A thrilling Sunday service took place, during which the presence of God was intense, and the gathered believers worshipped the one and only God Almighty, the One who reigns with power and might forever and ever!

Then, the revealing message of Prophetess Evgenia titled “ARE YOU A FULL-TIME CHRISTIAN?” brought to light two categories of Christians today. In the beginning she stated that most Christians say they believe in God without actually meaning it, since, while they have the knowledge of His Word, they lack obedience.


In order to distinguish the traits of these categories, the Prophetess asked the believers certain questions, such as whether they love all people or only those who love them back, whether they glorify God or rebel against Him in trials. In this way, she stressed, Christians are distinguished between full-time and part-time.

Elaborating, she first referred to part-time Christians, who constantly complain when faced with challenges, and grumble against God. An illustrative example of such Christians is found in Matthew 23:13-14, from which the woman of God derived her biblical passage. The Word of God states: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to”. Undeniably, the Pharisees possessed the knowledge of God’s Word, yet they lacked obedience, which is why Jesus Christ called them hypocrites, because with their mouths they glorified God but their hearts were far from Him… Another powerful example of part-time Christians were the Israelites after their escape from Egypt. The moment they thought that Moses had abandoned them, they decided have a man-made calf statue as their god, rather than the Lord…


Today, a large percentage of believers in their daily lives consider themselves too busy to devote time to prayer, the Prophetess interjected. This explains the fact that the same percentage of believers do not experience the presence of God in their lives, because to the extent you think the thoughts of Christ, to that same extent do you have the presence of God in your life! The extent to which you reject His light, to that extent will you be filled with terrifying darkness.

On the other hand, the woman of God gave the case of Mary Magdalene as an example. After Jesus Christ delivered her from every evil bondage in her life, she made the decision to follow Him fully for the salvation of her soul, to build a Christ-like character and, of course, to maintain her miracle. Therefore, if you are interested in saving your soul, you will do everything to become a full-time Christian, everything else is an excuse, the Prophetess strongly emphasised.

After the question of how believers can fully follow God was raised, the Prophetess quoted the verses from John 1:2:3-6, where it states that those who truly believe in God keep all of His commandments! This is His will for His children, that we become full-time Christians, with the promise that if a believer rigorously puts God’s Word in practice, that Word by its very nature will transform their character into that of Christ and, by extension, the sky will be their limit!



Mr. Mark and his wife Helene from Switzerland, attended the Sunday service to testify the Lord’s miracles in their lives!

The first time they visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica a year ago, they were privileged to receive a wonderful prophetic word from the man of God Harry that radically changed their marital life. The prophetic word Mr. Mark received was as follows: “Satan has been attacking your marriage, your previous marriage. When you marry, you cannot stay (in the marriage), you must divorce. You’ve been divorced twice. God is great, because I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but from the moment I prayed for you, the Spirit of God is telling me that this is the problem, that satan has been destroying his marital life. In the beginning everything will be nice, beautiful, and after a while there is no affection! It’s as if a brother and sister are living in the same house! This is not because you have a problem, you don’t have a problem, it’s an attack. Satan wants you to be divorcing, separating, remarrying, and again divorcing, remarrying, just until you die one day, but Jesus wants you to have a marriage and stay in it, and to enjoy your life from now on. This will stop today, in Jesus’ name!”.


Mr. Mark confirmed that, indeed, he had these problems in his previous marriages, where there was no affection after the first few years of his marriage. In his first marriage, which lasted ten years, he and his former wife were very happy at first, but after the first three years, the affection was gone… He found himself unable to do those little things that showed his interest and appreciation to his wife to make her feel loved and happy… Hence, their marriage collapsed, even though they tried to save it.

Mr. Mark said he did not realise he was being attacked because divorce is considered normal in today’s world. He also added that other members in his family have been divorced, including his mother, who remarried. His stepfather, too, was divorced before he married his mother, and so were his father and sister, so, for Mr. Mark, divorce was a normal thing.

Mr. Mark went on to say that he married his second wife about 15 months after his first divorce. He and his second wife stayed married for 13 years, they had two children, but the exact same thing happened. After the birth of his children, the affection gradually faded and that marriage also ended in divorce. The same pattern repeated itself, without Mr. Mark being able to realise that it was an attack from satan. He was thinking that the problem was his and that he was incapable of showing affection for his partner to keep the marriage going. He considered himself a failure at loving one woman forever and it made him believe that he was not meant to spend his whole life with one wife· this affected him in a very negative way. He felt that he was not a proper man nor a faithful husband, nor a good father to his children, but he didn’t know that he needed to fight it, nor how to do it… He didn’t know where to turn to ask for help, to fix this issue or to make it stop, because he didn’t know that it was a demonic attack…

When he received this prophetic word, he said he felt wonderful, as it was not something he expected to happen. His expectations went as far as attending the beautiful service, but after God’s revelation, he felt privileged to receive this unexpected prophecy from God. He also added his conviction that this prophecy was given to save and strengthen his marriage with his beloved wife so that they could remain united forever!

