People gathered from near and far at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica with hearts full of hope and expectation, believing that God would impart a Word or a touch that would meet them at the point of their needs. As the congregation began to praise and give thanksgiving to the Lord, their hearts lifted, filled with faith and joy for what God was about to do in their lives.

During the course of the service, Prophet Sorin shared an eye-opening message entitled: “REPENTANCE REOPENS THE DOOR TO OUR DESTINY” intended to awaken all those listening to be aware of the state of their fellowship with God, and rather than blaming the enemy, to become aware of whether they are the ones standing in the way of their own progress.

The man of God began his message by saying that for many Christians, in their daily walk with the Lord, they see that our communion with God is not stable. Many are finding it difficult to create a good habit of reading the Bible daily, and because they have become very familiar and complacent with the things of God, they are also finding it difficult to be diligent with what they promise to God. Even if they take one step forward, they then take two steps backward…When this happens, our immediate tendency when faced with unwanted circumstances is to immediately look for whom to blame— satan, the government or even economic crisis and the people around us! Yet, our failure to admit our wrong prevents our harmony with God, thereby creating an invisible barrier between us and God, highlighted the servant of God.

He further explained, that when we see that our journey with God is not moving from glory to glory, very few of us have the courage to look at ourselves and wonder if there is something that we ourselves are doing that is hindering our being able to move forward. Using Peter as an example to demonstrate how many of us make solemn promises to God yet have become too familiar with Him, the man of God Sorin shared this passage from the book of Mark 14: 27-31, “‘You will all fall away,’ Jesus told them, ‘for it is written: ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.’  But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.’ Peter declared, ‘Even if all fall away, I will not.’ ‘Truly I tell you,’ Jesus answered, “‘today–yes, tonight–before the rooster crows twice, you yourself will disown me three times.’ But Peter insisted emphatically, ‘Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.’ And all the others said the same thing.”

Although Peter experienced walking on water and he walked so closely with his Master, in His final hour, he demonstrated a fault — familiarity, and said words he eventually failed to honour. The prophet pointed out that when we are in this position we are on very dangerous ground. Jesus was warning, yet he refused to accept what the Lord was telling him. Though he had good intentions, he had the wrong approach.

Later, the prophet explained that the pain Peter felt when he realised that indeed he did deny Jesus Christ as He prophesied, brought true repentance. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ’s greatest love is in the fact that he has given us the opportunity to correct our mistakes!

Finally, the man of God encouraged believers that because of Christ’s great love, there is always hope! God doesn’t need our sacrifices to wipe away the product of sin, but rather that we come with repentance! When repentance is genuine and done according to God’s standards, guilt, shame, and condemnation will vanish, he added! Your conscience will be free because pardon puts perfect peace in the heart in the one who truly repents. Therefore, let us come before God in humility and sincerity of mind, for He is always ready to readmit His people to the right position in His glory!


During the testimonies, the presence of God filled the room, as those in attendance listened in awe to what Mrs. Angelique narrated. It was a stirring testimony that confirmed once again that God’s power is incomprehensible!

Mrs. Angelique came from the Netherlands to give thanks to God for the miracles she received about a year ago. When she came, she was suffering from anemia and multiple fibroids. It all started in 2009 when she gave birth to her daughter. Since then, every time her period would come, she would bleed for several days nonstop and the blood was coming out like pieces of meat. More specifically, she mentioned that sometimes her period lasted two or three months without cease. The gynecologists who visited her were giving her medication, but instead of being helped, her condition got worse! So, the solution that the doctors suggested was to have her uterus removed, or if she chose not to have it removed, to have some injections every two months.

Having chosen the second option, she was constantly going to the hospital. Also, due to excessive bleeding, she developed anemia. Because of the anemia, she constantly felt tired, weak, and many times when she walked, she felt like an old woman, when in reality she was only 36 years old. In fact, many times she would lose consciousness and faint wherever she was. While at the same time, she was studying, and because of this condition she couldn’t go to school. As she said, one day she would go and the next day she wouldn’t. When she had her period, instead of using pads like all women, she used incontinence diapers and actually changed them every 30 minutes! In addition, because of the many medications she was taking for the bleeding and anemia, she developed rashes on her hands.

