A few days after the change of the year, believers gathered once again to glorify the name of Jesus Christ in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica! With songs of worship and praise, people from all nations wanted to show their gratitude for all that God Almighty has done in their lives!

With zeal and hunger, the believers welcomed Prophetess Evgenia who had prepared a message entitled: “MAKE GOD HAPPY”.


The message aimed to redefine the hearts of the believers regarding love, forgiveness and offering, as those elements in our lives make God happy with us. Her first biblical passage was 1 John 3:18-20: “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence: If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything”. The Prophetess underlined the many of us choose to offend and insult others with our actions, we choose not to be a solution to the problems of others, and this is against what the Word of God teaches us. This occurs because a man can be a Christian in profession and yet not such in heart.

Offence, bitterness and unforgiveness are the most common reasons why human relationships are destroyed today. A typical example she gave to the people of God to enable them to understand and realise the seriousness of the issue was the story of Cain and Abel. If Cain had not held offence in his heart, he could have asked Abel for his counsel so that his own sacrifice could also be acceptable to the Lord, but he chose to harbour the spirit of unforgiveness and destroy his fellowship with God!

While explaining that the Word of God contains countless examples of genuine forgiveness, she took her last biblical quote from 1 Peter 1:22: “Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart”. If we want to make God happy, we must allow Him to cleanse our hearts because it is not our weakness that matters to God, but our willingness to get out of it!

Concluding the message, the Prophetess stressed that Christians should change the way they live in order to see a change in their lives, and this is because it is not the year that makes us new; we make the year new by the way we live it! If you made the decision today to change your approach to life, you need to learn to forgive, and then you will see change in your life!



The day was full of joy for Mr. Sebastian from Romania who stood before the people of God and declared the greatness of the Lord in his life!

Recounting what happened a few months ago, he spoke of the privilege he had to participate in the prayer line of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. On that day he received the following prophecy through the man of God Harry: “Satan does not attack useless people, if you were useless, satan would not bother with you, but because you have a wonderful future in Christ, that is why he wants to entangle you and make you fall. You just need to be strong in your faith, be strong in the Lord, and you will see that God will turn your weaknesses into strength. Thank you for your sincerity (pointing at the placard). When you come to God, this is how you should come, be open. You’re on a very good path already! Second, your life will move to another level soon, it is happening already, you are moving to another level, you won’t be who you are now, God is with you!”.


Wanting to confirm that the prophet’s words were correct, Mr. Sebastian recalled his childhood, when he used to hang out in an internet café with other children his age, playing various computer games and spending time on social media. However, one – seemingly innocent – visit to this place was more than enough to poison important areas of his life. A typical example was his sudden desire to masturbate and his addiction to pornography, although the way he was brought up by his parents was not contributing to the development of this behaviour. As time went on, he became more and more immersed in watching such videos, to the point where he no longer wished to talk to his parents or have social interactions.

As a natural consequence, his school performance declined, as it was difficult for Mr. Sebastian to stay focused during his lessons, constantly thinking about people of the opposite sex. Thus, his isolation from family and friends was for a fact…

Another issue that hurt him was the fact that, while he was preparing to marry the woman he had been having a relationship with for the previous years, the latter suddenly announced that she wanted to break up. The emotional cost was great for Mr. Sebastian, with him trying to heal his wounds in vain through his addiction to pornography.

A third blow to him was the bad dreams he was having. For instance, in his dreams he found himself flying over tall buildings and felt a demonic presence accompanied by sleep paralysis! Also, in one nightmare he saw that he was in the same room with a snake. He attempted to remove it by throwing an object at it, and while he thought the snake was gone, it was on his back!

At first, he was unaware of the spiritual background of what he was experiencing; his knowledge of God was limited to formal visits to the church. At the urging of his brothers, however, he visited a church to receive help and guidance. However, upon his return to Romania, his bad habits returned. This time Mr. Sebastian was determined to find a solution to his problem and seek the Lord, because he knew he needed deliverance, being full of self-judgment and fear.

After a conversation he had with Prophet Harry, the latter encouraged him to remain in Greece and in the church. Now, the addiction to pornography has ceased and the bad dreams are a thing of the past, despite the devil’s attempt to influence him with a sexual dream after he received deliverance, as Mr. Sebastian stood strong in the belief that Jesus Christ had already delivered him! As he confessed the victory of our Lord in his life, he slept again and in his dream he saw Prophet Harry praying over him and an old woman leaving him!

