Another wonderful service filled with the presence of the King of Glory was attended by the believers who were led to the temple of the Lord, the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to worship the Great Benefactor! As those in attendance lifted up their hands, they worshipped their Creator with a heart full of gratitude and hope!

Later on, it was time for the Word of God, during which a deep and fundamental message was preached by Prophetess Evgenia. Her words led the believers in self-examination as they were challenged to consider whether studying God’s Word is their priority or if something else is distracting them from His Word, through a revolutionary message entitled: “DO NOT POSTPONE YOUR STUDY”.


She began by saying that although many Christians had a relationship with Him when they began their walk with God, they later on lost that relationship. In fact, the Prophetess explained that the time when everything is going well in our lives, it is exactly the time when we lose our relationship with God.

She then spoke of the two categories of Christians that exist nowadays, which are carnal and spiritual Christians. Carnal Christians are those who are interested in glory, fame and acquiring wealth, but when challenges come, they cannot handle them. This is because their hearts are empty of the Word of God, as they constantly postpone reading the Word of God. In contrast, spiritual Christians are those who study the Word of God daily, who have joy in their hearts and who are able to handle any challenge because they have the wisdom of God!

Prophetess Evgenia emphasised that man is not only body, but spirit and soul, too. If the body is not nourished for a few days, then it will die and the same goes to our spirit; when we do not nourish it with the Word of God, then it is dead!

Her proof text was taken from 1 Kings 11:1-7: King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter—Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done.On a hill east of Jerusalem, Solomon built a high place for Chemosh the detestable god of Moab, and for Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites.”

The woman of God explained that while king Solomon had a relationship with God at the beginning of his course, he then lost that relationship as he became attached to foreign women, thus disobeying God. This happened because Solomon forgot where he started and became prideful. Like Solomon, many believers, because of the lures and cares of the world, fleshly desires, the attraction of the world – pleasure has turned the heart of many from their Creator.

Then she took another passage from the Bible. This time she read from Daniel 2:16-19: 16 Then Daniel went in, and desired of the king that he would give him time, and that he would shew the king the interpretation.17 Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions:18 That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret; that Daniel and his fellows should not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.19 Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.”

Daniel was a faithful child of God and immediately ran to God to receive the interpretation of the dream that king Nebuchadnezzar saw, and God revealed it to him. Therefore, it becomes evident that when we are spiritual Christians, God will give us anything we ask for, because acting on the Word of God makes Jesus Christ Alive in our life!

Concluding her message, she asked the following question: “How can we maintain our relationship with God as Christians?”. Giving the answer, she said that in order to be able to maintain our relationship with God, we must be humble, as everything good we have in our lives comes from God!

If you realise today that you too are in the category of carnal Christians, it is never too late to draw close to Jesus Christ and start reading the Word of God daily today!



Mr. Ashot attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to testify before everyone what Jesus Christ did in his life! A few months ago, he attended the prayer line, looking for an answer to the problems he was facing, and the solution did not take too long to come!

So, as Prophetess Evgenia was praying for him, the Holy Spirit revealed the following about Mr. Ashot: “You need to change your character, it is your character that causes problems in many relationships in your life. You are too selfish, proud and you only want to get your way. That’s not how it goes! You need to listen to others a little bit! And don’t worry, your wife will come back as long as you treat her well, nicely. Her opinion should matter too, not just yours and that’s it. Because this woman is too good, she is from the Lord. So, you have to do something so that you can maintain this marriage, because it’s not the lady’s fault, it’s your character that’s at fault. If you change your character, you’ll see that everything will be straightened out. And devote yourself to the Word of God!”


Indeed, Mr. Ashot confessed that he was not an easy man. Even when he heard the prophetic word, he did not consider himself to be proud. But after pondering about the words sent from Heaven, he realised that the reason why he was constantly arguing with his wife was his character, since she was a very good woman!

Every time he did not agree with something they were discussing, he would raise his voice and walk away from the conversation without finishing it. In fact, one time when he did not agree with something his wife said to him, he broke the mobile phone he had given her as a gift! All these problems continued for 6 months until his wife decided to leave. This made him angry since he did not think he did anything wrong!

