension and muscle aches.

Mr. Olivier is no longer anything like the man he was before the prayer line! He now feels full of love and he emphasised that immediately after receiving the anointed prayer, he was overcome with the desire to hug his children and wife! Finally, with a wonderful piece of advice, he especially urged men to stay away from fleeting relationships because there is no real joy in them, and he promised the Lord to follow Him faithfully from now on!

It is proven, once again, that the blessings of the world enrich our bodies temporarily, but the blessings of God enrich our souls for eternity! Draw near to Him, and you will see that God is Able and Willing to erase your past and give you a new, great future!


Breakthrough and deliverance came all at once in the life of Mr. Julius, who travelled from the United States of America to Thessalonica to attend the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations! The Spirit of God located him, and he received two prophetic messages, from the Prophetess Evgenia and from the man of God Sorin! The first prophetic message he received was as follows: “I see a lot of anxiety in your life, and this is stopping you from doing things in your life. Because, whatever you do, you feel anxiety. This is also causing you pain in your heart. You sometimes feel tight pressure. However, it will leave today, in the name of Jesus Christ!”


Later on, he received a second prophetic message from the man of God Sorin, “The spirit of death is chasing you, wanting to kill you. Not only you, but also your siblings. God will disconnect you from this now, but I also see that your relationship with God is suffering. You are not consistent with prayer, and this is the place where victory is. From now on, as you will be disconnected from all these, take God seriously in your life!”.


What a wonderful privilege to enjoy the presence of the Most High and to receive God’s point of view on our problems, as well as the complete freedom that comes through the prophetic word! Excited and joyful, Mr. Julius confirmed the prophetic messages he received from God’s servants, beginning with the prophecy of the Prophetess Evgenia. He said that he had experienced a lot of rejection in the past, and due to this, he became anxious. His friends suddenly rejected him and he ended up alone for many years. Moreover, because of the anxiety, he developed a heart problem. He even went to the hospital twice to have it checked because of the severe pain he felt, yet the doctors told him that they did not find anything wrong. Specifically, he felt something coming from his back to his heart, which was causing the pain. Although he was taking various medications, he was not able to relieve this pain.

Next, he referred to the prophecy he received from the man of God Sorin. He confirmed that he did receive a lot of attacks from the spirit of death, and he was sick most of the time. Three weeks before coming to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, he was in the hospital, yet nothing was diagnosed. Because of the intense pain, he was not able to eat, and since the doctors could not detect anything, they accused him of lying about the pain!


He also referred to the accidents he had because of the spirit of death. For the last four years, he did not have a car, because every time he drove an accident occurred, therefore his vehicle was literally broken into pieces! Furthermore, he had to deal with demonic attacks every night! He used to see people chasing him in his dreams. Apart from Mr. Julius, the rest of the members of his family faced similar problems, as the spirit of death had affected everyone…

After receiving prayer, he feels totally renewed and healed, since he was healed from the severe pain all over his body he used to have, even a while before he participated in the prayer line! Now, he feels calm, happy, and free! Finally, he promised to serve God for the rest of his life!

Is your situation similar to Mr. Julius’? Remember, no one can increase spiritually without challenges and trials! Even if God permits us to go through painful situations, we should know that He is in control, and as His genuine children, nothing can happen to us that is out of His will! So, take heart today – “Emmanuel”, God is with us!



Mr. Carlos travelled from the United States of America to attend a service at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, asking God to expose everything that was hindering His blessings from coming into his life!

Thus, the Lord, taking a step closer to him, spoke about his situation through the mouth of the man of God Stavros, saying: “There is an idol attacking you and this is from your ancestors. So, this is the end of all these demonic attacks! That is the spirit of death that wants to kill you because you don’t serve it. Today, it will be the end of it! But be careful! Build a strong relationship with Jesus, because the devil is not happy when somebody is out of his bondage. These idols are not happy! Today, they will not have any more power over you. But live for the glory of God!”.

Confirming this prophetic word, Mr. Carlos confessed that, indeed, there was an idol in his family, which he discovered about 3 months ago, since he did not know anything about it and he had to ask those close to him to find out what it was. So, by making some phone calls to people close to him, he realised that it came from his ancestors and it was the reason why his own life and the lives of all the family members remained stagnant and inactive.


Another startling fact that proves that the demon’s eagerness and influence for destruction had a dominant role in their lives was the fact that during the previous year he had a total of 4 car accidents. One in April, one in September and 2 of them in the same week in December! Apart from him, however, Mr. Carlos mentioned that he has lost 5 of his siblings in total to road accidents while the rest of his siblings have failed to get married and start a family so far.

Regarding the worship of this idol, even though he is older in age, he did not know much about his family. At the age of 12 and after losing his mother, he started to drift apart from them, to the point where he did not communicate with them for a year! Nevertheless, when he spoke with his brother, the latter told him that he had faced the idol and his experience was terrible! He could not understand if it was a snake or a cat!

