The believers in the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica enjoyed another wonderful service as they received a blessing, healing, a touch they needed from God. People from the farthest corners of the earth defied distance, because in the face of the Saviour, they were convinced that they would find a solution, counsel, comfort and blessing, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Next, the man of God Giannis preached a special sermon entitled “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT?”, by which he wanted to highlight to the children of God that God has a plan for everyone, but at the same time, our role is just as necessary!

He began by saying that God Almighty did not create any of us without a purpose! For everything we do in life, there is already a plan from Father God that must be accomplished before we can reach the final result, which is the fulfilment of our Divine mission.

Prompted by James 1:6-8: “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do”, he emphasised that there is disarray in our lives because we do not know what we want, and as a result we do not take steps to get somewhere, and we eventually end up blaming the people around us for the course of our lives! He mentioned that when we know what we want, we know whether we are getting closer to it or not… He added that a person who knows what he wants, even if God does not give him what he is asking for, he will not change his plan – his vision, but he will remain steady in his position, believing that God is Faithful!

To set the congregation on the right path and way of thinking, he explained that more than a few people have changed the history of their lives because of impatience and over-ambition for what they wanted to do or acquire. However, giving them the key to success, he revealed that for what we have in our hearts, for our plan, to succeed, it must first and foremost be in line with God’s will! Notably, he said: “Jesus Christ cannot entrust His power to us if our hearts are not obedient to God’s will.” Thus, he advised the people of God to follow the plan that God Himself has shown them for their lives, for only then will their hearts be in agreement with God’s will and they will see substantial results!


Is it normal to face failure upon failure? Is it normal to not be able to keep money in your hands because you keep spending it on the wrong things? Indeed, when targeted by the devil can cause all of these things, and more. Ms. Lize from Sweden is living proof of both the traps of the enemy and the omnipotence of Jesus Christ!

Ms. Lize faced many challenges. Being a single mother, she repeatedly found it difficult to cope. Things took a bad turn, however, when she had a dream about a snake entering her through her mouth! At the same time, she had demonic dreams where she was eating or having sexual relations with unknown people. She tried to fight the attacks on her own with prayer, but was unsuccessful. In fact, she found it difficult to pray and to read her Bible, as something kept distracting her.

In Ms. Lize’s life, every breakthrough was temporary. Confronted with many financial difficulties, she decided to go into investments without any knowledge of the field. From there, a new problem arose: even though she was losing money every time, she could not stop! She would try to stop, succeed for 1–2 days, and then continue, and as a consequence, she lost more than €80,000!

The demonic influence was also evident in the life of her daughter who was constantly facing rejection and failure in the work field. Every time she applied for a job, and everything seemed to be going well, Ms. Lize would have a bad dream where she and her daughter were being sexually harassed. Then, the job would be canceled! This went on for three years, and it almost cost the girl her visa, as she had finished her studies and she had to work to stay in the country!

The pain Ms. Lize felt for her own setbacks but, even more so, for her daughter’s failure, was too deep. There was no peace in her heart, and she had reached a desperate situation. So she decided to seek God’s hand in the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica.

Staying in an attitude of prayer during the service, Ms. Lize received a multitude of blessings! First, when the man of God Stavros prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her. Then, he said to her: “Jesus has set you free! As of today, all the attacks you had are gone. Stay away from sin.” Later, Ms. Lize received a prophecy from the man of God Kastriot: “There is a curse in the family! The whole family is scattered. Nothing is going well in your lives! While you try, you cannot, there is no way. This is a curse, which will be broken today! You and your family will be free!”.

After that, on her flight home, her daughter texted her that she got the job she had applied for! Ms. Lize feels joy and peace, and enjoys praying and studying the Word of God, as she now does so without difficulty. In addition, she has completely lost her desire for the costly investments she was involved in!

Her piece of advice for those who are going through hardships was not to lose hope, because God’s time is the best. She also advised parents to encourage their children that God is Able, in their personal challenges. Lastly, he promised God to serve Him, love Him, and live for Him!

Your faith must be controlled by God’s Word, not by what you feel, what circumstances look like, or what others tell you!


Ms. Melody from Sweden was visibly moved when she entered the arena of liberty to exalt God for His miraculous works in her life! She began her story by mentioning that as a visitor to the Holy Land in Philippi and the Lydia river, she experienced the beginning of the miracles the Lord of Hosts had prepared for her!