After a while, however, his conscience corrected him and he sought advice from the man of God Harry about his situation. So, the man of God told him that he should read and pray in repentance. With this piece of advice, he slowly began to see a change in his life until the great breakthrough he was seeking came to his life! His wife came back home after observing the great change that Jesus Christ made in his character, just as the Prophetess had prophesied!

His wife, Mrs. Ghana, in turn explained the difficult situation in their marriage because of Mr. Ashot’s former bad character that caused conflict between them. But after the prophetic word, the change in his character is apparent! Now, as she confirms, he is calm, she can discuss with him without tension, and most importantly, he devotes precious time to God’s Word!

Joy and peace is painted on both of their faces as Jesus Christ has brought restoration to their relationship! Yet God’s blessings did not stop there for Mr. Ashot! Jesus Christ also solved another problem he was facing!


As a permanent resident of Greece for 16 years, he had been trying to obtain Greek citizenship. After 16 years of bureaucracy, God granted him favour and he received Greek citizenship, something he never thought he could get, as he would have to take a test on geography, grammar and history!


He also received a breakthrough in his career as a children’s book author, as his book sales skyrocketed! More specifically, from March 2020 to December 2022, Mr. Ashot managed to sell a total of 350 books!


As if all the above were not enough, a perfect healing completed the package of blessings that Jesus Christ had prepared for him! A motorcycle accident brought pain to his arm, leaving him unable to cope with his daily chores. Although a touch from the man of God Michael was enough to bring healing into his life!

In closing his testimony, he advised believers, especially couples, to read the Word of God with devotion so that they can acquire the character of Jesus Christ! Finally, he promised to devote himself more and more to the Word of God!

To be suitable for God, you must honour Jesus Christ with your character! Read Word of God and you will see that the solution to the problems you seek is written in the Living and Eternal Word of God!



Ms. Sofia from Stockholm, after many difficulties and obstacles, managed to come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive the divine touch of God for the issues that were tormenting her.

Ms. Sofia joined the prayer line and as the man of God Stavros prayed for her, an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying: “I entered her when she was hurt and she opened the way for me! She stopped believing in everything! I destroy her in any way I can find! I take away her joy, I take people away from her, I kill them! I take everything she loves from her life so she’ll never find joy! I only want her for me! I’ve destroyed her family. I make other people cause problems and that’s how everything is ruined! I didn’t let her come, but she wanted to come!” After letting the demon speak, the Prophet rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ and assured Ms. Sofia that Jesus Christ is about to restore all that the devil has stolen from her!


After the service was over, she wanted to confirm all that the demon said. First, she mentioned that in the past some of her loved ones had let her down and that hurt her quite a lot. She then recounted the past, specifically 2006, the year she decided to take a professional step that ultimately failed. After that failure, her life started going from bad to worse.

As she stated, an ex partner of hers cursed her, telling her to not find joy in her life, to never experience love and to never be able to attend her own wedding, but only a funeral! All these curses were fulfilled in Ms. Sofia’s life, as she lost her partner in a car accident 3 months before their wedding! And as if all this wasn’t enough, she had spotted several photos of herself and her ex partner with pins and ribbons wrapped on soaps, as some sort of witchcraft. Moreover, within her family circle, disunity and quarrelling prevailed…

Apart from her personal life, the curses also affected her professional life. She had lost faith in herself and could not take any new professional steps. A typical example of this is that while she has authored 45 children’s Christian books, she had not been able to bring any to market until now. Even at her job, her colleagues felt that she should not be a mere nurse, but a supervisor.

The devil, however, did not stop there! At night, as she described, she would see in her sleep and in the physical, various entities that would try to get close to her. The striking thing in all of this is that her dog could also sense this presence in the room and was in turn trying to resist, growling! So, she decided to move, believing that the problem would stop. She moved three times without any results! At some point, she compromised with the life she was living, since she believed that this was God’s will for her…

Regardless of what she went through, nevertheless, after many difficulties and obstacles, since in her previous attempts to come to church she contracted coronavirus, gastroenteritis and went through allergic shock, Ms. Sofia is now a brand new creation in Christ Jesus and now nothing can keep her away from the love of our Lord. After many years of pain and suffering, she feels free, joyful and at peace in her soul, knowing that our Lord, Jesus Christ, has removed the heavy burden from her. She finally promised to contribute to God’s work every day of her life!