All these problems also affected her mental state as she could not socialise and felt lonely and ashamed of herself. People who knew her saw that she was sick every day, so they gave her a bad nickname. Every time she would hear what they called her when she was alone, she felt so bad that she cried. It also affected her relationship with her daughter, as her daughter couldn’t understand her situation and called her lazy, she was saying that she didn’t want to work and that she wanted to sleep all day.

Another unfortunate incident that Mrs. Angelique suffered was the sudden death of her husband in 2012, as he went to sleep one night and never woke up. In the pain and the despair she was experiencing, people around her told her that she was responsible for her husband’s death and that she had killed him! Due to this situation, she had many negative thoughts. All of the above led her to lose the hope of finding meaning in her life…

After a few years, if a man would try to get close to her, she would always turn them down, so she never moved on with her life. Many times, she prayed and asked God why she had to go through this desperate situation and she doubted whether God would really help her. She was dealing with all of these for 14 long years.

At that time, Mrs. Angelique brought her medical reports and showed them to the audience. These medical reports referred to the excessive blood loss, to the point that she had to undergo surgery to limit the loss and to the anemia. Moreover, her blood was not at normal levels. Finally, some photographs depicted the rashes on her arms and the swelling on her abdomen, due to multiple fibroids.

Mrs. Angelique’s brother, Mr. Eric, then took the floor. Confirming everything Mrs. Angelique had said earlier, Mr. Eric said she was like a dead woman and that there was no life and joy in her. One day, however, he had a dream of the Greek flag and received a revelation that he had to come to Greece. So, he began to search and discovered that the man of God Ηarry was in Greece. Therefore, they decided to come to the church.

Because of the serious financial problems, however, that Mrs. Angelique, as she spent all her money on the medication she was given by the doctors, she had to borrow money to be able to travel to Greece.

When they arrived at the church, Mrs. Angelique felt the presence of God and with faith, she confessed that this was her last stop and that she was not going to go back the same! Then, as the service began and it was time for the testimonies, a man shared his testimony. His testimony had to do with an anointed hymn that God had given him. Then the man who was sharing his testimony began to sing this anointed hymn and the angels of God came down and began to arrest the unclean spirits that were in the people as well as giving healing! At that moment, Mrs. Angelique began to hear loudly a voice saying to her, “The wind of Heaven is here!” Hence, while she had closed her eyes, she saw smoke in the church! Then, she began to feel pieces of blood coming out of her. She ran to the bathroom and, indeed, her sanitary napkin was full of blood and large clots of blood! It was the moment that God began to cleanse her of the fibroids!

Of course, God’s miracle did not stop there, during the prayer line, while the Man of God, Harry, was praying for her, an unclean spirit manifested itself from within her and said the following: “I am her father. I have destroyed her! I made her useless. I don’t want her to serve the Lord. She loves God so much. She always destroys my altars. I destroyed her finances. She’s always in debt… She cries day and night for her family. She even borrowed money to come. She has nothing. She has no money. I stole all her money. I don’t want her to prosper! My covenant. She always destroys my things. Prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer… Why?”.

As the deliverance was taking place, at that moment Mrs. Angelique felt like an axe was hitting her head and she felt like she wanted to attack the man of God. She could, however, realise that it was not her, but the demon that inside her!

May the name of Jesus Christ be glorified! A divine encounter with Jesus Christ can completely change the direction of your life! So, Mrs. Angelique’s life was completely changed! After receiving her deliverance and healing, she returned to her country, and God continued to cleanse her womb! The fibroids were falling out of her womb, one by one! When they stopped coming out a few months after praying, then she visited a gynecologist for a check-up. When the gynecologist examined her, he told her that there was not a single fibroid inside her uterus! Also, her hematocrit was up to normal values and she has no anemia! In addition, she has no bleeding, her hands were healed completely and even her back pain has disappeared! Literally, God restored her life completely!