Nevertheless, he did not receive only one prophecy but two, since he received the following word from the man of God Stavros: “You are very emotional. This stops you from growing in your faith, you cannot grow! This is how you were born, very emotional. From today, start differentiating, faith is not an issue of feelings. Every time an emotion comes to you and say, ‘You should do this!’, say no! Examine everything under the light of the Word of God, this is how you can grow, otherwise I see you going back. Make the decision, abandon your emotions, faith has nothing to do with emotions!”.


In confirmation of this prophetic word, Mr. Sebastian said that he was shy as a young man. At the time, it was normal for him as he grew older, however, he realised that he was not. In fact, as the years went by, his reluctance to have no contact with the people around him grew.

For example, when visitors came to his house, he was not comfortable with them, he was often overwhelmed with negative feelings in their presence, thinking what they thought of him! In addition, he did not want to be part of the youth group of the church he was a member of, he wished to sit alone in his home. Also, whenever he was told that he was a prisoner of his emotions, he took it with a heavy heart and felt weak. For his condition, he blamed everyone, even God and his own people…

Naturally as a consequence, his career did not flourish. Although there were opportunities to get a promotion, he preferred to quit his job when he became uncomfortable with the people around him. To illustrate, within two months he changed his workplace four times!

All of this, however, is not the present in Mr. Sebastian’s life and certainly not his future! After the anointed prayers he received from God’s servants, he has made tremendous progress in the area of emotions, able to fully control them! Glad that Jesus Christ intervened in his life, he promised to seek Him with all his heart, and finally advised the congregation to find a living church with a genuine servant of God!

The enemy’s attack against you is proof that you have a great calling! Approach God with sincerity of heart, and you will see how the Lord will turn your scars into stars!



Mrs. Pauline traveled from Germany to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica in order to meet the Great Healer, Jesus Christ! Indeed, God answered her prayers, as He had already prepared her freedom! When she joined the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia prayed for her and an unclean spirit manifested. Then, the Prophetess commanded the demon to confess how it destroyed her life and it said: “Death! Death in the family because they serve God! I don’t want them to serve God! I want to kill her, she is disturbing me a lot. She prays too much, she prays, she prays! I’m tired. Let me go! Jesus Christ everywhere! She loves Jesus Christ too much. I couldn’t kill her! Let me go. I tried to kill her so many times. I want to kill her family. All of them are disturbing me. Prayer, prayer, nonsense… They pray every day! The man is praying all the time. Her children pray all the time. The mother is praying all the time. Destruction! She forgot that she is a servant of God and I entered. I entered the moment she stopped praying!”.


Glory be to Jesus Christ who hears the prayers of His children and sets them free from their bondage! Filled with gratitude, after the service, Mrs. Pauline spoke about how satan tried to destroy her and her family. As she said, every day she, her husband and her children prayed, sometimes she even woke up in the middle of the night to pray.

As for the death to which the demon was referred, she confirmed that, indeed, it had tried to kill her. She went into a coma three times and almost died! In fact, once she died and came back to life! Also, when her brothers were at the ages of 17 and 20, some people killed them… Later, her father also died! In addition, emphasising that the devil affected the whole family, she also spoke about her grandmother who had the habit of calling upon demonic spirits and kept a snake in her room!

This demon affected every area of her life as well as her finances. As she said, she and her husband were not working because of the many illnesses they were dealing with and even coming to church was very difficult. Evidently, her health was affected by this unclean spirit and she ended up having many diseases such as anaemia.

Later, she talked about the ministry she and her spouse have in which people have been coming and going. As she said, even if 20 believers came to their church one time, the next month there would be 6 left…

She also confirmed that while she was constantly praying and fasting even for 40 days, at some point she stopped praying and then the unclean spirit took over! Therefore, she realised that something was going wrong in her life and she needed a touch from Heaven. The moment Prophetess Evgenia touched her, she felt she had lost her strength and fell down. From that moment on she felt free, blessed and happy!

With joy in her heart she promised God Almighty that she will serve Him for the rest of her life and that she will help other people!

Whenever you face uncommon challenges, don’t despair. It may be to prepare you for the uncommon blessings that await you, because uncommon blessings always attract uncommon challenges. Thus, never let your challenges stop you from praying without ceasing because God has already planned your breakthrough!



Mr. Sami from the Netherlands came to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive the breakthrough that would mark a new year and a new beginning in his relationship with God!

Indeed, during the prayer line, the Holy Spirit, through prophetess Eugenia, gave Mr. Sami the following prophetic word: “I see that sometimes there is anger. Anger comes into your life and you start fighting left and right. This is not from you, this is an attack! This attack comes so that you don’t love your fellow man, do bad things, so that the devil can put you in jail. That was his purpose. But, because you came here today, you will be set free and also receive a financial opening!”

