A wonderful Sunday service took place and, once again, the Lord honoured those present with His presence, filling their hearts with peace, joy and praise!

During the service, Prophet Harry took the floor to give valuable lessons to the believers through his personal story!

He began by addressing the congregation about whether the life they live is one full of joy, peace, love and purpose, because, as he said, Jesus Christ has a purpose for everyone’s life! He recounted how the Lord called him to discover His purpose for his life, as no matter what he did, did not give him the satisfaction he desired. While he was living a seemingly successful life and lacked nothing in terms of material possessions – a car, a house, a good job, money – he felt a void inside him that he could not fill with anything… So, he decided to fast and pray to learn what was God’s purpose for his life.

Emphasising that Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ and not a religion, he let the audience know that God expects to see your genuine willingness to discover the truth from Him. Citing the example of Jesus Christ being tempted by satan as he was led to fast and pray into the wilderness by the Spirit of God, he urged believers to follow the instruction God puts in their hearts!

Delving into this, he said that God is spirit, therefore He has no hands, but our hands to do His work. He has no mouth, but our mouth, to speak and preach His Word and prophesy in His name. He has no feet, but our feet to go to places and be problem solvers. God desires to have a relationship with us, He wants to think with us, plan with us, speak with us, act with us, and do everything through us! Life is wonderful when we walk in the spirit, he pointed out, because we are never alone!

After much perseverance and fasting, the Lord revealed to the -now- man of God Harry, that He is calling him to do His work, something that did not surprise him, since nothing gave him joy and this revelation finally gave meaning to his life. Since he didn’t know how to do it, however, he asked God what he should do and He told him he was in the wrong country! At that time, he was in the Netherlands, so he had to return to his home country, Greece. So he did! The very next day he returned to Greece, because when God gives an instruction in righteousness, you have to act immediately, he stressed, because on the way to your calling there will be trials, obstacles, illnesses, poverty, attacks and the only way to overcome is to keep your purpose in the forefront of your mind.

The man of God also mentioned that Jesus Christ had to have 12 disciples follow Him everywhere to learn how to do God’s will, and that is because God’s children have a role to play if they want to be used by the Lord! Indeed, there is a time for everything; a time to walk with God and a time to act for God. Going even further back in time, the man of God said, as examples, that without Jesus Christ, there would be no Peter to build the church upon, like without Prophet Samuel, there would be no king David, so that Jesus Christ could come through his lineage! There must always be a master so that there can be a follower, he concluded.

As an aside, the man of God spoke about his mentor, Prophet T. B. Joshua, paying tribute to him, citing his humble, responsible and wise lifestyle and the training he provided to him, which ensured the stability of his ministry today. Furthermore, he said that God is spirit and those who believe in Him must worship Him in spirit, that is with their hearts, and in truth, that is with their exemplary lives.

He then shared the vision God showed him about the revival that is already taking place worldwide! He saw how the fire of the Holy Spirit ignited in Thessalonica and then spread to other parts of the world, until it enveloped the whole earth! He urged those in attendance to become part of this fire by submitting fully to the authority of Jesus Christ!

In closing, he called forth the man of God Daniel Adams, founder of The Supernatural Life ministry, to the stage, who visited the SCOAN Thessalonica, honoring the man of God Harry and the work he is doing in Greece!

Agreeing with what was spoken by the Prophet, Pastor Daniel Adams stated his conviction that the Spirit of God is moving in power and might in this ministry!

He then went on to mention prophet T. B. Joshua, whose contribution to his spiritual growth he duly appreciated. Rejoicing in his presence in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, he promised that he would always honour the pioneers who paved the way for the next generation and who came before him, preparing the way for the rest.

Finally, he declared that he expects to see vindication from Heaven, despite the persecution to which the church is currently subject to, giving all the glory to God! Citing a representative verse from the Beatitudes of Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:10-12, he blessed the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, reminding that those who are persecuted for the sake of God’s righteousness, their reward in Heaven will be more than physical eyes can see, for God’s grace never forsakes the righteous!


An exciting testimony was given by Mr. Richard, who came from England to give thanks to God Almighty for His love and protection in his life! All the believers were stunned and praised God in one voice for His intervention in Mr. Richard’s life!