Now, it is happiness that rules her life and she has big dreams for the future! As she said, she desires to open an orphanage. As for her relationship with God, she invests time every day in prayer and study, filled with thus pouring her heart with joy!

Through her own blessing she wants to bless others, she advised all Christians to never lose hope in Jesus Christ, regardless of the challenges they face, because the same Jesus Christ who healed her can heal them! Finally, she promised to serve the Lord until the end of her life!

Certainly, the Word of God teaches us that if we appreciate God for what He has done in our lives, then He will do it again and again and again! That is what happened with Mrs. Angelique! After sharing her wonderful testimony and blessed all the believers, God wanted to reward her gratitude, so He gave her a prophetic word during the prayer line from the man of God Stavros. The prophetic word was as follows: I see a breakthrough in your finances, a big breakthrough! Make sure you honour God through this. God has already blessed you a lot, but because He sees that you appreciate Him, He wants to add to it! So, we expect to hear your testimony – how after today God has blessed you!”

Confirming the prophetic word to be true, she said that during her flight to Greece, she received notice from the Dutch government that they had made a mistake and that they would give her €30,000 in compensation. For her Mrs. Angelique this money was necessary because, due to her health conditon, she was unable to pay the money. In recent years, she had accumulated a lot of debts and she had to borrow money from other people in order to be able to survive several times. Even for her visit to the church, her brother had paid for her tickets.

She said that after the prophetic word she received from the man of God Stavros, her faith has been encouraged and she wishes to invest her money in giving and helping people!

When God sets us free, He sets us free completely and He does it for the salvation of our souls! If you too have received a gift from God, it is your obligation to testify for it and praise God for His greatness in your life, and when you do, prepare to receive the mother of miracles!


Ms. Rose, from the United States of America, saw the hand of God working miraculously in her life, as He located her and delivered her from the chains of darkness that were holding her in bondage for many years!

While she was receiving prayer from the man of God Stavros in the prayer line, an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying the following: “Leave me alone! I want to kill her, why are you protecting her? I am who I am! Go away, leave me alone, I’ve killed her, with her family, all of them, her finances, everything! She has nothing… I entered her through her mother! I’ve destroyed everything, they have nothing, I’ve been inside her all her life! I want to kill her, she thinks she knows everything, but she knows nothing!” After the man of God declared her free, Ms. Rose wanted to confirm all that the unclean spirit confessed!

She started by saying that in her family everyone works very hard, but they have always had only a small piece of success that very easily turned into a state of poverty, to the point of not having enough to eat and needing financial support from others! In particular, she explained that since the day she married her husband, he could not hold a steady job, and this affected the atmosphere in the house, as she was the only one bringing money into the family. So, in this bad financial situation they were in, they became full of debts that they could not repay.

This demon also affected the academic lives of her family members, starting with her husband, whose degree from Kenya could not be recognised in America. Then her son faced the same problem and finally, her daughter found it extremely difficult to graduate from school.

Regarding her behaviour, in 2019 she was fired from her job and, as she was leaving, she was asked if she was carrying a weapon with her because she had very aggressive behaviour. The same was the case with her family members, they always asked her why she was so aggressive and harsh. This resulted in her keeping to herself and not having social relationships, even with members of the church she was a member of. The lack of socialising with others was something that her children also faced, as they had no friends either and although they are now of adult age, they are not yet married.

Finally, many times she had various dreams, such as snakes trying to bite her or even many times trying to choke her in the dream! When this happened, she would contact her mother who would send her various herbs…

Mrs. Rose is now happy that God has delivered her, she is determined to follow God in faith and promises to follow Him forever, making God’s Word her guide for life!

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy! Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil! Believe in Jesus Christ, and you will see your life changed!


Wanting to receive direction from God and to know what purpose he was created for, Mr. Lubasi travelled from the UK to Greece to take part in the prayer line of SCOAN Thessalonica!

