A beautiful service took place on Sunday, during which the children of God couldn’t keep their excitement of being in His presence and they expressed their joy by worshipping their Creator!

An enlightening message followed by Prophetess Evgenia with the title: “THE RIGHT UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORD”.

She started by saying that Jesus Christ has given us the ability of mind to choose between right and wrong, so that there will be no excuse for failure. Also, she mentioned that if you choose to do the wrong thing, you limit God’s power in your life. She also gave an example from daily life; someone might be asking God to give him a specific car, but God wants to give him a better one! So, she concluded: “Asking God for a specific thing would amount to limiting God to a certain answer”. The reason Christians do this is that they don’t have the right understanding of the Word, she added.

A characteristic example of a man who didn’t understand the Word of God was Nicodemus. The Prophetess read some bible verses from John 3:1-11: “There was a man of the pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus at night and said to Him, ‘Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.’ Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’ Nicodemus said to Him, ‘How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born again?’ Jesus answered, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. […] Nicodemus answered and said to Him, ‘How can these things be?’ Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things? Most assuredly, I say to you, we speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness’”. Nicodemus, as a teacher of the Law, didn’t understand right what he was teaching, that’s why Jesus scolded him.

“So, how do we gain the right understanding of the Word?” was the question of the Prophetess to the congregation. Giving the answer, she said that faith exist at 3 levels· knowledge of the truth, acceptance of the truth, commitment to the truth.

Giving more details, she explained that the knowledge of the truth is not enough, for the Pharisees were at this level and they crucified Jesus Christ.

The next level is the acceptance of the truth. If somebody has accepted it but hasn’t committed to it, then when a difficulty comes, he will doubt the Word of God. She added that many Christians try to understand God by feelings, but the truth is that we can understand God only through His Word.

The Prophetess continued by saying that only if someone is devoted to studying of the Holy Bible will receive spiritual insight, and that is the third level of faith that God wants us to be as His children. Moreover, she mentioned that only a humble person can achieve that.

As you are committed to God, there are no limits! Your mind will not be limited, but you will see your righteousness in Christ Jesus!


Ms. Verlyn from England came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to enjoy a wonderful service and also to share a marvelous and surprising testimony!

Everything started when Ms. Verlyn was employed in a nursing home. She quickly understood that things there were difficult. It was short-staffed and there was a lot of work every day. The elderly people needed help all the time, for example to go to the bathroom, to have a shower or take their medication. Also, by her second shift there, they made her a team chief! They were asking her to work overtime all the time and she was losing her days off due to lack of employees. Even after her own intervention her boss brought 3 new employees, she continued to work hard, as she was the shift supervisor, responsible for every mistake that might have happened.

So, Ms. Verlyn was forcing herself to try harder than everyone and be a good example as a child of God. As she also mentioned, one of her responsibilities was the use of computers, but she didn’t have enough time to register anything, as the people of the nursing home were always asking for help.

As the situation was becoming more exhausting, Ms. Verlyn was wearied. She was experiencing pain all over her body and her legs were falling her. Not only that, she started having pain on her face and neck—a sign of high blood pressure that she had, without even realising it. Another serious problem she was facing was the lack of sleep. Even with the extreme body fatigue, she couldn’t easily sleep at night. In an exasperating try in order to sleep, she started drinking wine. In the beginning, she would only drink 2 glasses, but as the influence of the wine was passing she’d wake and then end up drinking 2 bottles! She certainly didn’t look for a solution to her problem…


One day, as she was coming back from work, she started feeling that she would die inside her car. She eventually arrived at home and went to sleep. Then something unexpected happened, she heard her mother’s voice, who’s passed away, calling her name and trying to wake her up, warning her that she would die during her sleep! Ms. Verlyn woke up and she realised that she couldn’t move. She didn’t understand what was going on, but she knew that she was dying at that moment! At the same time, she started thanking God who let her raise her children and she was waiting for the Lord to take her close to Him. After a while, as she saw that was still alive, she heard again her mother’s voice telling her that she should call an ambulance. It was very difficult for her, but she put all her strength into grabbing her phone and calling an ambulance—despite that, it was even difficult for her to talk! So, in spite of her situation, not only she made it to speak on the phone, but by dragging herself on the floor, she opened the door for the nurses!