When he came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica about 7 months ago, the man of God Harry gave him the following prophetic word: “Look at this (the necklace) … something you think is not bad to wear. But all these things represent something and become a point of contact. If it’s not God, it’s satan, if it’s not the Holy Spirit, it’s the evil spirit. So be careful of what you wear. After today, you should remove this. If you want to hang something, you can put a cross on, so that it can remind you of your relationship with God. You are very lucky you are still alive. Satan has been attacking you a lot with the intention of killing you, of taking your life. I see accidents, many things that happened that were supposed to take your life. All these accidents… when people saw what happened, they knew you weren’t supposed to be alive and secondly… your male organ… you’re weak. You cannot perform very well. So this is the end of it also!”.

Mr. Richard then recounted his story and how God intervened and gave him life, even though he came face to face with death, as the Holy Spirit revealed through the man of God. As he said, he was hearing voices for a long time telling him that he was going to die. In his dreams, and even in the physical, he saw dead people whom he knew and was with. Also, while he was driving, the voices would tell him that he was going to have an accident and that he was going to die!

One day, while he was in the car with a colleague, they finished work and they were driving back home. As his colleague was driving, suddenly, a car going in the wrong lane appeared, which was the same lane as Mr. Richard’s car! The oncoming car collided head-on with theirs and literally smashed the front of the car. Mr. Richard lost consciousness and laid there for 20 minutes, until the firefighters arrived. When they arrived, Mr. Richard woke up and realised that he could not move. Later, the ambulance arrived and helped him out of the car, taking him to the hospital. On the way, he realised how God saved him from this fatal accident and thanked Him for His grace because he knew he should not be alive after that.

This, however, was not the only accident he suffered, as another time, when he had just purchased his new car, he crashed into another vehicle, went into a ditch and was miraculously saved. His vehicle was destroyed beyond repair. The following year, he bought a car again and as he was on his way to work, he once again had an accident similar to the previous ones and once again his car was completely destroyed.

The people who witnessed the accidents could not believe how Mr. Richard was still alive. In addition to the accidents, he experienced many situations in which he was about to lose his life, but God preserved him repeatedly! To the glory of God, he brought some pictures of the last accident he suffered. He explained that when he arrived at the hospital, the doctors were surprised to see him alive after such a serious crash. As he said, they would tell him: “You’re lucky!”.

After the last accident he felt some discomfort in his back and according to the prophetic word, he had a weak erection, but after the prayer he received from the man of God Harry there is no longer any problem! He also never heard voices again telling him that he was going to have an accident or that he was going to die! The nightmares and demonic attacks in his sleep have ended and he can now powerfully fight any demonic activity through prayer! God’s blessings, however, do not stop there! By God’s grace, he was able to buy a house in England, which he had been trying to get for many years! He also obtained a taxi driver’s license and God is blessing him with prosperity through this work. He now feels that everything is working for his good!

Knowing that his life is a miracle and a gift from God, he expressed his immense joy and excitement for the privilege of being in the presence of God and sharing his miraculous testimony with his family in Christ Jesus! Thus, he advised all believers to never give up in life, but to give their best for the sake of Christ and God will reward them!

Finally, he promised that he and his family would dedicate themselves to serving God until the end of their lives!

It is a fact that those who are determined to serve the Lord in faith and in truth will face difficult situations. However, God has promised that He will be with us through every challenge that comes our way! So let us not forget that as children of God, we must be in a constant attitude of prayer, so that we can have God’s protection daily!


Mrs. Katlego from Ireland, during her visit to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, experienced the manifestation of God’s power up close and personally, unable to find words to describe her miraculous experience!

During the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia prayed for her and an unclean spirit manifested from within her with these words: “I entered her through a dream! She can’t move forward, she saw you in the dream, trying to anoint her as a prophetess, but it will not happen! I gave her unexplained sickness. She burps unstoppably, she has stomach ulcer and stomach pain! I passed it to her children! I caused poverty in the family, they tried to get into business, but it wouldn’t work!”. Then the Prophetess commanded the demon to come out of Mrs. Katlego and declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Once the service was over, Mrs. Katlego wanted to confirm the words of the demon that had been tormenting both her and her family. First, she spoke of the dream she had of the Prophetess who was about to anoint her as a woman of God, but she woke up from the dream before that could happen.