God’s will for us is tο be happy, healthy, and content in Christ Jesus! Only God can fill the emptiness of the soul, as only He can give us true life satisfaction!



Mr. Chan from Fiji visited the arena of salvation, healing and blessing, where the Spirit of God is working in a miraculous way and, locating him, gave him the following prophetic word, through the man of God Stavros: “The spirit of death is attacking you. If you think back, dead people have come to you, they want to take you to the other side. But Jesus loves you! You will not die, you will live for His glory! Today is the end of all these demonic spirits and attacks you are facing. Make sure you follow Christ all the way very well in order to maintain your freedom and your healing.”

Visibly moved, Mr. Chan began to recount that he came from idol-worshipper ancestors, realising the accuracy of the prophecy given to him by the Holy Spirit. Coming from the other side of the earth, he said that when he was young, he obeyed what his parents told him to do in terms of their worship practices. To be more specific, every morning and every afternoon they would light three scented sticks at the entrance of the building they lived in and inside their house as a sign of worship to the idol they worshipped. Throughout his life, this caused dead people to appear in his sleep, chasing him, talking to him and calling him by name. He was consequently filled with fear, not knowing the reason that made him feel this way.


Furthermore, Mr. Chan added that the spirit of death attempted to kill him on several occasions throughout his life. For example, at the age of 10-15 when he became a Christian, he had very high fever and his life was on the line! In addition, he experienced a very serious accident in 1996. While he was driving, his vehicle was suddenly under a large truck that was in front of him! The steering wheel of his car became detached from the impact, and the corner of the car could have cut off his head! He was hospitalised for over a month with a fractured skull and his finger was shattered! In addition, in 2004, he ruptured a lung while sleeping and the medication he was taking was not effective, so he feared for his life…

The attacks he experienced in his sleep lasted for a very long time, and he saw snakes and dogs chasing him, he saw himself running and unable to escape, which caused him fear and despair.

Regarding his personal life, he said that he has two children, but he has been separated from his ex-wife for 14 years as he could not provide everything he wanted for his children.

His finances were at a standstill, any plans he had were suddenly frozen for no reason, without seeing any solution to the problems he was facing. Even in his social relationships, he gradually became isolated from his friends because they misunderstood him, even though he had good intentions towards them.

At some point, he discovered the church’s YouTube channel and decided to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica because he believed that God is Able and willing to save and bless every person on earth, which encouraged him to seek the face of God himself!

When he was finally able to attend the church service and received the prophecy, he could not hold back his tears; he immediately acknowledged that it was the Lord’s grace that had kept him alive all these years.

Now, he is very happy and he intends to follow the instructions given to him by the man of God when they met after the service. He also expressed his desire to establish an organisation for the purpose of building churches, as Fiji has high exposure to intense cyclones that destroy various buildings – including churches. His goal, he pointed out, is to bring more people to God! Mr. Chan’s promises did not stop there, as he also wants to help run seminars to ordain priests in his country to evangelise people! Having a renewed spirit within him, he expects to see positive changes in his life as he knows that God is in control!

Indeed, God loves His children and He blesses them so they can bless others, as when we give, we become more like God, who gives to all and takes from no one!



The Kenneth family came from Canada to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to receive a breakthrough that would mark the beginning of their blessings!

During the prayer line, Prophet Stavros prayed for Mr. Yousaf and the Spirit of God spoke the following words through His anointed one: “I see you with the Word of God, preaching the Gospel. Continue to do so! God wants to take you to a higher level because He sees your effort, He sees you have heart for Him. You will see, speak to Him, move closer to Him, He will lead you on how to grow! But don’t run before God. You are blessed in Jesus’ name!”.

Mr. Yousaf confirmed that his desire truly is to preach the Gospel and serve God Almighty. He emphasised that he is not a pastor yet, but he believes that God will use him as a pastor! Anytime he had the opportunity, he preached the Word of God to people around him. Also, he made several efforts to draw close to God. He mentioned that he spends a lot of time with Him, praying to his Creator before he goes to sleep, before he goes to work, and he studies His Word daily! His wife confirmed the same thing.