Soon after what happened, Ms. Verlyn resigned from the nursing home. Due to this decision, she was left without a source of income, and afterwards she found a part-time job, yet the salary was low.

As she went through many difficulties in her life, Ms. Verlyn decided to write a book in order to help people who faced similar situations, using her own life as an example. When she was young, she was forced to marry the person who abused her sexually, entering a toxic marriage, and in the end he left her alone with 3 children. So, she wrote a book titled “Separation and Divorce: Surviving with Your Children”. Despite the financial difficulties, she managed to finish the book and publish it, but it didn’t draw the people’s attention. She realised then that she couldn’t do it alone and she was in need of God’s help, that’s why she decided to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, something that she was thinking of doing for a long time.

When the Prophetess prayed for her, Ms. Verlyn felt light in her heart, as a huge burden was taken away from her! She pointed out that she didn’t realise that she was carrying a burden like this, until she received that anointed prayer. Later, she had the grace to speak with the man of God Harry in order to receive advice and guidance. As he prayed for her book, he told her that she should work with that in order to succeed, to find solutions and Jesus would give her new ideas. As her spirit was renewed, she went back to her country, but unfortunately she lost her job with the low salary. Starting to think of what to do, a friend of her told her that something similar happened to him in the past and that God wants her to stay dedicated to that book. In a few days, many ideas started coming to Ms. Verlyn for the promotion of her book! As she started to put her ideas into action, the following week the sales of her book began to increase immediately! In addition, people started to give positive reviews for the book on the internet, describing it and commending it in different ways. Joyful as she was, she showed to the people of God a diagram that shows how fast the sales of her book went up!

Concerning the forementioned high blood pressure, a doctor diagnosed her officially and prescribed her 5ml of amlodipine that she had to take every morning. As Ms. Verlyn was surprised with her book and her visit to the church, she forgot to take her medicine. Her blood pressure was never under 162, but after the prayer, it started reducing more and more! In the beginning it was 155, then it was 152, 148… It was going down every day! Now, she doesn’t have any problem with her blood pressure, the hypertension has gone in the name of Jesus!

Closing her testimony, Ms. Verlyn her advice to the children of God was for that everything that happens, the Lord allows it for a reason, and it is to glorify His name! In the end, she promised to God to live to praise Him, testify for Him and help other people!

Your sickness is not to kill you, your problem is not to destroy you, but to increase your zeal for God. Don’t be afraid, Jesus Christ loves you!


Ms. Geraldine arrived at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica with deep concern in her heart. With a heart full of expectation to receive from Jesus Christ, she found the light she had been seeking for years, leaving fear, disappointment and sorrow behind.

During the prayer line, and as the anointing of God was working through the man of God Stavros, an unclean spirit manifested through Ms. Geraldine, saying the following: “Leave me! You don’t know me, let me go! I want to kill her, I have destroyed her, we are many! I am the strong man, I am the dragon, and the old woman! We are the witches! I am authority and power, I destroy everything. I took her children. Poverty! She’s very poor! I am the snake, the authority! Her family belongs to me, there’s a covenant. I’m not leaving. Yesterday I came to her dream and I molested her, this is how I take her children! They gave her to me, there’s a covenant!” When the man of God Stavros rebuked the demon and came out of her, wanting to assure her that the Lord has prepared a bright future for her, he said these prophetic words to her: “From today, you will see that your life will go to another level. Jesus has a great plan for you, that is to use you. Just as the devil used you for the dark side, Jesus will now use you for the side οf the light! Through you, many people will be saved, many people will know Christ! Just make sure you follow Him seriously so that all these demons don’t come near you again. In the name of Jesus Christ, you are free!” After a great deliverance, Ms. Geraldine received God’s promise in her life since, all that the devil took from her life over the years will be given back to her many times over!