Mr. Sami started by mentioning that 3 months ago, when his wife came home from work at midnight, she started telling him some things about his past. Mr. Sami did not want to listen to her and angrily packed his things to leave the house because of all that was said. However, his wife tried to change his mind so that he would not leave. Nevertheless, determined to escape from her, he told her that he would either die or go to prison, if they continued to live together. He had given up all hope of living with her. His wife tried to keep him, but he wanted to get away from her. The only thing he could do to escape her was to hit her. Mr. Sami knew that if he hit her that day, his wife would call the police and he would be taken to jail…


There were also issues with his first wife, due to anger. On one particular occasion, his first wife had called the police, as he was quite upset. While being furious, he closed the door on his ex-wife, and did not allow her to enter the house. He threatened her that if she went inside, he would kill her. Mr. Sami’s wife felt threatened by his words and, as a result, she sought help from her neighbors, who called the police. When the police arrived, they broke down the door of the apartment, arrested him and took him to the police station.

He pointed out that anger led him to divorce his wives. His anger issues was also the reason he went to jail two times!

In addition, he mentioned that for 2-3 years he was angry with an uncle of his, because he did not receive the help he expected from him! Furthermore, as far as the financial sector is concerned, although he has been in Europe for 37 years, he had not experienced any breakthrough whatsoever. Even though he works, after the end of the month, whatever money he received from his job, he gave it to debts and generally to various expenses…

Having lived through all these negative experiences, he realised that anger stood as a barrier between him and God’s blessings in his life. With a spirit of repentance, therefore, he opened the way for Jesus Christ to bring freedom and blessing upon him! He specifically added that he had been waiting for the day of his deliverance for a long time. He thanks God for the prophetic word and his promise to the Great Deliverer is to stay close to Him daily and live according to His will!

Satan uses our weaknesses as bait, to prevent us from running the straight race with God! Do not allow your weaknesses to distance you from the Creator. Run to God, so that He becomes the strength in your weaknesses, the strength in your limitations! Then, you will see that better is not enough, because the best is yet to come!



Mrs. Edith from France visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive a breakthrough in her life and a solution to the problems that had plagued her for years, believing what the Word of God says in the book of Isaiah 53:5: “ But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed”.

During the prayer line, God wanted to give a final answer to all the problems that tormented her, revealing to His anointed servant, man of God Sorin, a wonderful prophetic word, which marked the beginning of a new life: “Bad dreams! I see satan attacking you through bad dreams; nightmares. Every time it comes it brings frustration, disappointment, and it is like you do not feel like moving on. But God tells you today to move on because he is with you! He will disconnect you today from all these chains that are coming through dreams, but stand on the Word of God to maintain what god gives you. You are free, in Jesus’ name!”.


As God located her in His grace and mercy, Mrs. Edith, full of joy, wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received, saying that she had sexual relations in the dreams she had. The frustration and stagnation in her life had started from her teenage years, when she faced various difficulties while going to school. The act of this unclean spirit later extended to her professional life too. She had been looking for a job for years, trying to get hired somewhere. When she finally succeeded, unfortunately, she could not keep the job. The reason was that there were many misunderstandings with her colleagues and employers. She described that it was impossible to keep a job for more than a year! Each time she had hope that she would succeed, but, suddenly, something would happen and everything would change. These events would cause her anxiety and worry about the future, which in turn caused various pains in her body.

She also added that she was also facing problems in her family with her husband and daughter. Things were not going well, there were arguments, misunderstandings and fights between them.

Now, however, after God Almighty revealed to her the root of her problems, she believes with all her heart that this ivine word given to her will bring permanent freedom, healing and breakthrough to her life! Full of gratitude to God, she promised to follow Him faithfully, obey His Word and put into practice everything God spoke to her!

If we come to God with an open heart and faith, He is ready to deliver us, heal us, bless us and give us a permanent solution to our problems! The Word of God in Hebrews 11:6 states that without faith it is impossible for anyone to please Him, because he who comes to God must believe that He is and becomes a Rewarder of those who seek Him.



Mr. Johanes came from Bulgaria to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations of Thessalonica, in order to meet the presence of God and receive a divine touch from the Holy Spirit During the Prayer Line.

During the Prayer Line, Mr. Johanes was privileged to receive a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit through the man of God, Sorin. His words were: “The enemy is attacking you through negative thoughts! Negative thoughts! And whilst these thoughts you agree with, they will begin to influence your conduct, your emotion, your confession and everything about you. God will separate you from all this things now but make sure you have in your heart in your thoughts – the word so that you think, confess and act according to the Word and see breakthrough in all areas of your life!”.