His marriage with his wife is now better and stronger than ever, they have common ideas about the things they want to do together from now on and they are very happy! He stated that he is thankful to God for preventing a third divorce in his life, as he had no idea that this would happen again, and he is very content with his wife!

Then his wife, Mrs. Helene took the floor and said that she sees many changes in her husband giving all the glory to God! Before, he was depressed, but now he is a different man, an angel, as she described him! Continuing, she mentioned that she too received a prophetic word from man of God Harry that changed her life! The words of the man of God were as follows:

“They gave you poison to eat in your dream. Since then, your stomach started getting swollen. Even if you don’t eat food at all, your stomach will become big, as if you have a stone inside. This is an attack. When you are free, you should know what you are free from. Even if you go to the doctor, they cannot find anything. Jesus loves you!”.


Mrs. Helene confirmed the accuracy of the prophecy. She did have such strange dreams, in which she was eating things and being surrounded by people she didn’t know. She went to many doctors and traditional witch-doctors in Africa without finding a solution to her stomach problem, which was swelling as if she were pregnant. The medicine she was given did not bring any improvement, on the contrary, she could not even go to the toilet. All this lasted for about a decade.

These dreams affected Mrs. Helene in every area of her life, so much so that she lost everything. For example, she tried to go into trade, importing and exporting to Africa, but either they wouldn’t pay her or the containers she was transferring were damaged. All this had caused her great sorrow…

However, the moment she received her deliverance, she felt an inexplicable feeling, as if someone was caressing her affectionately, to the point of wanting to fall asleep! Immediately afterwards, she felt very light and since then she began to sleep normally and to visit the toilet regularly, whereas before she could not go at all! With tears of joy in her eyes, she mentioned that she is already running some business projects and praised Jesus Christ for His mercy on her!

Finally, she advised the congregation to show full faith in God, while Mr. Mark in turn advised each couple to pray to God to equip them with strength in the face of every trial. They both promised the Lord to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives!


As the Word of God tells us in Malachi 2:16, the Lord God of Israel hates divorce. For marriage is a commitment of devotion and commitment of life, according to God’s plan, as the two people become one flesh, and that which God has joined together, man must not separate.



Mrs. Trisha came from the Netherlands with her husband to attend the presence of God in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. A wonderful surprise awaited Mrs. Trisha, who not only witnessed the power of God in the lives of other people, but also received her own deliverance as well as three prophecies from the servants of God!

While she was in the prayer line, the man of God, Sorin, as he was praying for her an unclean spirit that was within her manifested itself and said: “I have done everything! No children! I don’t allow her to get pregnant!”. Then, the man of God ordered the unclean spirit that was inside Mrs. Trisha to leave her and in that instant she was delivered!

Shortly afterwards, the Prophetess Evgenia also prayed for her and gave her a prophetic message, which was as follows: “There is an idol in the family. It has been destroying everything. This is why you have all these problems, but from today you are free. This has been happening not only to you, but also to your family. The thing is that it has been affecting your relationship with others. When someone is close to you they feel uncomfortable, it is as if they reject you. There is rejection. That is the reason, but don’t worry. From today you are free and you will see that God will bless you in all areas of your life! You just need to become stronger in spirit, that takes daily study of God’s Word!”.


After that, the man of God Harry also prayed for Mrs. Trisha and gave her another prophetic message. The prophetic message was as follows: “The reason why I put my hand in your stomach is because I see a blockage. There is a blockage, something that is blocking you from conceiving. As we prayed now, you are free from it. Now, you can go and give birth to your children!”.


Then the man of God, Stavros, also prayed for Mrs. Trisha and gave her the following prophetic message: “I see that you are the pillar of your family. Everyone is looking at you, they take courage from you. They think that ‘This is our sister. Without her, what would we have done?’. God wants to bless your family through you so stand your ground, don’t be afraid of anything! Because if God has given you such grace, to stand so strong for your whole family, you are fine, nothing can harm you. Just follow the steps. You have already received prophecy. Follow the steps and you will see that God will do great things for you and your family!”.