She said she had been experiencing visual impairment since 2000 and she had been wearing special glasses for 24 years, even during sleep. Her vision was poor and she could not distinguish colours or shapes, and she was seeing everything in a blur. She could not see far or near and everything looked like moving clouds, as she described! Glasses had become a way of life and absolutely essential for her to be able to get through her daily life. This difficulty made her unable to read her Bible either, with her praying fervently that she would be able to see.

Seeking spiritual breakthrough for herself and her family and with faith in her heart, she found herself at the Lydia river while praying for 5 years to get to the living church of Jesus Christ. God’s anointing, however, knows no limitations of space or time and this was proven in action, as after her visit there, she forgot that she no longer wore her glasses because she no longer needed them! She was thrilled to find that her vision was fully restored!

For the glory of God, Ms. Melody was then asked to read a passage from the Bible to the congregation, which was unthinkable to her! In addition, testing her now restored sight, she was asked about the colours she saw around her and to the glory of the Great Healer every answer was proof that the Lord had made the impossible possible in her life! She now feels joyful, unable to find the right words to express her gratitude to God Almighty!

Her promise to God Almighty is that she will serve Him every day of her life and she will continue to draw closer and closer to Him, while she advised the congregation not to lose their faith because God will act in the right time!

Your problem is for your spiritual promotion, as we serve a wonderful God who is the same yesterday, today and forever! So, appreciate God for what He has done in your life and He will do it again and again and again!


Ms. Delphine from Sweden had the great pleasure of being at the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica in a service she will remember for the rest of her life! During the prayer line, while the man of God Kastriot was praying for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her saying the following: “I don’t want her to serve God. This woman loves Jesus with all her heart. I blocked her residence permit. She wants to use it to serve God. She can bring so many people to God. Monitoring spirit! I monitor her! She opened the door for her family. She wants to set them free! I don’t like it! I entered through her dreams, I torment her! I gave her the spirit of anger! Her first daughter…She always insults her. I make her hater her. I put hate in her heart to hate her. If she does anything good I don’t let her to see it. I, the monitoring spirit from her father’s side. That daughter, I call her stupid too. It is her sister’s daughter. I have blocked her sister’s womb. See these hands. If you knew what they did to this girl before she came here today! Because she is serving the Living God, if not she could not be here today. She is stupid! God has blessed her to be like you, but I don’t like it. She is in your father’s ring. Wiseman Harry, that is your father. She is in that ring. I want to destroy her. You can see the star, if you deliver her she will do the same like you. I am not going anywhere, that family from the father’s side I want to destroy them. I monitor them! She has brought so many people to you. Her stupid sister, gave her money to come here even if they had nothing to eat.’’ After the demon confessed that all was destroyed, man of God Giannis declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Ms. Delphine confirmed what was said during her deliverance, since, even though she has a desire for doing God’s work, she experienced stagnation and obstacles that held her back. In Sweden, she is involved in prayer groups and while she’s tried to bring more people, something has prevented them from finding time to attend. She also confirmed about her residence permit in her country, saying that while she applied for citizenship five years ago, and many of her acquaintances and friends received it in just a few weeks, she is still on hold. She confirmed that, indeed, she wanted to use her resident permit for God’s work, but her case did not proceed.

Her dreams were unsettling; she would have dreams of snakes or various men approaching her, or she would see herself at her parents’ house in Africa. Regarding her anger, she confirmed that she would get mad with her children for the slightest thing. That is, even though they were good children, she saw nothing good in them, and always demanded more from them. In more detail, she wanted her eldest daughter to be perfect in everything, and was overwhelmed with anger every time her daughter made the slightest mistake, creating tension with her husband because of this. She was very frustrated with her children, whom she often offended.

About her sister, she confirmed that she has been married for five years and has been trying to have a child ever since, to no avail, as her womb was tied up, like the unclean spirit uncovered. Also, regarding the women in her family, she mentioned that they do not have good marriages or are in marriages lacking the necessary documents and legal rights, and even the men in her family have a hard time finding suitable partners.

As for borrowing money, her sister gave her money to travel. Unfortunately, she said the doors at the airport closed earlier than expected, so despite being on time for her flight, there was a very long queue and she missed it. As a result, she had to find a big sum of money to book a new ticket on the same day. Her flight had layover in Germany, but as they were unable to land in Thessaloniki due to a plane malfunction, they went back to Germany and took another plane to Thessaloniki again.