Immediately after this prophetic message, Prophetess Evgenia also prayed for Mr. Yousaf, giving him the following prophetic word: “I see a lot of anxiety in your life, and sometimes your heart start beating fast. This is because of anxiety. You don’t have to be anxious. What you must do is to trust God in every trial and every challenge that will come your way. Because if you don’t trust Him, you will have a heart attack! But do not worry, as you came here and received this instruction and you act upon it, nothing bad will happen to you!”.


Regarding the second prophetic word he received from the Prophetess, he was indeed anxious to succeed and soon. He wanted to do more things for God, hence his anxiety. In fact, he was thinking all day long about how he would fulfil this and what would be done to fulfill his calling!

Then, through the Prophetess Evgenia, the Spirit of God located his wife, Mrs. Maria, who was faithfully holding a photograph, hoping God would locate the person in the picture: “The girl in the picture has psychological problems. There is depression. She may smile and laugh here and there, but when she is alone, she is depressed. What needs to counsel her is to study the Word of God. That is the only way she can be free from it!”.


Mrs. Maria pointed out that her youngest daughter, Sarah, is going through depression. She may look like she is happy, but she is not. She said she is not close to God and is not studying His Word. As a mother, she has realised that her daughter is unhappy although she looks fine.

Then the floor was taken by the eldest daughter of the couple, who first described the astounding experience she had during worship! More specifically, she stated that she saw a Man wearing a white and long garment telling her to trust Him and follow Him! What she felt was an incredible awe before His Holy Presence, as she realised that He was the Lord! Then, she spoke of her sister. As she pointed out, she prayed that the Lord would speak a word concerning her, which He did! She confirmed that her sister had spoken to her and told her that she was going through stress. She is 24 years old and she cries all the time. She added that she has chosen a life of sin, she tries to satisfy herself with worldly things, but she doesn’t feel good inside, she feels empty.

The endless and pervasive anointing of God throughout the atmosphere did not stop there. He hid more surprises for this family as He gave them another prophecy through the Prophet Harry. More specifically, during the laying on of hands, the man of God delivered the following prophetic word: “Your background is idol worship. Both families used to worship idols so much. You have been seeing in your life that anytime you want to have some breakthrough, anytime some good things are about to happen, there will always be a setback. The setback will come the moment those idols visit you in your dream. You start seeing some images, elephants, snakes, animals… They just appear to you and you know these are the gods your ancestors were worshipping. When they come, setback, disappointment, failure strike! Today this is exposed, so that God will set you free from it and you will begin to experience supernatural breakthrough in your lives. You are free, in Jesus’ name!


Mr. Yousaf said his father’s side of the family worshipped and still worships idols in India. Mrs. Maria in turn added that her ancestors also worshipped idols and had even seen it happen with her own eyes. In her dreams, she would see various animals, for example a tiger lying down, and anytime she saw animals, the breakthrough she was expecting would not come. At the time, she was not aware that these idols were the reason why they were not having family and economic progress in their lives.

Mr. Yousaf, in closing, emphasised that God’s time is the best! He promised God Almighty that he will remain faithful to Him! Having indescribable joy and peace, Mrs. Maria promised the Great Deliverer that she will preach His faithfulness, His love, mercy and grace, and serve the Living God for the rest of her life!

In the midst of disappointment, anxiety, depression, in the midst of setback, there is hope; Jesus Christ is the Hope!



Ms. Simran came from the United Kingdom to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to experience the power of God. She could not but express that she was really blessed to feel the tangible presence of God in the midst of the congregation.

During the prayer line, Ms. Simran was privileged to receive a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Sorin. His words were as follows: “Be very careful about how you use social media, how you use the internet and these platforms, because the enemy will use them to bring that which is not from God in your life. It is very important to select and to know which things are good and which things are not good. Satan is using today every means to get to our heart, to our lives and to destroy us, to limit us!”.  

At the end of the service, confirming the prophetic message to be true, Ms. Simran specified that having a background in the fashion and business field, it was required for her to keep herself updated with the trends and this naturally made her addicted to social media. Furthermore, she stressed that she got so stuck with social media that she could spend even 3-4 hours on her days off and around 1-2 on workdays scrolling her feed, without realising how the time was passing. Thus, she would waste her time and become less productive!