Mrs. Trisha wanted to share her wonderful experience of deliverance from the unclean spirit and the prophetic messages she received through the servants of God at the end of the service. As she said, her experience was overwhelming and changed her life forever! It started first with the deliverance she received from the man of God Sorin. Once the man of God touched her, she lost control of herself and started saying things she later couldn’t remember. She mentioned that she had been trying to get pregnant since she got married, that is, for eight years without success. Despite having all the tests and various treatments, the doctors told her that there was nothing wrong with her or her husband that could explain her inability to conceive, and she began to realise that the cause was spiritual. At the same time, she had nightmares where she saw animals chasing her and people feeding her. Also, she always felt tired and found it difficult to sleep. She would get up in the middle of the night and as soon as she fell asleep again, she would have the same horrible nightmares. In addition, many times when she went to sleep, she felt as if someone was pushing and pushing her and when she would wake up, she could not move. At other times, during various activities, she would hear voices and screams, experiences which were dramatic and caused her anxiety because they were not normal and she could not explain to anyone what she was going through.


Then, she referred to the prophecy given by Prophetess Evgenia, who revealed that there was an idol in Mrs. Trisha’s family, a fact that she did not know, but she could now explain why there were so many problems in her family. Her family members were constantly facing stagnation, poverty, shortcomings and inability to move forward. Some other family members suffered from depression.

As for rejection, she was constantly experiencing the rejection of people for no particular reason. In fact, even the people she helped would after a while reject her and no longer want to be around her. She wondered why this was happening and the Prophetess’ word was the confirmation she was looking for.

Referring to the prophetic message of the man of God Harry, she expressed the feelings she had for so many years regarding her desire to become a mother. She said that she felt incompetent and incomplete as a woman. Even though she felt she had everything in her life, because of this issue, she always felt that something was missing. Even in moments of joy when everyone around her was happy, these thoughts haunted her and made her unhappy. When she would see other mothers with their babies, she would feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and anxious because they reminded her of her own inability to conceive.

Regarding the prophetic message of the man of God Stavros, she said that his words were true and that she always felt that she was the pillar of her family. She was always there to advise and empower the other family members, and she saw how God was using her to bless them, such as helping them find jobs, encouraging them spiritually and standing by their challenges, and praying for them.

Joyful and now free from the bondage of the enemy, she is ready to follow the instruction in righteousness given to her, which was to be strengthened in the spirit by daily studying the Word of God. She said she is determined to devote herself more to God and increase in prayer. She is happy and excited because she came with expectations from God and indeed, God heard her prayers and answered them!

Finally, she promised God to continue to worship and serve Him for the rest of her life and to share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone! She also said she will return to the church with the child God will give her to confess His goodness, and to name her child “Emmanuel”!

Regardless of your trial, never forget that the time of trial is a time to strengthen your relationship with God. Therefore, take heart and run to God in the midst of weakness, pain and failure, because He has promised that for those whose hearts are centered on Jesus Christ, better is not good enough, but the best is yet to come!



For Ms. Nina from the Netherlands, it was imperative that she visits the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, since, two weeks before her arrival, Prophetess Evgenia delivered to her mother a prophetic word concerning herself. Her words were: “There is a problem with your daughter, she is not happy, she has completely turned away from Christ, do you understand what I am telling you? The devil is attacking her with the spirit of lust. She has to come here, if she doesn’t come, at some point the devil will kill her, I’m talking about your daughter. I want you to give her this message, she needs to be in church. And when you tell her, it is very important that she obeys, because the devil is preparing a trap for her!”.

So, Ms. Nina deemed it necessary to come to church and participate in the prayer line. As she was receiving prayer from the Prophetess, she received a second prophetic word, which was this: “You are completely empty as far as the Word of God is concerned. What God wants you to do is to follow Him completely, because I see you preaching the Word of God! The devil just wanted you for himself, do you understand? But, since you know it now, do the right thing. And there will be a financial breakthrough in the future because you are smart. And you’ll see, once you start reading (the Word of God), you’ll have revelations, dreams! What I am telling you, you will see it in your dream!”.


When the service concluded, Ms. Nina confirmed that what was said by the woman of God was true. First, she acknowledged the need to study the Bible more intensively. Although she has read every chapter of it, she has never fully committed herself to studying God’s Word.

Then, she talked about the fear of speaking in front of a crowd that she had. She did not feel comfortable sharing her views in front of many people, although she desired to do so.

Finally, she talked about her dream, which is to build a library that will serve as a community and function as a shelter for people. To accomplish her wish, she knows she needs God’s help.

Ms. Nina is filled with excitement now that she knows that the Lord intends to use her as a preacher of His Word and has promised to dedicate herself anew to Him!

This woman has gained direction in her life because she has recognised that not everything depends on her, but not everything depends on God either. It requires your genuine willingness and His ability for you to change!