During the laying of hands, Mr. Lubasi was privileged to receive a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Sorin. His words were as follows: “God wants to use you! I am seeing you as a minister of the Word of God. So, what you have to do is to pray and ask God for redirection to see where He wants you to be and whom God wants you to be trained from. Do this, and God will show the path that you have to go to. Don’t worry about the other things, the other things will get solved, in Jesus’ name!.

Wanting to confirm the prophetic words given to him by Heaven, he said that from an early age he had dreams in which God showed him that people were coming to him with various problems and they would leave being happy! In addition, he spoke of how he received positive comments from many people in the ministries he was helping, as they told him that he would become a man of God, while admiring his sense of responsibility. However, he was interested in learning God’s opinion on himself and not the opinion of people.

But the course of his life turned out differently. He had gone into business, specializing in computed tomography. While at first it seemed like he had a breakthrough in his career, he ended up in debt. Looking for a way out, he started using his business money, investing in other businesses to earn money and investing it back into his own. In 2019, he had made one of the biggest investments, but all the money he invested was lost because of the economic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also tried investing in Africa as well, without a positive outcome, however. He tried hard to make it, exhausted every opportunity that came his way, but in the end, he only counted losses…

Now, after receiving a heavenly prophecy, he believes that God is in control and that He will take over every area of his life! Finally, he promises to leave all his worries to Him and remain committed and obedient to God’s Word so that he can be guided by God all the days of his life, fulfilling the calling revealed to him by his Heavenly Father!

As children of God, it does not mean that we will not go through difficulties, challenges, poverty and sickness. However, it is not what we go through that matters, but how we go through it, that is, how we manage it. Everything we go through is for our spiritual benefit!


Coming from Belgium, Mr. Eric had a desire within him to seek the face of God and receive direction for his life, and God did not disappoint him!

As he was receiving prayer from the Prophet Stavros, the latter conveyed to him the following words from the Spirit of God: “What you did today (coming to church) is not by chance, because you have a heart for God and for people. God wants to use you! Firstly, to preach His Word and then to help people especially in the area of charity. Continue to follow God and as you step into your divine calling, you will see great things happen in your life! Now you may be struggling, ‘I need a breakthrough, I don’t have a job, I don’t know what to do’, but the moment you will start to do His work, His works, you will see great, wonderful breakthrough! People will start coming to you to receive help and be inspired by you! We expect you to come back to share your testimony with us, of how God has blessed you after you started following your calling! God is aware of your concerns and this is why you are here today, so that you will learn what is the purpose of God for your life! Don’t worry. No matter your doubts, today this is why you are here, God has revealed His calling for your life and from today your life will never be the same! So, no need to doubt God’s will for you, but you need training, you need a mentor to train you!”.

Clearly happy that God honoured his faith, Mr. Eric later gave some more details about the prophecy he received. He mentioned that although he had seen Prophet T. B. Joshua in his dreams, associating with him and seeing himself preaching God’s Word or casting out demons, he did not feel completely confident of his calling. In general, he was in a dilemma as to which path to follow in life.

In addition, his financial situation was not good at all. He had no place of his own to live and had been unemployed for the last 7 years. All of the above made him wonder what was going wrong in his situation.

However, because Mr. Eric saw his situation as a reason to draw even closer to God, the Lord gave him clear instruction on what he should do from now on, through the prophetic word! Now, he has made the decision to focus on the work of God, making it a priority for him! Finally, he has promised to live his life according to God’s will!

As it is written in Psalm 145:18, it is certain that when you seek God with all your heart, you will find Him! May you seek the Lord with a sincere heart, and the Lord will reveal Himself to you!

Who said the age of miracles is a thing of the past? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! As He healed in the past, so He heals today, as He delivered then, so He delivers now! Whatever your problem may be, there is no problem that Jesus Christ cannot solve!

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  1. MacLean Mphenzi

    To God be the glory for ever and ever, I thank God for the prophecy given to Mr Eric ,It has encouraged me so much to see Jesus in good light that indeed He is a miracle worker, and the age of miracles has not yet gone. We thank God always for clear evidence that He is reliable in everything.


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