Feeling deeply moved and grateful to Jesus Christ, she wanted to confirm and better explain all that the demon said at the time of her deliverance.

She began by saying that many times at night, she felt a strong presence of a man and in her dreams, she would see someone sexually abusing her, making her feel uncomfortable and angry. This also affected her relationship with her husband as they argued and there was no attraction between them, even though there was mutual love. He worked at night and as a result the days they managed to stay together were few and far between, only two…

In her attempt to get pregnant, she experienced five miscarriages, without any medical problem to explain and justify these miscarriages. Each time she was pregnant, she would see someone trying to feed her in a dream or someone trying to sleep with her. In fact, the second time she was pregnant, she saw a man in her dream trying to sleep with her and his genitals had what looked like thorns on them. Instantly after the dream, while she felt no pain whatsoever to alert her that she was about to give birth, when she visited the bathroom, her fetus came out of her. When she went to the hospital, she was only 21 weeks far! Unfortunately for her, there was nothing the doctors could do to save the baby. The third time she was pregnant, she again dreamed of a man trying to sleep with her. The next day, she had an incredible pain in her womb. When she visited the doctor, she was told that she had a placental abruption and that the baby could no longer be saved.

All these miscarriages caused her intense fear and uncertainty… After many failed pregnancies, she and her husband did not dare to share pregnancies with others, since they did not know if everything would have a happy ending. In fact, Ms. Geraldine said that she found it difficult to be around women who were expecting a child because she felt emotionally charged around them.

These demons also managed to affect their finances, as the medical issues she faced cost them a lot, as she constantly had to visit doctors and be hospitalised for days in various hospitals… Her husband, as a doctor, was forced to take only night shifts to get better paid, however, their debts and duties were so many that they could not cope.

Regarding the covenant that mentioned the demon, she confirmed that a few years ago she learned that there was a demonic covenant in the family, as her ancestors worshipped idols. Specifically, she also mentioned that there was a curse in the family that did not allow women to marry!

After her deliverance, she feels happy and optimistic about the future. She feels complete and satisfied that the Lord will use her for His glory, which is why she promised God Almighty that she would draw closer to Him regardless of the challenges she may face in the future.

The miracles in the name of Jesus Christ are not done as you repeat the name as a spell, but as you believe in that name as a divine revelation of grace and goodness to people!


The presence of Mr. Simon from Canada at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica was a milestone moment in his life. While being there, he felt a deep sense of awe and wonder, realising the incredible miracles that accompanied the presence of the Great Deliverer!

During the prayer line, as the Prophetess Evgenia was praying for him, the Spirit of God located him, giving him the following prophetic word: “The devil causes you fears. Sometimes at night, despite the fact that you cannot sleep well, you are even afraid. But it is not that you are fearful as a person, this is an attack from the devil, because he wants to give you insomnia, so that your heart cannot bear it, cause a heart attack and make you die! The spirit of anger, the spirit of fear, the spirit of death follow you. From today, you will be set free and you will no longer see these things!”.

He began by stating that when the Prophetess prayed for him, he felt a warmth. In fact, he pointed out that his freedom began the day before, that is, when he visited the Apostle Paul and Silas prison with the rest of the believers who came to seek the face of God! His deliverance was completed on Sunday when he received the prophetic word directly from Heaven!

He added that there were times when he saw skeletons dancing in front of him during the day. People chased him to kill him, and his life was seriously threatened when he was shot in the chest by a gunshot. He lived in constant fear of death because of the constant attack by the demonic spirit that stalked him. The demonic attacks he received in his dreams during sleep were so intense that he could not actually sleep well. There was always the fear that something worse might happen!

His family, obviously affected by the demonic attacks that Mr. Simon was receiving, was also experiencing instability and problems! In a constant state of pain, worry and anxiety he could not support his family and his job was not stable. When he had to go through an assessment at work, he felt such intense stress that he trembled, and as a result he could not cope with the demands of the assessment.