Pastor Ikenna traveled from England to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to see with his own eyes the power of God working and changing lives, nations and the entire world!

During the prayer line, as the man of God, Stavros, was praying for him, the Spirit of God spotted him, giving him these prophetic words: “They have fed you in the dream. This is why you are facing many problems. I also see that you are a prayerful man. You pray a lot, but you also need to hear from God. It is not enough just to pray: ‘God, I cast out every satan, every demon.’ It is not enough! You have to hear from God. How do we hear from God? By spending quality time with Him, in His presence, having a relationship with God. I see that you pray a lot, but you don’t hear from God. The moment you increase your relationship with God, all these demons, all these attacks will leave you. So, don’t worry, let this day be a new start for your relationship with God!” Also, the man of God added the following: “Your diet is not good. How much water do you drink a day? What do you eat?” Mr. Ikenna said: “I actually drink only water and coffee! I eat simple food.” The prophet pointed out the following: “Simple food… I don’t think so. With what you eat and what you drink, you damage your health. Let me tell you something. Today, everybody thinks that healthy food is what we find in the supermarket, it’s what they show us on TV, it’s what we cook at home… they say it’s homemade. If this homemade food can kill you, block your veins, what kind of homemade food is it? If you take vegetables and meat and dip them in oil, they become poison for your body. This becomes mud, as if you take mud from the ground and eat it. That’s how it is for your body. You may not think of this as strange or serious, but take note of this, because you are a human being. Even if God heals you today, with the way you continue, these sicknesses will come back again.”

He began by saying that every week, either once a month or once in three months, he was facing trouble in his sleep as demons were feeding him in his dream and were fighting him. He tried rebuking them, but these attacks also had an impact on the physical as well, attacking many business opportunities. The people who were working in Mr. Ikenna’s business, who is a business consultant, and they had to pay him, left and never gave the money back. The Chinese government was looking for them to pay Mr. Ikenna. These people owed him the outrageous sum of 4.6 million euros, and they were supposed to pay him that amount in March 2022, however, Mr. Ikenna never received it. Additionally, he had demonic attacks on contracts that were delayed being followed and was facing procrastination in transactions.

Regarding the prophetic word he received about his health, a week before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, he got sick with excessive cough and headaches. This affected him, yet he had to go to work after three days, because he was accused of not working. He was sick when he went to work, though, he took care of his diet at that time, so he recovered quickly.

Regarding his diet, he added that apart from water, he drinks too much coffee because he needs to stay awake for several hours because of his job as a lecturer. He uses his computer for many hours and needs to stay awake for many hours. Many times, he used to drink coffee even at 7 o’clock in the evening. In addition, he was eating a lot of salty foods and a lot of sugar exceeding the limits, he even eats rice and pasta, foods that the body cannot break down well.

As for his finances, he lost the house he lived with his family in. Now, he lives in temporary housing. Having many debts, he believes that these contracts will be unblocked by God’s grace.

From now on, he will be very careful with what he eats. He will cut down on coffee and start having different varieties of food. He will also add more vegetables to his diet.

His promise to God Almighty is that he will increase his service to Him and to His work! He will support God’s work and before he does anything, he will make sure he learns God’s opinion!

As a child of God, remember that praying to God, and studying God’s Word, go together! Pray on a daily basis in order to speak to the Creator, and read His Word, so that God will speak to you! Take His Word into your heart, because when you take God’s Word into your heart and make it an integral part of you, that Word by its very nature will change you, and when it does, you will find yourself called to act!



Mrs. Nadine made a transatlantic trip from New York City so that she could witness the power of Jesus Christ working through suitable people firsthand! During the prayer line, the Spirit of God spoke to Prophetess Evgenia, giving Mrs. Nadine a message sent from Heaven: “You have a spiritual husband! He comes in your dream and sleeps with you, causing you lust. You are constantly thinking of men. But from today, this has been exposed, you will be set free and God will give you the best from now on!”.

For seven years, Mrs. Nadine was seeing a man having sexual relations with her in her dreams. Then, this man would take the form of her husband, while she knew that her husband was right next to her in bed. After each dream, she felt tired and exhausted with no solution to her problem.

All this caused arguments with her husband as there was no affection between them. Concerning her career, she said that she always had stagnation in her job, without exactly knowing what was happening.

Now, Mrs. Nadine feels very happy that Jesus Christ came to intervene in her situation, filling her with optimism! Lastly, she promised to follow Him all the days of her life!


When you face life’s uncertainties, do not think that God has abandoned you. Look up at the Cross first, where the price was paid for the wisdom and knowledge you need to handle such situations!

The following footage proves once more that every unclean spirit has no choice but to submit to the eternal authority of the name of Jesus Christ!

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