When the man of God Kastriot prayed for her, she felt light, happy, free, and confident that everything will be alright from now on – for both her and her family. Finally, she promised to serve God all the days of her life!

What God do you serve? Demons know God and the also know the men of God. No matter what challenges they cause to the children of God, once they come in contact with God’s anointing, they will bow down in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


We all go through periods where we face one or more problems, but is it possible for someone to face adversities in every area of their life, along with their family? And if so, can these problems be attributed to bad luck or is there something else behind them? Knowing that nothing in life is by chance, Ms. Grace from the Netherlands took part in the prayer line of the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica.

When prophet Giannis prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested, saying: “I want to kill her! I am a generational curse, ancestral spirit, family Idol, spiritual husband. I am the curse, the spirit of death in the family. I have given the same sickness to all of them, there’s 5-6 of them, they have the same sickness. I have troubled her, she has suffered a lot. I am an idol from her father’s side she refuses to serve me! She loves God, I have tried to destroy her many times. She is stubborn, she doesn’t want to serve me, everybody hates her! Spiritual husbands sleep with her every night, causing pain in her stomach. I caused trouble in her country where she was, she was put in prison. Every time I want to cause trouble so that she will go to prison, but she is innocent! She’s so good to people. Why? That is what my problem is!’’ To the man of God’s question of who gave her HIV, the demon answered: “Me the spiritual husband, the idol. I am a woman from her father’s side. Ancestral sprit! I have affected 5 people in her family. Her brother died from HIV because they don’t want to serve me. I have followed them from generation to generation causing problems, sicknesses! She cannot have children, I blocked her womb! They tried but they couldn’t. That family was very big but now they are small. What can you do to the woman? She says ‘My God will save me’ She was delivered here for her career. She works in health care, but I am trying to confuse everyone about her! Because she is good to people she doesn’t want to see them die! But she’s dying! I am the cause, the spiritual husband, the family idol”. Then the Prophet asked how the evil spirit entered her again after she had been delivered in the past: “She sinned again. I killed her mother. Her mother was old and she died suddenly. I wanted to bring her back to her country to cause her problems, she is stubborn. Why can’t she bow down to my god?’’ After the unclean spirit had confessed all its doings, God’s servant rebuked it and it left! The man of God declared Ms. Grace free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

After the service, Ms. Grace first spoke about her experience during the prayer: “At the time of the deliverance I could not see the hand of the man of God, but fire instead!“ The problems she faced were varied and of major importance.

The fact that she had health problems caused her to fear death all the time. A voice kept telling her that she was going to die! She even believed that people around her would cause her harm. Also, one time, while walking, without slipping or being pushed by someone, she fell and hit her head.

Another event that happened to her was the unpleasant experience of prison. Because of some unfair accusations at work, she was imprisoned for 8-9 years.

In addition, with her having a degree in health care, she enjoyed a good career in this field, even having good relationships with her colleagues. Until they started to hate her when she told them that she did not like watching patients die.

Wanting to confirm the destructive effect of the demon on her family, she said that some relatives started to develop various diseases, such as HIV, cancer and mental problems. One of her brothers actually passed away due to HIV. Additionally, while her mother was well, her health suddenly deteriorated and she died a few days later. Furthermore, some members of the family used to be wealthy, but all of a sudden, because of various problems, lost all their money, to the point of not being able to afford food! Finally, more women from her family circle could not have children.

Ms. Grace identified the cause of all this evil as the family idol worshipped from her father’s side, who used to perform various rituals. This idol was in female form, sitting on a throne. It threatened her that if she did not serve it, it would kill her! At first, Ms. Grace did so, until she believed in Jesus Christ and refused to serve it any longer. Every time she invoked the name of the Lord in her prayers, she was attacked by the spiritual husband who told her not to mention that name at all! Generally, when she spent a lot of time in prayer or when she was expecting something good to happen to her, the spiritual husband would come in her sleep and cause pain in her back and stomach. When she had such dreams, something bad would happen the next day.

Now, after her deliverance, she firmly believes that the chains in her life have been broken and she looks forward to seeing God’s hand on her from now on. Her promise is to come back to Thessaloniki to give a wonderful testimony!