This addiction caused her to isolate herself in her room and not wanting to be disturbed. She distanced herself from her friends, from her social background and she was not able to socialise too much. Her relationship with God was affected by this bad habit and gradually led to losing her intimacy with the Lord. Coming home tired from work, she would spend hours on social media, getting more tired afterward and with the energy left, she would just do her normal prayer, read her Bible and then go to sleep…

Because she was spending so much time on these platforms her sleep was also affected! She confessed that she used to wake up in the middle of the night without knowing why. Consequently, this affected her entire following day.

Unfortunately, her addiction did not only influence her day, social life and relationship with God! As she specifically pointed out, she was following some certain people that had good positions in society and she had become so influenced by them that she wanted to become like them, putting aside the plan that God has for her life. Bombarded by the “role models” she followed she would sometimes become rude to some people. Something that she would regret later on and apologise!

Dealing with social pressure, satan made her believe that she was abandoned by God, and she was left feeling that she is just by herself and that no one cared about her. All this eventually made her exclude herself from everything that God had prepared for her.

Ms. Simran stated that she now feels very blessed by the prophecy that she received and she is determined to remove all the bad influences from her life! She is ready to draw closer to God, completely depend on Him from now on, knowing that God has a great plan prepared ahead for her! Also, for the glory of God, she had decided to delete her social media platforms, as this would be a good start to claiming more of God’s Word, believing that this will bring her a big change in her life.

The Bible teaches us that if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away (Matthew 18:9)! This does not mean that we are to harm ourselves, but instead, to not allow anything to come between us and the salvation of our soul! Put your goal in the forefront of your mind and pay any ­­right price until you get there!



Seeing the signs and wonders that the Lord does to all who come to Him in faith, Mrs. Geraldine from Australia came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to taste the miraculous power of Jesus Christ herself! As she joined the prayer line, the Spirit of God located her and spoke to her through Prophet Sorin in the following words: “I see disappointment following you from your past and keeping you in a state of sadness. In a state from which you cannot move on. You need to forgive the people that have done bad and hurt you. Don’t keep them in your heart because you take one step forward, but two steps backwards. It is very important, so that satan cannot use this chain to keep you for himself.” In addition, as he received prayer from the Prophetess Evgenia, the Spirit of God spoke with the following prophetic word: “God wants to use you for His glory, to preach the Word of God. Because you have a heart after the Word of God. So, follow this instruction and you will see where God will take you. And don’t be distressed, you are too sensitive, you get distressed over meaningless things and you are easily affected by the influence of others. You will not listen to others, you will listen to what God says to you as you pray, because if you listen to others, you will be destroyed!”.

Later, and after the service was over, having no words to express her excitement and gratitude to God for opening her eyes through the prophetic words she received, she confirmed that what was said by God’s servants was true.

Regarding unforgiveness and disappointment, she stated that at work, tension and disagreements with her colleagues were constantly arising. One of the reasons was that she has a high position in the company she works for, having many responsibilities. Her supervisor acknowledged her work, so he supported and encouraged her. This was one reason why her colleagues were jealous of her, and this created tension and discord among them. Notably, she said that one of her colleagues was so jealous of her that she was constantly causing problems, negatively influencing other colleagues by turning them against her. As a result, all this caused tension, there was no peace among them, and it was quite difficult for them to be in the same space on a daily basis. This was the main reason why she nurtured unforgiveness towards her colleagues and this prevented her from moving forward. Also, many times she saw that things were not going her way, and while she believed that everything would go well, in the end, something would happen and everything would change course.

In addition, she confirmed that she was influenced by the opinion of the people around her and while deciding to do something, she was eventually swayed by the opinion of others, and instead of doing what she believed was right, she did what others pushed her to do. Unable to cope with this whole situation, she was in a state constant sadness and sorrow in her daily life.

However, one anointed prayer was enough to make it all go away! With profound gratitude for the spiritual awakening she received and full of joy, Mrs. Geraldine promised God Almighty to study His Word from now on and pray that the Lord leads her in the right direction to fulfill the prophecy she received, that is, for God to use her for His glory!

As children of God, we will certainly face difficult situations, because no one can grow without challenges and hardship. But when we endure hardship and pain, then we will learn what we should know, and our sorrow will turn to joy!

The pictures below show believers who came to the presence of God receiving a touch from Heaven that would change the course of their lives, as the Prophets and the Prophetess prayed for them in the name of Jesus Christ!

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