As for her health, she saw in a dream that someone was pouring chili powder down her throat and she was choking. So, she started coughing when she woke up and while she thought it might be the flu, it developed into intense and unexplained burps that were so bad that her breath would cease and she couldn’t sleep at night. This continued for 2 years and was passed on to her daughters as well, inexplicably so! The only way for them to feel somewhat relieved was to have someone press their stomach, after the consumption of water or food! The doctors did not know what the cause of the problem might have been and simply advised them not to drink tap water since it has limescale that could have a negative effect and prescribed them some tablets, which had no result at all. After a gastroscopy, they noticed some irritation in her stomach and recommended six months of medication, which she followed, but to no avail. So, she realised that what she was experiencing was demonic, as she was wasting all her money and could not find a solution.

This situation had an impact on her mental and social life as well. She did not want to associate with people because of her shame about what she was going through. She was tired every day, especially in the first six months, during which she could not eat anything, with very few exceptions. She was very angry because she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t get a job, and her dreams were very bad. Also, she would dream that she was eating meat and only remembered the bad dreams she had.

She stated that she was aware that God had called her to do His work because she prayed about it and while she was trying to get a job, she couldn’t do it, so she thought this was happening for a reason. She was reeling from poverty and her family’s financial situation was bad. They had nothing to eat after paying their rent and were like beggars. So, they enrolled in charities to get some help…

After the prayer line, delivered from every evil yoke, she is excited and thankful to God for the omnipotence He has shown in her life! She also mentioned that she saw Prophet T. B. Joshua delivering her in her dream and she is glad that she was in the right place at the right time to be set free, both spiritually and physically! Finally, she promises that she will follow Jesus Christ forever and that even if she falls, she will always get back up and turn to God!

The Word of God assures us that nothing is impossible for God, as long as we turn to Him for the perfect solution to any problem we may face!


Unable to live under the demonic yoke for any longer, Ms. Fatemah took a flight from France to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, because she knew that only Jesus Christ could bring a positive change to her life!

Ms. Fatemah joined the prayer line and as the man of God Stavros prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying the following: “She will always be poor! She will never be happy! Her son hates her! Everyone in her family is dying, she wants to save her family, but everyone hates her! I made them hate her!”. After letting the demon speak, the Prophet rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ, declaring Ms. Fatemah free once and for all!

Later, full of joy and peace, she confirmed the destructive activity of the demon in her life. Initially, she stated that her income was very low, since she receives only a benefit since she does not work due to her disability. Thus, she does not live in a regular house, but in a room.

Regarding her family, she said that she lives to take care of them, as she is the only one who can do so. This goes especially for her son, whom she tries to protect and help in life. However, in return, she has received hatred, being accused by him of casting a spell on him! Additionally, the unclean spirit has caused deaths in the family through disease. In particular, her parents and other relatives of hers suffer from diabetes. She also used to suffer from the same sickness since when she got pregnant. There was not only diabetes, however. Four of her siblings have died because of heart attacks.

It was, therefore, perfectly normal that joy was an unknown feeling to Ms. Fatemah… Even so, when God says, “Yes” to your freedom, no one can say, “No!”. Ms. Fatemah is convinced now that God Almighty has located the root cause of her problems and she is waiting to see positive changes in her life! After tasting God’s presence, she promised to serve Him until her last day on earth and to bring comfort and joy to the people around her!

Even if your situation tells you that everything is over, do not fall into despair! With Jesus Christ by your side, the best is always yet to come!


Mrs. Shehnaz from England, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to make a radical change in her life!

During the prayer line, as Prophet Stavros was praying for Ms. Shehnaz, an unclean spirit manifested through her, speaking in tongues. Then, as the man of God declared her free, he said to her: “The Lord has delivered you, so do not allow these bad thoughts, this evil spirit to come back and tell you foolish things. Anytime it comes, you will declare ‘I am free, in Jesus’ name with the blood of Jesus Christ!’”.