Mr. Simon went on to say that he had 3 heart attacks in the past! The first incident occurred in 2003, the second incident in 2012 and the third in 2019. Specifically, the last time he experienced it was early in the morning, before going to work, as he was rushing to get ready he felt that someone was behind him, that someone was following him. As soon as he looked out of the window, he saw something like a ghost moving and his heart started beating very hard… His blood pressure was high and out of the anxiety that had taken root in him, came anger and frustration!

Now, full of gratitude to God Almighty, he promised Him that he would live a life of devotion in serving Him!

Satan wanted to steal, kill and destroy Mr. Simon’s life, but praise God that He still empowers His people to do His work and set the captives free once and for all!


The story that follows shows once again that the sins of our ancestors might as well affect us today. Only Jesus Christ can break these chains, as Mr. Jeremy from Luxembourg realised!

At the time of the prayer line, Prophetess Evgenia told him the following words: “The problems you have are spiritual. And the stomach pain is a spiritual issue. The devil is feeding you in the dream because he wants to kill you, so that nothing goes well in your life. Sometimes he tells you in your heart: ‘What are you living for?’ It’s not just you, your family experience this as well. But today you will be set free in the name of Jesus Christ and from now on everything will be all right for you!

After the service was over, Mr. Jeremy confirmed that he did indeed have bad dreams which were recurring.

As for the stomach pain, it started after a nightmare. More specifically, a man told him that he would suffer! The truth is that at first he didn’t pay much attention, he considered the pain as something transient and not permanent, until he realised with the help of the doctor that there was a problem…

He also mentioned his great-grandfather, who was the leader of a pagan organisation. He had some dreams about that cult, in which some people tried to initiate him into it, he resisted and as a result they fought him.

The demonic activities in Mr. Jeremy’s life did not stop there, as he stated that one day he saw a man in his room telling him that he was going to kill him! What happened after some time was that he broke his arm while playing football, with the bone sticking out of his skin! Even the doctor at the hospital could not believe he was so badly damaged by just falling on the ground! He also had an accident with a car that hit him.

He also confirmed the words of the Prophetess concerning his family. In particular, his mother also suffered from stomach pain and his father, no matter how hard he worked, he could not get a promotion at his job.

Rejoicing now that every demonic chain has been broken for him and his family, he blessed the name of the Lord and promised to live for Him!

As Christians, our situation may seem difficult, however, it is not to lead us to death but towards the glory of God!


Mr. Enrico came from Italy to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica seeking a life of abundance that Jesus Christ promised to those who believe in Him.

As he took part in the prayer line, he received the following prophecy from prophet Stavros: “Somebody has cursed you, all these you are facing is not normal. You are not happy, you don’t know what is going on in your life. You need to follow Jesus, so that you will find joy and contentment again. Today, as we pray, the chains will be broken. They made witchcraft to you. Someone went to a witch doctor to make magic spells so that your life will become a chaos. You need to follow Him in order for you to be safe.”

Hearing those words, after the end of the service, Mr. Enrico confirmed what the man of God said. He pointed out that his life was a chaos and happiness was lacking completely! In more detail, he was facing different health issues, such as stomach pain and urinary problems. Moreover, his mental state was burdened, as he was experiencing anxiety, usually he had panic attacks and no satisfaction with his profession. As he was in this negative situation all the time, he couldn’t find a woman in order to settle down.

Regarding the person who went to a magician for him, Mr. Enrico said that this person was his mother who always took advice from him for every problem they were facing as a family. Also, he said that in an attempt for “self treatment”, he was doing yoga and he was meeting with a man who was doing some rituals for him. However, he didn’t know that these kinds of practices were guiding him deeper into despair and darkness.

Now, after the prayer, he is claiming with absolute faith that the root of his problems came up and the end of these problems has come to an end! He promised to God to serve Him until the end of his life!

Remember that, until you experience God you will live a lack of satisfaction, a feeling of “hunger” to learn what is the real meaning of life. Do not postpone it anymore, you have to experience God!

After 2023 years, and the power of God has not eclipsed! Healing, deliverance, blessing were taking place and they will continue to until the end of the world!

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