He also added that every day he and the people close to him were having the same nightmares! In particular, he saw various animals and that he was flying in his sleep! Once again he saw that he was at his parents’ house when in reality he was in America! He didn’t know exactly what all these dreams he was having meant until he watched Emmanuel TV for the first time and realised the spiritual background behind his condition!

Certainly, all of these problems he was facing in his life made him distance himself, without devoting some quality time to the study of the Word of God!

After the prophetic word he received, he feels relieved and he is now glad that he knows the truth behind all these problems! Full of gratitude and renewed faith in his Great Deliverer, he promised to continue praying and following Him for the rest of his life!

Life is a battlefield and the sooner you realise this, the wiser you shall be! Seek God through His Word and you will see His hand working in your life in a wondrous way!



Jesus Christ came to set the captives free! Ms. Grace Futi was one of them as she visited the SCOAN Thessalonica from the United Kingdom, running to Jesus to be delivered from a satanic family covenant, in which she was next in line to inherit from her father’s side!

This multitude of unclean spirits could not hide during the prayer line when the Spirit of God, working through the woman of God, Prophetess Evgenia, exposed every darkness hiding in the life of Ms. Grace. The Prophetess rebuked the spirit, which confessed: “I am the throne. I blocked her, I injected sickness in her body! She was next in line in the throne of darkness, her father was reigning, and she refused to be my queen. She has interrupted our protocols. We must kill her so the next successor can take the crown. She renounced her royalty, the crowns… We can do nothing unless she dies, so the next one can take the crown. We live in her belly. The throne is in her belly. We are the legion!”.

Indeed, after the service, Ms. Grace confirmed that ever since her father died, she was next in line to take up the covenant of witchcraft the family had kept for many generations before her. Being the only child from her mother and father, she was told at a young age that her father was told that he could only marry a woman who was already in witchcraft, but instead he married a Christian woman. Thanks to her mother, she build the good habit of going to church and learning about God.


She stated that when she was young, her family wanted her to take part in a covenant ritual, but she never did. By renouncing and not agreeing to be part of this witchcraft covenant, she interrupted Satan’s plan for her family. The forces of darkness, expecting the witchcraft to pass through the father’s bloodline to his daughter, were not prepared for the decision Ms. Grace made to renounce this inherited covenant. It thus inflicted her with a variety of ailments: fibroids, infertility, hormonal imbalance. As if this was not enough, she lost her job and this brought anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem. Consequently, she would sometimes faint unexpectedly and she would be hospitalised at emergency rooms!

Yet Jesus never said goodbye, and He indeed extended His grace into her situation, exposing and expelling the darkness. Ms. Grace’s predicament seemed helpless, but no kingdom or dark force can take root or be sustained in the presence of God! She is now happy, full of peace, while she promised her Creator to serve Him every day of her life!

Truly, every unclean spirit can only bow before the power of Jesus Christ! If you have made the decision to faithfully follow Jesus Christ, do not be afraid of the challenges of the enemy, stand firm in your faith and see how God will act for you!


Mrs. Denisa from Romania, resident of Thessaloniki, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica for another blessed Sunday, seeking a Word from the Lord that would help her come closer to her breakthrough!

During the laying of hands, as Prophet Sorin was praying for her, the Holy Spirit gave her a prophetic word, telling her the following: “Forget about your past. The Lord brought you here to build your character and fulfil His purpose of your life! Forget about your past! Every time offence comes, forgive! Don’t keep it inside you, so that you can move forward! The Lord loves you!”.


Mrs. Denise later mentioned that everything the man of God said was true. More precisely, she said that, a few months ago, her grandfather and grandmother who raised her as if they were her parents passed away, since her mother was still a teenager when she gave birth to her. The grandparents of Mrs. Denisa raised her for 5 years, but later, they were unable to continue her upbringing, so she was admitted to an orphanage. Mrs. Denisa thus lived in there until the age of 17. She added that it was very difficult for her as she was scared, having used to living with her parents. Also, the administrators of the orphanage didn’t allow her grandparents to visit her during the first five months, so she could get used to the fact that she would be separated from them from now on.


Additionally, she mentioned that she felt guilty because when her grandparents passed away, she felt like she should have done more for them while they were still alive! These past few months, those thoughts affected her a lot as she would have nightmares of the moment they passed every night. She would always think about what more she could have done for them and she was tormented by these thoughts.

Even so, in the midst of setback, people need hope, and Jesus Christ is the hope! Mrs. Denisa now believes that God brought her to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica in order for her to develop her character and be led into a better future! In fact, she believes that God has a great future for her and that her calling is to be used by God in order to help people who go through what she went through in the orphanage!

In closing, she thanked God for His guidance and she promised to never hold onto offence any more, as she will release forgiveness and she will do what God tells her to do!

If you wonder why your life isn’t moving forward, it is because your heart is bound by unforgiveness! But if you forgive and let go of offence, something will happen to you that cannot be explained by the natural mind. 

The following pictures depict the power of God working in people’s lives in a miraculous way, bringing freedom, healing, breakthrough and all of God’s blessings to those who have come to Him in faith and sincerity of heart!

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