Moreover, as she received prayer from Prophetess Evgenia, the Spirit of God spoke the following prophetic word: “Worrying is not the solution. The devil steals your joy because he knows your weakness, and that is where he strikes, but because you came here today, God will deliver you and your family! What you need to do is to be strengthened in the spirit, which means you need to study the Word of God on a daily basis! God bless you!”.

When the service ended, she confirmed that all this sadness began 15 years ago. In more detail, her first child, they would take it to the nursery and pick it up at 20:00 in the afternoon. Their routine consisted of going to work and then simply getting back home. Because of the long hours at work, they could not spend time with their child. Therefore, her parents suggested Mrs. Shehnaz that they take the child to live with them, and thus, she decided to give her then 9-month-old son to her parents.

When she made this decision, she was sad and cried every day because she felt like she had lost her child. Time passed and eventually her child stayed with Mrs. Shehnaz’s parents for 5 long years. When they returned her child at age 5 back to her and her husband, they then had a second child. She was happy at the time, but later, when she learned that her firstborn was diagnosed with autism, she was shocked. They began to see their child crying all day, running around, being hyperactive, not listening to anything his parents would tell him. In addition, Mrs. Shehnaz and her husband couldn’t do anything. They started staying inside the house. They stopped going out to restaurants, to church, because of the noise caused by their son, who is now 9 years old.

Her mental state was affected to an extreme degree, as she thought that there was no point in living such a life, because she could not enjoy it. Many times, her child cried and she could not do anything. Even if she fed him, he would not stop crying and screaming. So, she thought about taking her life – and even tried to do so! She came to the point of committing suicide, but at that moment she heard God’s voice within her, and she did not harm herself!

She added that she used to live in India and she had a relationship with God. Yet, when she moved to England, this relationship with God stopped as there was no living church around and she struggled with studying the Word of God.

All that is in the past now! Feeling immense freedom within her, she made a promise to the Great Deliverer to study His Word daily!

When you put your problems in God’s hands, God will put His peace in you!


Mr. Isaiah came from faraway Florida in the United States of America, to be delivered from the shackles that were tormenting him for many years. Excited for the glory of Jesus Christ revealed in power and might on that blessed Sunday, he let his heart be free to receive what he was seeking!

While the man of God Harry was ministering during the laying of hands, the Holy Spirit revealed the following to him: “You love God, you want to serve Him and satan is using lust to hold you back because every time you do something bad, it will begin to affect your relationship with God. Then you don’t want to pray, you say, ‘Why should I pray? I still fall.’ Jesus Christ loves you and the reason why He is exposing this today is so that you will be free once and for all! If you take it seriously, God has exposed it, so you will be disconnected from this. You need to be disconnected. I am seeing God will be using you mightily, but if you take it like this and say, ‘Fine, I just received a prophecy’, and you are not serious about this matter, even if you reach a certain level and God starts using you, this will be the one thing that will bring your ministry down in the future. Let us first clean the house so that you are free, the battle should be on the outside, not on the inside!”.

Deeply moved, he wanted to explain all that Prophet Harry spoke about. First, he said that the problem he had with the spirit of lust began many years ago, before he even knew Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He explained that even after he met Him, he continued his past bad habits, such as masturbating, watching pornography and having sexual intercourses with women.

Every time he fell into such a sin, he felt unworthy to serve God, and in fact, many times he could not even attend church because of the guilt he felt.

His love for the Lord was always there, he knew he was called to do God’s work, but his weaknesses overwhelmed him. Now, he feels joyful that Jesus Christ has found him and set him free! He has promised to deepen his relationship with God and put into practice all that the Lord has revealed to him!

No man can say “no” to sin and “yes” to God’s righteousness without the help of the Holy Spirit! You need God in everything you do so that you can overcome the enemy of your soul!

Below we see the miraculous things that happened at the Sunday service, with the Spirit of God not only healing, delivering and blessing the believers through His servants, but also graciously giving the genuine and inexhaustible joy that only the Living God generously offers!

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