One of the things that allows satan to have power over someone is sin. If you know that you or your ancestors have sinned before the Lord, it is not too late! Ask for forgiveness, and the blood of Jesus will wash away all sin!


When your condition goes beyond normal, it becomes a curse that only Jesus Christ can break! Mr. Adolphus and his wife, Ms. Joy, came from the United States of America to the Christian Church Of All Nations – Thessalonica, in order to break the curse in their lives!

As Prophet Kastriot prayed for Mr. Adolphus in the prayer line, he gave him a prophetic word: “Demonic attacks in the dream! You can’t do anything! Your life is stagnant! You’re being visited in the dream by an unclean spirit and you haven’t told anyone about it, you’re fighting it alone! From today you will be free and your life will get better and better!”

Mr. Adolphus, wanting to confirm the prophetic word given to him, began by saying that he was indeed experiencing bad dreams! In his dreams, demonic forces would come to press and hold him down. His only way out was to scream and cry! Also, a marine spirit would come to have sexual intercourse with him in his dream, and all of this, therefore, was impacting his life. He said he was conscious when all these evil attacks were taking place, he could hear the voices, but was too scared to speak… Although he was suffering from these attacks, he could not tell anyone what he was going through, just like the man of God revealed!

All of this, of course, affected his life in the physical, as he faced stagnation! After these attacks, he was facing setback, especially in his work. Even though he was paying all his bills, they were still going up and remaining unpaid. He works in nursing – health care, has a degree in health care management, yet he works at the lowest level position, in health care. Based on his skills and knowledge, he stressed that he should be working in an office, giving advice to patients, which was not the case.

In addition to Mr. Adolphus, his wife, Ms. Joy, also had the grace to attend the prayer line, and receive prayer from Prophetess Evgenia. When Prophetess Evgenia prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested and said: ‘‘Don’t you dare! Do you know who I am! I am millionaire, but I will not allow her! She opened a company seven years ago, and every customer that comes in leaves, and always will! All her friends opened a business and they are millionaires in the United States. She’ll never make it! She’ll never make it! She’ll never love her husband! She’ll be attracted to other men! This business will collapse! This is her second business! No client of hers will go to this business! I’ve done damage to her stomach! She doesn’t know when to use the bathroom! I have influenced her physically, mentally and financially! Her star is very bright! Why does she want to be rich? Her husband is in your field. I know you! I got inside her when she went to visit Africa. I first got into her sister! Her sister took her to a well, and I got in there!”

Mrs Joy, wanting to shed more light on what the unclean spirit said, began by saying that she had not visited her country in Africa for over 25 years. Thus, she decided to go to Africa, and visited her sister. Together they went to a village in where they bathed in a river. When she returned from there, she found that she had jellyfish in her hand, and from that day she started seeing all sorts of supernatural things!

Ms. Joy confirmed everything that the unclean spirit caused in her life. She began by saying that the area of the business in which she operates – a health care business – is good, does not require a lot and brings in a lot of income. However, when she decided to go into this field, she didn’t get the results she expected! On the contrary, she had a lot of difficulties. The paradox here is the fact that she introduced this business to her friends, who are now millionaires, have twenty clients each, while she only has one client!

Regarding her health, the demon destroyed her stomach. As mentioned, she felt intense pain in her stomach, to the point where she had to leave her children at home and rush to the hospital. The doctors told her that she had some stones in her abdomen that needed to be removed, and if she had delayed going to the hospital two more hours, she wouldn’t be alive. This problem particularly affected her emotional state as a young woman. Because of this, she could not comfortably go to the bathroom, as the demon confessed during her deliverance.

As for her husband, she pointed out that sometimes she would get fed up with him, wanting to pack her things and leave the house! She would feel upset for no reason, and many thoughts would come to her mind, telling her that this man was not for her.

They now believe that their lives will never be the same! Fully satisfied with the intervention of the Holy Spirit in their case, they promised God Almighty to stay close to Him, pray and give no right to the devil to invade their family!

The secret in the arena of liberty is not to suppress the flesh but to surrender to the Spirit of God! When you make the decision to surrender into the hands of the Holy Spirit, then your blessing, your healing, and your deliverance, will be as certain as the sunrise!

In the photos below you can see God’s anointing moving powerfully, locating every area that needs repair and restoration!

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