Furthermore, as he received a prayer from prophetess Evgenia, the Spirit of God spoke with the following prophetic word: “You must watch your diet because I see you having problems with your genitals in the future. You will not be able to have sexual intercourse with a woman. So, you have to watch your diet, have a good diet. The Lord will help you. Surrender your heart to the Lord because you need spiritual renovation and daily study of the Word of God!”.


At the end of the service, he confirmed that what was said by God’s servants was true. He clarified that the first prophecy can be divided into two categories. The first category would be his fears, which came from his family. He explained that his father became ill at a young age and also his uncle died in a car accident at a young age. So his fear was that if there is a curse in the family, he would also get sick at that very age. His father fell ill in his 40s and this issue tormented him all his life!


In addition, he spoke about the second part of the first prophecy, his negative thoughts, and explained that in the last 20 years, especially when he went to the art academy in Amsterdam, as society in his country normalises perversion, drugs, homosexuality, etc., he began to think that all this is normal in the form of art, new ideas. But in reality this was a trap of the enemy. People often embrace these practices that lead them away from God and transform them into unstable people who follow every new wave that comes along, but this breaks the relationship with God and makes us lost.

This normalization of morals and ethics affected Mr. Johanes to such an extent that he lost touch with God… Later, visibly affected, he explained that in the Netherlands most people actually do not have faith anymore. And that makes them like dry grass. They go where the wind blows and start thinking that all is well!

Because he has two sons, his concerns turned to this area as well, as they grow up in such a progressive environment, in this society where there is a lot of perversion all over the internet.

Aware of the trap of being in bad company, he confessed that in his teenage years, while a student, he went to clubs, drank a lot of alcohol, went to parties and had relationships with many girls. But, all this was normal for him at the time.

Confirming that the second prophecy is true, he pointed out that in the past 20 years he has developed some bad habits. Like drinking a lot every day… Upon receiving this revealing prophecy, he realised that if he didn’t change this habit and also start exercising, then perhaps his biggest fear that he mentioned above would come true.

Deeply grateful for the spiritual awakening he received, he promised God to stop his addiction to alcohol and expressed his joy at feeling complete liberation and seeing himself grow old with beautiful grandchildren along with his wife.



It was the first Sunday gathering of the year at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Thessaloniki, as well as a brand new beginning for those who visited and followed the prayer line.

Among those who received prayer was Mr. Haruna, who was suffering from various diseases, including hypertension. The root of his diseases was later revealed when the Holy Spirit prompted his anointed servant, Prophet Stavros, to give Mr. Haruna the following prophecy: “Pray against the spirit of lust, because the root of the problems, of the health problems, is sin. Sin is the cause of problems! Once you get rid of sin, all the problems will go. God will forgive you today, will help you to recover, but come close to him. don’t continue your own way of sin, it will not lead you anywhere. You need spiritual healing, not just healing. You need healing that will remain. Remember Jesus saw the cripple man in the temple and told him, ‘Don’t sin again, otherwise something worse will happen”. So, from today, follow Christ in order to receive a spiritual healing and confess whatever the devil has done to your life. Expose everything and you will be completely free!”.


Indeed, Mr. Haruna confirmed the prophecy given to him and confessed that he had been unfaithful to his wife in the past. More precisely, Mr. Haruna explained that he was addicted to pornography, which led him to lie to his wife and instead of thinking about her, his mind was full of lustful thoughts. He also had relationships with women even in his dreams! All of this resulted in him losing attraction to his wife, cheating and lying to the people around him. Additionally, Mr. Haruna stopped going to church from 2021 due to a heated argument, resulting in him losing his friends. In fact, he once argued so fiercely with his colleagues that, as a result, he ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with high blood pressure!

Immediately after the prophecy, Mr. Haruna felt a change in his body, stating that before the prophecy, his throat was constantly dry. However, without consuming water, he felt the saliva begin to flow normally like before, curing the dryness. Believing that he is completely free, he promised God Almighty not to sin anymore and truly love others from now on!

There is hope for anyone who chooses to turn away from sin, no matter how bad it is! If you truly repent, no matter how dirty you are, Jesus can make you clean!

Thoughts are like currents moving in the air. They are capable of drawing you towards God or away from God. Yes, indeed, your thoughts are capable of bringing you blessing or denying you blessing. The pictures below depict the raw power of God at work in people’s lives, offering freedom, healing and every other Heavenly blessing! All the glory belongs to Jesus Christ for His insurmountable love for us!

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  1. Naledi - Finland

    Very uplifting teachings. I am so encouraged and my prayers is for God to give me the grace to love Him with all my heart, my soul and with all my mind. What a father we have! Ohh Lord be glorified in my life! I am learning to trust God absolute enough. God is great!


    Praise the Lord Man of God . Thanks you so much for the teachings . PLEASE keep posting these teachings . Thanks


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